Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams Warm Beige 13 & Taupe 15

July 2, 2010
It seems many of my recent purchases have been inspired by others. The new Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams $22 (from Sephora) are no different. This post I dedicate to Lakshmi. She had her eyes on these as soon as they came online and e-mailed me “gorgeous taupe eyeshadow alert!” the moment her Sephora received their shipment. I immediately went to Sephora the following week to check them out and my first try, I was not impressed. I’m not sure if it was just the questionable sanitary tester conditions, poor lighting, or use of my fingers that had me leaving empty handed. The first time I tried it, it didn’t blend well and looked extremely muddy on the eyes.

However, after getting more info from Lakshmi and reading Karla’s post about her swatch adventures with the MUFE Aqua Creams, I decided to try it once more. I have to say I agree with Karla that applying with fingers isn’t the best way to apply them. Spreading the color on the eye with my finger leaves an uneven application since it sets fast and doesn’t blend well. It applies much better when you use a brush. I used my MAC 242 and Bobbi Brown Cream Shadow Brush (one on each eye today) and I can definitely see a difference in the application.

Those not familiar with MUFE Aqua Creams – they are a new high pigmented cream shadow that is long-wearing and waterproof. I can’t attest to the waterproof part. I have tried their Aqua Lip Liner in 1C and I can’t say that it was longlasting. However the Aqua Creams do indeed last a long time without fading. Right now they are a Sephora Exclusive in the U.S. When I was at Sephora, the sales rep told me he recommended that I apply with a brush in thin layers. He said the pigmentation/texture of the cream was such that if you apply too much at first, you will get a cakey layer that will crack when dry. I’m not sure if this is true or not, but his input/advice did make sense.

I ended up coming home with #13 Warm Beige (which is a pale champagne pink) and #15 Taupe (a shimmery taupe):

I tried #2 Steel at Sephora with a Q-Tip applicator and it lasted from 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm without any smudging or fading. The only reason it came off was because I removed it in the shower. I passed on it at the store because it seemed similar to Bobbi Brown Galaxy (which I don’t find myself wearing frequently). I wasn’t able to compare it side by side, but knew I most likely wouldn’t use it a lot.

Those wondering, I swatch tested a few shades meant for cheeks. I personally didn’t see how it was possible to blend them on the cheeks since it’s a bit tricky for me to apply on the eyes. Some of the colors are stunning, but the texture seems too thick to be able to blend well for a natural blush.

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  • I can't wait to try these out. They have a nice set out that I'm looking into that also comes with a liner and 2 other samples, I think.

  • these look sooo beautiful! i'm a fan of anything cream based πŸ™‚

  • Yes I had my eye on these too but I'm still on the fence on which color I would buy. So far it looks like Taupe #15 is in the lead. I wonder what it looks like compared to my all time favorite cream shadow, Benefit's "Birthday Suit". Warm Beige looks pretty too!

  • I love those colors! I wonder how they do as bases for eyeshadow.

  • Thanks for the review! I've been curious about these and think I might just go and get the same colours you have!


  • Few weeks Ago I got the Silver one (#3 I think)And I still don't know what to do with it…the color is so intense and like you said "unblendable" that I doubt I will eveer use this lol I should have had picked the Taupe color way more wearable that my BRIGHT SILVER's one =(

  • Their creme blushes are definitely very waterproof. I am hesitant about these. The color selections are very pretty! But it sounds difficult to work with.


  • How sweet of you dedicate this post to me!!! :))
    I must say that I have been using my fingers to aplply the aqua cream– I must try with my BB cream shadow brush.. It's possible that because of my skin tone the color does not look splotchy with finger application??=
    Totally agree about the blush colors though, kinda hard to work with
    Hope you enjoy these new aquisitions!! xx

  • When I first heard about these, I had no interest in them. But after seeing all the raves and seeing swatches of the neutral shades, I think I might have to try them out!

  • I swatched a few at store and obviously was attracted to the ones you have and golds. The more wearable ones in general. The above two colors come in a kit aswell. These remind me of Benefit cream shadows..I have to compare n pick..but very very smooth products!

  • LS

    These colors look great for neutral eyes. I was thinking about the brighter colors for the cheek and after reading your post, I'd think again since I don't want cracked blush on me. no no

  • Jeweled Thumb – OOOhhh why didn't I see that set? It looks like a great deal. Oh well, not like I need another mascara.

    Mimi – They are beautiful. Also check out Cafe Makeup, Makeup & Beauty Blog and Karla Sugar for more pics of the other shades. They're a bit high maintenance for me though. I'm just used to working with products that are more moist/creamy.

    Lexi – Taupe 15 is definitely in the lead. I think Benefit's Birthday Suit is more nude. It's more creamy and definitely more sheer. I'll have to dig it out to compare the two.

    Martha – I'm sure they could be used as a base. I personally wouldn't b/c they set and dry so fast. I like my eyeshadow bases to have a bit of creaminess so the powder shadow adheres to the cream or pulls the pigment. They work well layered. I have on MUFE #15 with NARS Cairo on top. But I'm not sure I'd call the MUFE a base.

    Lipstick Rules – they have so many colors it's definitely worth checking out!

    Hollywood – I know which one you're talking about. I tried that Silver one too and it's pretty. But you're right a bit intense. I think that one would be perfect for a smokey eye look though.

    Shimmering2light – I probably didn't apply the cream blushes the right way. I tried the HD blush too and they looked so odd on my skin – but that's probably because I wasn't using the proper application technique. I'd be interested to find tips elsewhere on how girls are using the cheek aqua creams.

    Lakshmi – Thank YOU! If you hadn't raved so much about these I wouldn't have checked them out again. I typically like fingers for cream products, but these aqua creams + fingers = bleh for me.

    Stephanie – It's definitely worth checking out. A bit higher maintenance than your average cream shadow, but they stay put.

    Resham – LOL, I knew you would have checked out the same colors πŸ™‚ I was tempted by the gold one too but wanted to give these 2 safety colors a try first.

    LS – Yes, great neutrals. I am a neutral freak. The blushes are very pigmented – you might want to ask someone at Sephora for application tips. Sometimes there are knowledgeable associates there. I think if you blended well and quickly they won't look cracked.

  • I bought #15 last week when I was in Portugal, and it was a godsend. Spending all day sightseeing in a hot climate was the ultimate torture test, and this product passed with flying colours. I agree that these do "set" faster, so can't be applied with a finger like MAC Paint Pots or the Bobbi Brown cream shadows. But when you really need something that lasts.. this is definitely it.

    And #15 is a beautiful, easy colour to wear! πŸ™‚

  • I seriously need #15 it looks so pretty. I can't really see myself using any of these on my cheeks since the texture makes them so hard to blend, I think I'll stick with just for the eyes.

  • I really want to try these! I was hoping they'd be good for cheeks as well since I want a blush/stain that is waterproof. I'll have to try one and see how hard it is to blend. Thank you for a great review! I love the colors you chose.

  • Lovely colours, especially the darker one! Wish we had MUFE here

  • I also like the 2 colors you picked up. Only thing is they're tricky to apply since they dry so fast. Other than that, beautiful colors from this line.

  • Thanks so much for the comprehensive review (and the links)! I think I am definitely going to have to pick up a peach/pink and a taupe shade as well… I would totally buy #13 except I think my Shu P Beige is quite similar already haha…

  • tg we have MUFE in Malaysia. I've never ventured into cream shadows before. This is a good place to start! And such beautiful colors too! πŸ™‚

  • Lisa

    I am so loving these! Thanks for the review. The wear on these is so great I'm considering tossing my Paint Pots and Benefit cream shadows. πŸ™‚
    I got #5 and #9 for cheeks, and I have to say, they are easier to work with than you might think. A bit like a creamier, potted version of a Nars Multiple. DH thought #9 was a bit much on the cheeks, though! LOL

  • Lisa

    Oh, and btw- both on eyes and cheeks, these are totally waterproof! Lasted through an adventure at the pool with my 3 year old. All other make-up had melted away, but my cheeks were still BRIGHT coral (#9) and my lids were still glowy (#13)!
    And I do find these work great as a base shadow. I layered my new favorite Le Metier eye shadow in Bronzed Sands (from the Emerald Isle kit) over #13 and the combo still looked fresh after a whole day in 100+ heat.
    Oddly, I find these easier to work with and spread evenly than the Benefit cream shadows.