Chanel Le Blanc … Coming Soon

March 10, 2011

Review of a few Chanel Le Blanc items (only found in Asia) coming soon. Many thanks to Rouge Deluxe for her support & inspiration, and most recently I want to thank her for helping me locate these hard to find Chanel items. {I swoon!}

Rose Envolée Quad 31
Blossom Glossimer 152
Désinvolte Rouge Allure 86
Joyeuse Rouge Allure 87

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  • Gorgeous collection!!

  • I'm excited for your review— especially for the rouge allures!

  • Eileen

    When I first saw these on Rouge Deluxe back in January (Iris, you're the greatest!), I was so disappointed that they were an Asian exclusive. Since becoming a fan of some of the wonderful Asian blogs, I've often been left lusting after incredibly beautiful collections that are difficult or nearly impossible to get here. 🙁 From the pictures and swatches I've seen on Asian blogs, this collection seems to be a lighter, brighter version of Les Tentations de Chanel (Holiday 2010), but different enough to make it worth having both. I'll be eagerly awaiting your reviews, Sabrina. They're sure to be a treat.

  • AKB

    Wow! These colors are so amazing! The shadow quad it gorgeous, I love the purple shade. Lucky you!

  • Nemo

    How do you find these items? Cafemakeup has a beautiful blue CHANEL eye quad called Lagons that I would kill for. But it is not here! How do we get these things?

  • Gail

    I so wish Chanel offered some way for people in other countries to buy items like this.

  • *asia exclusive* =( ohhh, it's time like this i seriously contemplate moving. can't wait for the upcoming review .. the colors are gorgeous xo

  • I cannot wait. I'm watching some items on evilbay as we speak and I really could use a sound assessment of the quality.

  • Anonymous

    Can't wait to see the swathces on the quad!!

  • So pretty….can't wait for your review!