Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush Peony

July 26, 2010

When I saw the Burberry Beauty line at Nordstrom I was most surprised by the blushes, mainly because they were nothing like what I expected. Based on the online photos, I was expecting softer more nude and brown based colors. The actual product is very different – darker than I had anticipated, but the colors are still very pretty. The blushes are called Light Glow – Natural Blush $42, I find appropriately named, because they really give a glow. All the colors I looked at had a slight shimmer to medium shimmer. I tried on Cameo a lovely pink, but it went on too dark for my taste. The artist suggested Peony which looked extremely pale and powdery looking but I was pleasantly surprised.

Peony is a soft natural pink. The blushes are all very pigmented but the texture is soft making them easy to blend and layer for that natural blush finish.

No flash:

Compared to a few other pinks, they look strikingly similar to Edward Bess’s Soft Orchid and Chanel Narcisse. The difference is noticeable once on the skin. EB Soft Orchid is cooler toned and I also find this one softer/sheerer in finish. Chanel Narcisse has a more powdery-looking finish because of the shimmer in it. I would say that Burberry’s Blush finish seems similar to that of Chanel Narcisse (the US version). Out of all my Chanel blushes, for some reason I find Narcisse the softest. All are swatched over a mixture of MAC Prep & Prime, Armani Lasting Silk 5.5+6.5.

How I swatch my blushes on my arm:

I also had my eye on Russet and Blossom. They were sold out of Russet and I decided to wait on Blossom. Diane from Orange To LA has an amazing photo of Blossom which has me drooling with slight regret that I didn’t buy it too.

At $42 these are fairly pricey. I’m not sure how I feel about the price. At this time, it’s cheaper than Armani ($43) and D&G ($44) the same as Chanel ($42). More than Dior ($40) which I’m not a huge fan of because they are so sheer. Prices keep going up which I’m not really happy about. I guess it’s something we all have to deal with. In my mind, I think ideally a blush should be $35-ish maximum.

In my mind I still feel like skincare, foundation, brushes and powder should be the only items that exceed $45. Still doesn’t stop me. Personally I would love to have less fancy packaging with no brush in the compact for a lower price. I never end up using those brushes anyways. One reason I love Bobbi Brown individual blushes and eyeshadows, along with NARS.

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  • Prices continue to go up but we still buy! Crazy. I love blush so I think I might have to have at least one Burberry in my collection!

  • I concur with that statement about the rising price on blushes. This is why NARS continues to be my favorite blush brand – $25 a pop, right? I still want to check out this Burberry blush in person because as you know, I am easily swayed hahahahaha…

  • At first I thought $42 was a lot until I started thinking about how much Chanel blushes were then I realized it wasn't bad. It's in the same ball park as other high end blushes.

    I want Russet so bad! I need to go back after payday =)

  • Amy

    So pretty! Thanks for the lovely review! I think I see a Mac brush? Which others do you show in the picture? Take care Sabrina!! πŸ™‚

  • Cafe Bellini and Lexi, I know the prices seem high!

    Diane – Lol, took the words right out of my mouth. I want Russet too! Still for some reason it seems like $40+ is a bit hard to swallow. Did you go to the FS event?

    Amy – the other brushes are Trish McEvoy #45 on left but with the old/original goldhandles, and on the far right it's Stila #5 in the short handle. Not sure if they still make either.

  • Oh my… that is sooooo pretty. I really need to stop buying blush for a while though … ^^;; I can't wait 'till I find someplace to see the Burberry line in person!

  • i think JC Narcisse looks the best. I don't quite like the Burberry blush design. πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Hi Sabrina, I have been following your blog for over a year now, but have never commented. First, I want to tell you, I love your blog! You are the best! Excellent descriptions, pictures, and your swatches are great! = )
    As for this Burberry blush in Peony could you please tell me how it compares to Laura Mercier blush in Barely Pink? Are they anything alike or is it slightly more pigmented? Thanks, Naomi

  • Peony is the one I am most interested in, I am tempted by Russet although I wonder if it would be too dark and warm on my pale skin.
    I'm impressed with everything I have bought from Burberry so far and will be buying more.

  • ohhh pink and pinkish…great…in this wet weather i'll love to buy this.. I love blush so I think I might have to have at least one Burberry in my collection!thanks for sharing sabrina

  • It's the first thing I thought, too, when I tried my Peony – wow, it's a lot like Narcisse, maybe even better! It's absolutely gorgeous and I ADORE the Burberry packaging. I can see I need to give my EB Soft Orchid another try, too.

  • The price is definitely high as Burberry is keeping with similar high end products. I like Peony the color but am still more smitten with Chanel's formulation in comparison. These are more powdery for my liking. Thanks for the swatches/comparison Sabrina.