Latest From Burberry Beauty Spring 2011: Blushes

March 19, 2011

Burberry Beauty has released three new blushes and lipsticks this spring at exclusively at Nordstrom in select stores and online. The three blush shades are 06 Tangerine, 07 Earthy and 08 Misty. All are soft and muted colors but apply with enough color and pigment to show up as a visible blush. The texture of these is soft & powdery – like velvet. Don’t let the swatches on your hand (or my arm) deceive you. When I first saw the line at South Coast Plaza I was disappointed at first glance (see it here). They looked incredibly boring, but after trying them on the face I was pleasantly surprised. I don’t detect any shimmer although I wouldn’t call these a full matte. They have a satiny finish. These come in a sturdy metal mirrored compact with the Burberry Check pattern on the outside. See details below.

06 Tangerine is a peachy color with a hint of brown. Compared to Blossom, it’s more dusty and lighter in color with a touch more brown.

07 Earthy is a lighter soft brown-tan. It has greyish undertones with the tiniest bit of pink tones making this a good contour shade. Kristy from Nordstrom SF recommends using this as a crease color for the eyes as well.

08 Misty is soft cool pink. Compared to Peony, Misty is lighter, cooler, more muted.

For additional swatches, check out NaturalNChicMakeup’s blog. She has excellent photos in different lighting.

Comparison photos below. Comparison swatches did not turn out so well so these will have to suffice.

One last view of all three:

Overall thoughts: All were purchased from Nordstrom San Francisco. Burberry Beauty is only available at a few select Nordstrom locations. I like these for a natural soft contour-like shade. All are goof-proof and highly versatile. The texture is amazing and melts into the skin. They feel like velvet and feel natural on the face. Lasting power is decent for a powder blush and colors are naturally flattering.

In general, I feel like the blushes from Burberry apply darker on the face than they appear in the compact. You can see from the swatches above they look darker than what you might expect.

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  • Misty is GORGEOUS!!! I keep telling myself I need to stop reading your blog because I literally want something new every time you do a post haha!

  • These are beautiful–I especially like the look of Misty! I have Peony, and really like the texture. I also like that the brush included in the compact is actually usable πŸ™‚

  • Beautiful photos as always! Did you pick up any of the lipsticks? I love this collection overall since the colors are subtle and soft.

  • Anonymous

    Great photos. Thank you! I also wanted to say thank you for your detailed reviews of Edward Bess products. I just purchased 2 items and I love them both. Definitely top notch quality!

  • ah, each of these colors are gorgeous!! I definitely should look into Burberry blushes!!

  • These look fabulous!
    Thank you for sharing the swatches and your review!
    I really want to try Misty and Tangerine! =)

    AndrΓ©e xx

  • I've been looking for a substitute for my MAC Personal Style, and I wonder if Earthy could do it. I don't have a counter near me to try it, and I am wary of purchasing it without trying it out. I actually need a greyish tone to my blush, so Personal Style and Strada have been my favorites. Thanks for the swatches!

  • Thanks for the review, I need to check these out when I am in Seattle. I like the soft look of these.

  • evie

    I was not tempted by any Burberry items until i saw this post, esp the #7 blush. is there a dupe of it and what blush brush do you use to apply these blushes?

    thanks again. πŸ™‚

  • The 06 Tangerine blush and the Delicate Rose lipstick are on their way to me. I could not resist attempting the classic timeless look of Burberry Spring/Summer. Thanks for the swatches which confirmed that 06 is gorgeous (as are all the other shades). It'll work well with so many other items I have, year-round. I love it when a company offers elegant shades that are also modern.

  • Love these colours, my fave is the peony, love it! and the packagingis great too, very cool, X

  • Rose

    I got Misty blush a few days ago and absolutely love it. Have been wearing it every day since. Incredibly soft and easy to apply.

    Burberry cosmetics are my new favourite line now! I chanced to be going by their counter. Wish they were more readily available.

    I noticed you've posted reviews of their lipsticks in the past. Which ones are your favourite? And do you recommend their glosses?

    BTW: everything swatches so well on your arm!