NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Swatches Part 2: Hopi, Happy Days & New Lover

February 6, 2011

Edited Sunday 7:45 AM:
I just had one of those “oh no!” moments realizing I mislabeled the lip swatch colors. I have corrected the labeling errors and included three colors instead of two.

After more testing & swatching I have to say these new Velvet Gloss Pencils from NARS are an enigma to me. They’re totally different than what I expected on the lips. Has anyone else experienced the same results? Maybe there is something with my natural lip tone and skin type causing them to change with my body chemistry? They apply on the lips a lot more vibrant than what I see in the tube or swatched on the hand. Here are lip swatches of Hopi (brownish peachy nude), Happy Days (bright peach) and New Lover (raspberry gold).

Hopi (brownish peach) in daylight:

Hopi at night:

Happy Days (peachy) take lip swatched at dusk:

New Lover (raspberry gold) swatched with 1/2 my lip in direct sunlight:

New Lover lip swatched at dusk:

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  • the color and coverage for a gloss is really amazing. Both colors look great on you and come off as if they were in the solid pencil still. That is the pencil color looks like what you are wearing.

  • Blyss

    Baroque does show up more vibrant on me but it still looks very pretty and wearable. On me it's a more potent Chanel Nakkar. I was surprised too at the colour but it is one of my favourites.

  • I think the colors are reflecting what's in the tube for you. They're really pretty! I tried Frivolous and it was also too subtle on me but New Lover is gorgeous.
    I am pleased with how moisturizing they feel and they do last a little longer than a regular gloss for me. I agree that a lip liner helps.
    Can't wait to see the other colors!

  • These shades all look gorgeous on you! I don't think they reflect what is in the "tube" but the dominant color at least stays somewhat true.

    I am awaiting New Lover in the mail (purchased from NARS website) and I have high hopes for it after seeing it swatched and on your lips. But now I have to buy Baroque as well.

    It has been my experience, with my pigmented lips, that lip glosses (including Rouge Allure Extrait which is a very pigmented gloss) alter with my body chemistry/skin tone. It makes purchasing without trying first a risk, but sites such as yours and Cafe Makeup offer such fabulous pictures that the purchase is not done totally clueless.

    So thank you once again, and enjoy the sun and the glosses.

  • Oh I just fell in love with Happy Days. They all look beautiful on you but I just really love how Happy Days looks on you!

  • i seriously couldn't believe these lip pencils were so pigmented! I did know that NARS is great in its lip glosses but I had no idea the pencils are equally amazing! Love these colours on you!

  • This changes my perceptions on lip pencils. WOW! It is amazing on you!! The shade is just luminescent and bright and all sorts of happy πŸ™‚ Beautiful.

  • BethL

    I have very pale lips but I too find they apply more vibrantly than they appear. A nice surprise (at least for the color I got, Frivolous)!

  • I've been quite tempted by these and I think your picture of New Lover has clinched it for me. Great photos.

  • Happy Days looks so glossy, & I really like Hopi – it looks like a great neutral everyday shade!

  • Anonymous

    Happy Days and Hopi are my new go-to shades. New Lover didn't quite work for me, but I love the shades I got. They're well pigmented and have good lasting power!