Burberry Beauty Soft Satin Lip Cover Lipsticks

July 20, 2010
The Soft Satin Lipsticks ($30) from the Burberry Beauty are luxurious with rich pigment, beautiful packaging, moisturizing yet lightweight feel and have a medium coverage finish. I found the colors to be unique and with a diverse range from neutral to medium to dark colors. All seemed to be classic but natural wearable lip colors in shades of pink, rose, plum, brown, red. There was a subtle scent but neither Diane nor I could identify what it was. The sales associate mentioned the lipsticks were infused with a number of natural oils which could account for what we smelled.

I was naturally drawn to the neutrals: pinks, peaches and brown-rosey colors. There were a number of beautiful deeper reds and plums but it was a hot day outside, neither of us were really in the fall mode for lips. While the colors I picked out might not seem all that unique, I have to reiterate that these are much better in person than in photos. The natural colors are very wearable and don’t require any tweaking with lipliner or lipgloss to make them work, at least for me.

The four I picked out:
  • Cameo #02 – nude peachy color
  • Cameo Pink #03 – similar to Cameo, a brighter version with pink
  • Rosewood #04 – complex combination of brown-rose, slightly shimmery
  • Antique Rose #11 – natural cream pink

Many have already e-mailed me asking how these lipsticks compare to other brands such as Bobbi Brown, Edward Bess, Armani and various luxury brands. It is difficult to compare – I find the Burberry Beauty Lipsticks just different. The colors are very natural and polished. The texture is smooth, lightweight, creamy, medium-full coverage. The colors definitely show up on the lips. I have to say I was surprised by the fact that they felt creamy but lightweight at the same time.

There are a number of lipstick shades that have a corresponding lipgloss with the same name and number. I found that the colors were not identical but it appears they are meant to compliment each other. For example Rosewood Lipgloss is a pale dusty mauve cream which is very different from the Rosewood Lipstick. Cameo Lipstick is a natural peach-nude while the Cameo Lipgloss is a shimmery apricot. Here is the difference between Cameo Pink Lipstick and Lipgloss:

The lipglosses will be reviewed soon. Overall the lipsticks are excellent. Worth every penny in my opinion. The lid shuts with a magnetic snap. I can’t wait to try more.

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  • Amy

    Sabrina–Thank you for the lovely and thorough review! I'm finding myself reaching for these over my Chanel's. I really need a lighter summer color and your post came at the perfect time–Cameo looks perfect!!

  • I love 2 and 3 as well when I tried them on at the counter.

  • Everyone is pretty, but Antique rose is my fav…thank you for the swatches.

  • Thank you Sabrina. I too purchased Antique Rose, which is a lovely, creamy pink on me. Also got Sepia which has less pink than Rosewood.

  • The engraving is beautiful on these lipsticks!

  • Anonymous

    I love checking in on your blog because you always have the latest and greatest in makeup! I was able to check out Burberry cosmetics in SF and overall, I like it. The lipsticks however, tasted awful to me. I think it tasted like a chemically rose…blech. The lipglosses, thankfully, didn't have any taste, had a silky texture and was moisturizing. I'll probably get a few of the lipglosses in the future.

    What I really want from the line are the makeup brushes that the SA used on me. The face and cheek brushes were so amazingly soft and dense. Unfortunately, the SA didn't know if they were even going to be available for purchase in the future.

  • Oh my gosh, Cameo Pink looks so lovely! I can't wait to see you wear some of these!

  • Eileen

    I've been very happy with Antique Rose which is similar to my natural lip color. It makes my lips look smoother and feel softer. So far, Burberry and I are off to a great start.

  • all the colors are lovely…but dont you think that cameo and cameo pink's shade is just like same? but to be honest, i f i were at your place, i definitely bought all the shades…haha

  • Oh~ I didn't know Burberry also got beauty products. The lipsticks are very pretty!

  • Oh my they are just lovely!!

  • OMG Gorgeoussss!!! Loves all of them, especially Cameo, Cameo Pink and Antique Rose!! I think I can even wear Rosewood, for night out =) I want some!! Hehehe, can't wait to see them in real life!

  • Anonymous

    hello there! new reader to your blog (: are u based in Singapore or? Read through a couple of your posts, i dont know why ive the feeling you are not based in SG? Nth much, just asking becos some of the cosmetics doesnt seem to be available in sg (:
    is this burberry lipstick available in SG? know where i can get them? ((:


  • LOL I still haven't figured out what the scent is. I should have gotten Rosewood too, it is so pretty.

    I read in your comments that someone loved the makeup brushes they used on her. I hope they make them available to purchase because I really liked them when we saw them at the counter.

  • OMG these lipsticks are gorgeous! Thanks for the swatches πŸ™‚ xx

  • Lovely picks! I think Rosewood looks like it might be my color! The gloss packaging looks lovely too..

  • Thank you for reviewing these gorgeous lipsticks! Plus I'm a huge fan of your blog btw. I am looking forward to spluring on these once I can decide on a color! Plus it won't hurt to wait until Fall beauty time at Nordstrom. πŸ˜€

  • Again, thank you for the wonderful reviews! These are great colors, and now I'm going to just have to break down and hit the web to get myself some of these, since Burberry isn't available in Atlanta. The pictures are amazing. I NEED to try these!

    Lipstick Musings

  • Thank you for the swatches! I bought Antique Rose (which I'm still waiting for since it was sold out at the store).

    I noticed you also bought Tom Ford's Pink Dusk and it's the one I am most interested in. From your swatches of both, they look really similar so would you have any opinion on that?

  • I really wish there was a Burberry counter in Scotland, I'm desperate to try out the lipsticks especially Antique Rose and Rosewood.