What I’m Loving Right Now (The Non-Beauty Edition)

April 27, 2010
This is my first non-beauty version of things I’m loving right now I thought I’d feature to give everyone a quick break from my beauty obsessions. I’d love to hear more about what you love (outside of makeup)!

Flats by J.Crew and Sandals by Tory Burch
– I love J.Crew flats these days because they are super comfy and have are shaped to give just the right amount of toe-cleavage. Tory Burch is a favorite of mine for flip flops when I want something a little more dressy than your average beach flip flops. I’ve been eyeing Tory Burch flats as well, but can’t get over that huge medallion on the tips. They look so cute on my friends, but when I try them on at the store, they just don’t really seem me.

LV Epi Jasmin in Ivoire + Sweet Flowers Scarf – This photo was from several years back, but I still find my Epi Jasmins to be the most classic versatile bags that I own. They have a unique shape and the pattern is subtle which makes it appropriate for almost any occasion. The material is pretty sturdy which is a plus for me. I like their skinny scarves for their delicate designs. They have so many pretty patterns released each season, but I like the ones that are more subtle.

Alain Milliat Jam Gift Set from Williams Sonoma – Saw this cute little box with tiny jam containers and flipped out because the little jars were too cute. Yes, pricey, but I’m a sucker for packaging. Made in France with 63% real fruit and all-natural ingredients. I’ve tried the Strawberry one which is divine and love it. Gotta love Williams Sonoma, there’s always something fun there.

Nielsen-Massey Vanillas – Every baker knows that the Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla is known as the king of vanillas. I love using this for baking, sauces, ice creams. I recently bought a mini trio which has the Tahitian, Mexican and Madagascar Bourbon flavors in a trial sized vial. Check out NielsenMassey.com for more info on the uses of each flavor. I bought this set at Williams Sonoma but you can look at NielsenMassey.com for locations near you at other stores. Most baking ingredients, I’m fine with using the generic grocery store-brands, but I’m an avid fan of using premium vanilla for baking.

Glee – I love this show even though I’m well past my high school days. The last Madonna episode was incredible. I think this is the only high-school based TV show that I can stand watching. A few little known facts about me: when I was in high school, I was also in the choir group, orchestra (played violin) and also involved with other areas in fine arts. I was originally planning to go to art school right after high school, but decided a Bachelor’s Degree in Business was more important for the academic/educational value. My first year in undergrad, I did a full load of academic courses + community college for figure drawing and illustration but both were too much for me to handle at one time. I had planned on going to art school after I graduated, but here I am today almost done with my MBA in finance and management. Back to Glee – of course I had to download the latest songs on my iTunes.

Sunsets – This was a photo I took from last summer, I can’t wait for the end of May when it will start getting warmer hopefully. But I love sunsets anytime of the year.

Fashion Blogs – I was a fan of fashion blogs and style diaries long before I discovered beauty blogs. There are so many great blogs that I’m discovering everyday. I find them truly inspirational even if they don’t reflect my personal style. I love how they coordinate various pieces that I would have never thought of. Check my sidebar for a list of the ones I’m loving right now. If you have any favorites I’m all ears!

* All photos are my own.

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  • I love those leopard print flats! I'm not a fan of logo'd LV bags but yours is gorgeous!

  • shoobe

    I study Art History and work in a gallery and although I love it I kind of wish I had done something more heavyweight, just for the fact that I could then afford an amazing mu collection.
    I have just got into fashion blogs, I'm still makeup mad too though!
    I'm in the UK so I read British ones but you might fancy a look at these…

    Cocos tea party,
    Oh Elle,

    I love the photos on your blog
    Shoobe x

  • I love your blog! I added a couple fashion blogs you love to my reader. I also love collegefashion.net and http://blog.mrslilien.com

  • Great post! It's always nice to see what people love outside beauty and makeup. The LV bag is sp very chic and I love the scarf too

  • 1. i love my $20 flats from Target. I can't pass a great deal and they are comfy!

    2. Swiss Miss cocoa – this the cocoa in my work kitchen. It immediately makes me feel like I'm 7yrs old again and I'm playing office at my mom's old desk when she worked for Wells Fargo 20 YEARS ago.

    3. My Liberty of London rain boots. They are even cuter when my 21 month old daugher tries to climb in them.

    4. My scarves from H&M – practical and keeps me warm in a very chilly office.

    5. Coffee – can't say any more about that.

    6. a glass of wine (better yet champagne) on a Friday night – a great way to unwind and kick off the weekend.

    7. RuPaul's Drag Race – I really feel that Jujubee was robbed. I don't watch Glee but my love for Drag Race is as about as high as yours for Glee! hahaha

    8. My daughter's little black/pink DC shoes. It makes her look like a wee little skater girl!

    9. baking – yes, I need to remind myself to set aside some time to really go through that Martha Stewart Cookie book I bought myself 2yrs ago!

    10. the necklace my husband bought me for my birthday. It's very delicate even though the charm is made of titanium steel and concrete. It's very subtle and different. I'll admit I didn't quite fall in love with it looking at it in the box but when I put it on and it was pure love!

  • Great post! One of my favorite fashion blogs is http://www.ccblog.cc/ Her name is Charlotte Collard and her blog is filled with inspiring ideas!

  • Oh wow! I love your LV epi. Such a beautiful bag!


  • That bag is so elegant! I love walking through Williams Sonoma even if I am not buying anything, I dream of the perfect kitchen I would like to have one day… πŸ™‚
    That vanilla combo pack sounds delectable! Clearly I LOVE this post! Please do these regularly!

  • Anonymous

    GREAT post! I love this stuff.

    NM vanilla is terrific. I used the Madagascar vanilla for a long time (brown packaging), but picked up the Mexican (red packaging)from WS about a year ago and never looked back.

    One is grape juice, the other a full-bodied red wine, IMO. In a basic recipe of choc chip cookie dough, for example, you can really tell the difference – the Mexican has such a richer, deeper vanilla-y taste that can't be beat (although I have not tried the Tahitan).

    FWIW, the price at WS is more reasonable than my local Whole Foods; WS also had a smaller bottle of the Madagascar for those who want to try it out. I have been meaning to pick up the vanilla bean paste but haven't yet.

    I don't care of the TB flats, either. I bough another pair of black flats recently and have been wearing them everywhere. Spring was made for flats, methinks.

    I really am linking Philosophy's Pure Grace line. I think you have to try it on your body before you can assess how much you like the scent. Since it is a "soap & water" clean fragrance, it is great to wear on its own, but also won't clash with most fragrances.

    Lastly, my local gourmet shop carries these delicious, grown up Rice Krispies treats that I am becoming addicted to. TONS of marshmallow creme to keep them soft, then sandwiched between different flavors (peanut butter, etc). My favorite is pretzels with chocolate and caramel drizzled on top. Who knew?


    PS: Gonna check out the fashion blogs.

  • Love and totally agree with the Nielsen-Massey vanilla! I have a big bottle of the Madagascar variety. The smell of it, even just wafting out of the bottle, is so much more appealing than the artificial stuff…I feel like you end up using so little of it anyway, you can have a bottle for quite some time and it's worth the cost this way πŸ™‚

  • I love wearing sandals…how do you keep your sandals from being dirty?! πŸ™

  • Thank you for sharing with us, Sabrina!
    I don't read fashion blogs but there is one that I really like and it's cupcakesandcashmere.com
    But I really love blogs about cooking and read some.

  • Hello Sabrina! I just wanted to pop in and thank you for mentioning my company. I think you'll find that our vanillas and flavors are by far cost effective for full time use. Our 4oz. Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract retails for $10 while a supermarket brand 2oz sells for about $7. Why not use the good stuff for less money?! Thank you again and keep up the great work and writing!

    Best Regards,
    Matt Nielsen
    Nielsen-Massey Vanillas

  • Anonymous

    Great post!
    I am wearing my TB Reva flats today! I really love them, and I usually don't wear flats (I prefer Cole Haan heels and Frye's for everyday footwear). Even better, I found my pair for $20 at Century 21 (along w/ some great Marc by Marc Jacobs boots). My Reva flats are metallic midnight blue w/ a matching medallion, so it isn't as flashy and obnoxious… if you really want a pair I recommend the monotone ones, since they are more subtle & less obviously trendy.


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing and including the blogs you like. I am REALLY missing the blog roll feature though πŸ™

  • Bella – TY! I agree about the LV logo, not always a fan myself. I like the Epi b/c it doesn't scream "lv".

    Shoobe – Thanks for those recs! I'm going to check those out!

    Lexi – Great list there!

    Lakshmi – I agree, I have the same dream. The trio is so cute b/c the bottles are adorable πŸ™‚

    Leslieal – I've gone through several large bottles of the Madagascar Bourbon. I bought the mini trio b/c I wanted to try the other flavors. The Vanilla Bean Paste is also AMAZING. But it's a bit sticky. I find the regular vanilla easier to use.

    Suzanne – Yay! I love it when I find another baking/vanilla fan πŸ™‚

    Panda – LOL, I only photographed my clean sandals, the others were a bit messy so I didn't photograph them.

    Matt – Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! You're right, I do find the Nielsen-Massey a much better buy. The quality is so much better, and the flavor is rich and wonderful. I am looking forward to trying more soon – I've gone through several of the 8 oz madagascar bourbon vanilla bottles. Thank you for the kind compliment on my blog, I really appreciate it!

    Ingrid – Oooh, I need to google what the Reva flats look like. I used to be a heels girl too, but that was before I started school. The campus I go to is pretty big, it's just a killer to hike from the parking garage to classes, so I stopped wearing heels so much.

    Anonymous – I liked my previous format too, but I was adding so many blogs to my sidebar it just seemed cluttered. Maybe I'll change it back, it was nice to see what the latest updates were from everyone else. Thanks for the input. I like to know what works for my readers.

  • Hey Sabrina! I miss the blog roll too!! πŸ™‚

  • i too miss the blogroll! i wasnted to ask you your favorite fashion blogs. and kinda non related is there a dupe for NARS Versailles nail polish? thanks! xo

  • Oh my gosh, the LV sweet flowers scarf is adorable! β™₯