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June 5, 2010
Hair care is one area I don’t like to splurge on, but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find good products that are reasonably priced from the drugstore. If you have any holy grails please share your successes with me, I’m always open to trying new bath and shower products πŸ™‚

The 411 on my hair: I have thick dark black-brown hair with natural red highlights. It’s not exactly straight but not perfectly wavy either. Without a blowdryer and/or flat iron it dries to a huge poofy mess. I usually keep it around just below the shoulder for length. I would like it longer, but it just takes me a really long time to grow it out.

My hair care routine:

  • Daily: shampoo, leave in conditioner treatment and blow dry
  • Weekly: condition and straighten with a flat iron
  • Monthly: hair mask treatment
  • Misc: Hair cuts once every 3 to 4 months
  • Never: Color or highlight
Brands I’ve used repeatedly in the past include Aveda, Frederick Fekkai, Goldwell, Phyto, Redken, Neutrogena, and Crew for Men (yes, I use my hubby’s shampoo sometimes). As much as I love Aveda, I find the scents to usually be too earthy and herbal. Frederick Fekkai has been reformulating his shampoos so I haven’t used his line for a long time.

Right now my staples include, left to right:

Phytojoba Shampoo, Phyto7, PhytokaritΓ©,
HAI Ceramic Iron, Supersolano 3600 Micro

  1. Supersolano 3600 Micro Hair Dryer – This is my second Solano in the past 8 years. I really love this brand. After I decided to retire my first one, I tried a number of other always-raved-in-magazines type brands and was thoroughly disappointed by *all* of them (especially T3). None gave my hair that soft glossy shine or smooth blowout like my Solano. I’m not exactly sure what it is about the Solano, but it’s just amazing. I got mine at Ball Beauty Online on both occasions and they seem to have really good prices.
  2. HAI Convertible Ceramic Straightening Iron – Another fabulous birthday present from my sister πŸ™‚ I’ve had this one for about 5 years. I’m not sure where she purchased this one from, but it’s also available online at Ball Beauty. Again, I’m not sure what technology this one has that makes it so great, but it makes my hair shine and ends look pretty.
  3. Phytojoba Shampoo – It’s meant for dry hair (even though my hair isn’t super dry) but I still love this. Has a delicious subtle pineapple-coconut scent, gets a rich lather, leaves the hair and scalp feeling good. My only 2 rants are the price for the size you get (I go through it really fast) and the fact that there is no pump (which makes it hard not to spill too much into my palm sometimes).
  4. Phyto7 & PhytoSpecific Integral Hair Care – Phyto7 is a hydrating cream I apply before blowdrying. A little goes a long way and I’m on my second tube right now (the first tube lasted me a year). I’ve written about PhytoSpecific here before but recently ran out so I don’t have it available to photograph. It’s a HG for me and allows my hair to airdry nicely like no other product.
  5. PhytokaritΓ© Ultra Nourishing Hair Mask – I recently had a 45 minute Phyto Hair Treatment at my local salon and the Phyto specialist used this on my hair. It was incredible and gave me baby soft hair. They gave me tons of sample packets of this conditioner to try out (since I got the regular Phytojoba Conditioner in a set). One packet has enough product for 2 uses. I’ve gone through 3 packets already (six weeks worth) and am definitely going back for this once my current conditioner is used up.
What is your hair type and what are your favorites? Do you have any special treatments you like to indulge in?

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  • I'm also a huge fan of Phyto 7, but I have slightly wavy thin/fine hair. I'm really into the Avalon Organics shampoo/conditioner line right now – I'm using lavender for both and I swear my hair is healthier. I've also found that washing/blowdrying every other day helps with dryness. Something about the natural oils moisturizes your hair, and supposedly it helps it grow faster too!

  • i dont mind spending a bit on styling products and shampoo. The styling products i use would not be of help (since i wear my hair curly all the time) but the shampoo i use i would recomend to everyone. It is the brand its a 10! and the only shampoo they make. It is ment for hair that gets a lot of heat styling and i have noticed that since using it my hair has gotten shinier and less frizzy.
    You may want to look at ulta for more shampoo options. A lot of time they have sales on there profesional lines

  • MissC

    I have pretty dry wavy hair and the only things I have actually found that work (and lord knows I've tried hundreds) are the Aveda Damage Remedy Conditioner (I don't mind the smell though, plus it doesn't linger on the hair), also the Lush shampoo named "big" which is really good for adding shine, The Fekkai Protein FX hair mask and the Olive Glossing cream are pretty good too. I've also heard good things about the Bumble and Bumble Mending range!

  • Anonymous

    I have chinese/malaysian hair, black, bra-strap length which is not straight but not wavy either. Dries with poofy volume. I love the aveda brilliant line, dry remedy masque and their styling products. I used to color it (blacker) but I a avoiding that now.

  • my hair care product;kerastase..
    me recommend you…

  • Anonymous

    I love Phyto products. Just a tip for using the shampoo, pour it into the cap and then on top of your head. Mine last a lot longer since I started doing this.

  • I love Pureology products. They are pricey but definitely worth it. Also, have you considered a Brazilian Silk treatment? It's a straightening/taming treatment that lasts about 3 months and it's supposed to be A LOT better for your hair compared to straightening treatments of the past. I am considering getting one myself.

  • Btw, I had to tell you….I was in Sephora yesterday and I tried out the PhytoSpecific Integral hair styling product you mentioned. (I also have thick, slightly wavy, frizz-prone hair) My hair was kinda out of shape and frizzing and I sprayed it on dry hair and scrunched a bit…I seriously couldn't believe how cool it was! I haven't even tried it on wet hair before styling, but I'm sold! It seemed to make my hair so healthy and shiny,and defined my waves – all w/o any greasiness. Wow. Thanks for putting me on πŸ™‚

  • Z'

    My hair sounds similar to yours – not straight not curly, a mess if not tended to. It also gets dried out quite easily (I fly a lot which doesn't help). Avenda products have been the best for my hair for many years (almost 10 years I guess). Most recently I use the Dry Remedy line. I hear you about the Aveda scents, though; I love the citrus-y smell of a drug store shampoo!

    I used Rusk and Paul Mitchell for a while before Aveda, both of which I could get at my local drugstore.

    Current favorite tools are my CHI flat iron and Bio Ionic dryer. I've had both for a couple years and love them.

    Good luck with your search!

  • just followed your blog – i love it!
    thank you for all the pretty pics and beautiful swatches. it's an art! hair is not really my 'thing' but my favourite product is federick fekkai's glossing cream. leaves my hair so soft.
    lots of love from australia

  • Tina

    You may be surprised how much the food you eat influences your hair. In my own experience, nutrition is the most important thing to make your hair healthy in a long term.
    I was against all artificial vitamins, but found the product which satisfies my demands. This is HairGain formula, manufactured by American company Military Grade. They use natural and herbal compounds. After 4 months of taking this supplement I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of newly grown hair on my head. Also my hair loss has become less severe.
    Besides, I never forget to use castor oil from time to time. Natural remedies do help, if you use them right!