Laura Mercier Lush Nectarine & Lotus Pink Second Skin Cheek Colour

April 15, 2010
Laura Mercier has released 4 new blushes in her Second Skin Cheek Colour formula and I couldn’t resist picking up Lush Nectarine & Lotus Pink. Medium-tan-skin girls will be excited to learn that these 4 are brighter and darker than the other shades in her normal line.

Both retail for $24 each for 3.6g/.13 oz. These have higher price points than her previous blush formula and are slightly smaller in size, but they are indeed very natural, like “second skin” as the name implies. Lush Nectarine is described as a “soft peachy coral.” Lotus Pink is described as a “universal pink with slight shimmer.” The other new shades released, Soft Clove & Violet Orchid, were equally stunning, but I decided they might be a bit too brown or purple for my taste.

A few comparisons + swatches:

Overall thoughts: Lotus Pink is a warm-neutral pink with shimmer which I find very unique. Most healthy pink blushes I find to be more cool-toned like MAC Pink Swoon and Dollymix, so it was nice to find a pretty pink that wasn’t too cool, too fuschia, or too brown. I definitely think it’s worth checking out. Lush Nectarine isn’t too original – while it has a subtle peachy lustre that isn’t too frosty, it’s just very similar to your standard peachy-shimmer blush.

Are they worth the higher price tag? I would say it depends on what you are looking for. I think Lotus Pink is definitely worth it. The other blushes in her line are very natural looking and soft, but still have pigment. I find most of them pretty unique compared to other brands, but in the store, all the LM blushes do have a tendency to all look very similar to each other.

My recommendation – don’t write these off just because most of the colors look boring in the pan. I highly recommend you get to a counter to try them on your face because swatched on the hand or arm just doesn’t do these justice. And they look better on the face than in the pan.

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  • Lotus pink looks so gorgeous thanks for all the great reviews on these products!

  • I can't wait for your swatches! Lotus Blossom looks so pretty. I have never tried LM blushes, but I love the tinted moisturizer and powder.

  • I'll have to check out Lotus Pink because this Med-tan gal is definitely interested!!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much for this! I've been wanting to find a wearable pink blush for my skin tone, and I was curious about the new LM blushes. It's easy to find peaches, apricots, but not pink. Your swatches and review came just in time!

  • Thank for a great comparison! β™₯

  • i have been wondering about these second skin blushes! anything says second skin gets my attention these days. lol.

    i think i need that Lotus Pink!

  • Ah, I *adore* Laura Mercier's blushes and am seriously, seriously lemming both Lush Nectarine and Lotus Pink! I think Lush Nectarine is close enough to Orange Blossom I don't really need it though… and Lotus Pink is probably like something I already have too (I have accumulated a few too many blushes as of late lol) but it's sooooo pretty. I'm glad these new ones are darker. I have four of her blushes (3 pressed, 1 loose) and while they go on my skintone beautifully I'm always so surprised at how pale in color they are swatched.

  • Thanks for the review. I'm curious though…you seem happy about the pink, saying it is worth the money but you seem more ambivalent about the peach. Just because of the color, or something else? Just wondering. I love LM and now you've put something on my list! πŸ™‚

  • Hi Catherine – you're right, Lush Nectarine is really close to Orange Blossom, at least her original one, Not sure if she changed the color on the new formula or if it was just store lighting, but the Orange Blossom tester I saw at the counter was significantly lighter than the Lush Nectarine.

    I have the older Orange Blossom though, side by side it's very similar to the Lush Nectarine.

    LoriK – Thanks for your question. I am definitely not ambivalent about peach (check my past posts, you will see TONS of peachy blushes). I think I mentioned it in my review, but am just ambivalent about this one because it's very dupe-able. Therefore not as unique. Hence not worth the extra price tag – but that's just for me.

    If you're in the market for a nice peachy blush that has subtle shimmer, this one fits the bill.

    I just have over 10 other shimmery peaches. Once I got home, I realized that it's pretty similar to many that I have.

  • Ooops, I meant to put "the" peach, not just peach! I was clear on you liking peach blushes from the lovely (and expert!) comparisons you were able to provide. But my main interest is the pink….you feel that Lotus Pink is less easily dupe-able then? As a side note, I'm totally going to get the MAC peach blush you showed, and probably Lotus Pink too. πŸ™‚

  • Honestly I think LM blushers are too expensive, $24 for 0.13 oz. But if LM has the quality, I would say it's worth the price πŸ™‚ Lotus Pink and Lush Nectarine look so pretty, even prettier than MAC blushers that you compared with. I really want to try them πŸ™‚