NARS Ita Kabuki Brush – How Do You Use It?

June 19, 2010
I got the NARS Ita Kabuki brush as an amazing gift-with-purchase at a recent Nordstrom Trend Show Event. It’s one of the NARS Kabuki Artisan Brushes and this one has a wide flat brush with black goat hair and comes in a nice black box. I love that the brush is extremely soft and feels so smooth on the skin. The shape intrigues me as I am enamored with odd-shaped brushes – however, there’s a slight issue: I do not know how to use this.

Do any of you have it? If so, how do you use it? I know it’s meant for contouring and highlighting but I still feel clumsy swiping it. It’s so wide that it covers my entire cheek and then some. I need to go back to the NARS counter to ask them to show me how it’s to be used. If any of you own this, I’d love to hear your tips on how you use this one!

I did have the regular Ita Brush before but never used it so I ended up gifting it away to another happy home. I do have to say I’m a bit worried about how I’m going to keep the handle clean and prevent it from getting sticky.

Have you ladies ever been to a Nordstrom Trend Show? For those not familiar, call your local Nordstrom and ask! I think Nordstrom.com has a list of events per store, so you can search in advance. The events vary per store, but it seems like the Nordstroms near me typically have around 2 Trend Show Events per year. They are a store-wide event that starts early in the morning (around 8 am) for an hour presentation featuring various products, trends and models wearing the season’s current makeup trends. They have raffle giveaways, coffee, cute gift bags. All you have to do is sign up in advance and you can get your makeup done at any counter too. Most of the lines usually have some sort of promotion or gift. They can be hit or miss. And also very crowded. On more recent events, if I can’t get the first makeover opening appointment, I’ve opted to skip the show and just get my makeup done during one of the later time slots to avoid the crowds and pushing (yes, sometimes pushing).

I’ve been to about 4 in the past few years and the ones I’ve been to are really fun (although extremely packed). The gift with purchases can be a hit or miss sometimes but recently, there was an incredible promotion going on with NARS. I was so excited to get my makeup done again but unfortunately I had last minute change of plans and wasn’t able to attend. Thankfully, my sales associate was willing to do a pre-sale for me so I was still able to get the GWP. The first level GWP was with a $75 purchase and the step up (to get the multiple duo and brush) was with over $150. Definitely well worth the purchase and much better than previous GWPs at other counters which have been a mini double-sided lipgloss with a $75 purchase which I think is hardly an incentive.

Here is the GWP: Mini South Beach Multiple, Multiple Duo,
Full-Sized Mindgame Lipstick, 2 Mini Lipglosses, Kabuki Ita Brush

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  • i think you would use that brush the way a decorative painter uses a flat brush to float color. Only swipe one corner of the brush over the color and tap then start at the narrowest area — probably up at the eye and as you sweep down increase the pressure. That sounds like it might work.

  • Holy moly what a GWP!!!! That is an awesome deal. No idea on the brush, sorry.

  • wow nice haul !!! the brush looks so nice !

  • Honor

    I have one that I use as a last step of my makeup to blend all my face powders, i have the feeling that bronzer, blush and highlighter blend even better together for a more natural finish..but am surely interesting to here some new ideas on how to use this brush

  • WOW what a GWP!! Australia would never have such awesome GWP!!

    I think you would sweep it sideway across your cheekbone for a defined contoured cheeks… then blend downward and upward…
    but then again, it's hard to try and write out the steps so it would be best if you ask them to show you … i think so!! πŸ™‚ I'd do so! hahahahaa

  • i use the ita for contouring and its the one I grab for almost every day. I use the top of the brush to lay down the color and then buff out.

  • Anonymous

    Had my makeup done by a NARS artist(Stephanie) that was at The Bay in Calgary for a promo. She was amazing and she used this brush to apply a bronzing contour on my cheeks. Brush it on below the bone and keep it low as you go towards the ear and blend your blush over and upwards of the contour. I purchased some NARS product and have been kicking myself for not getting this brush. Must buy it online!!