Bobbi Brown Antigua Face Palette (Bloomingdales Exclusive)

April 16, 2010
Bobbi Brown has released a new palette in the U.S. exclusive to Bloomingdales called the Antigua Palette. It retails for $55 and has the following colors:
  • 3 eyeshadows in Navajo, Oat, Caviar (all matte)
  • 3 lipsticks in Ballet Pink (creamy), Kitten (creamy) and Azalea (metallic)
  • 1 illuminating bronzer in Antigua

The Bobbi Brown collections this year seemed to have been a slight digression from her typical Bobbi-style, but this palette seems to be right on track for her typical classic, feminine, natural sense of color. Four of the shades are repromotes, but the combination is convenient, simple and chic in an all-in-one compact. My only gripe I have is that it mixes powders and creams in the same level which can get messy for the lipcolors if you’re not careful – but the size for the price is great so I’m not complaining.

My descriptions:

  • Navajo is your basic matte bone white (but not stark white)
  • Oat is a medium oat-brown color which appears to be a true neutral (like the name implies)
  • Caviar is a matte black (which is one of the few wearable true blacks for me)
  • Antigua is a soft shimmery pink
  • Ballet Pink is a bright pink base with gold shimmer
  • Kitten is a creamy beige (but goes on a light pinky-beige)
  • Azalea is a cool-plum with subtle gold flecks
Overall thoughts: The eyeshadows are great neutrals, but don’t apply well without some kind of base, so if you tend to find Bobbi Brown’s matte shadows a bit chalky, try applying them over a cream eyeshadow or shadow base. I had initially wished there were more new/exclusive colors to this palette to make it more unique, but I like the fact that it has everything I need in one palette which makes it convenient to put in my purse for touch ups. I like that it has 3 different lip colors which allows you to customize your look for neutral to more dressy. Definitely a winner for me, but mainly because I like all the colors and find that this will be good for a no-fail look when I am short on time and need a quick touch up.

Two more views:

FYI – Check your local Bloomingdales for their Beauty Benefits event GWP. I don’t see the details online, but saw one at my local Bloomies. I didn’t spend enough to get the GWP so I didn’t pay attention to the details, but definitely call yours to see what they have!

Like the concept of her Iluminating Bronzers? Check out some of the other shades like Maui, Aruba, Bali Brown and Laguna Bronze here: Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzers + New Bronzer Brush from last May.

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  • this palette is gorgeous! definitely one of her better palettes =)

  • That is gorgeous. I am a sucker for palettes, so I will try to resist!

  • Oh boy, this one is seriously calling to me. Thanks for posting this one!

  • I love the blush and all 3 of the lipcolours!

  • Eileen

    I just bought BB Illuminating Bronzing Powder in Maui (pinkish coral). All of the Illuminating Powders are very soft and have a subtle pearl glow. Seeing as a full-sized Illuminating Powder alone is $33, that palette is quite a bargain. It would be perfect for travel or for someone just getting acquainted with BB because it offers a classic neutral palette.

  • BethL

    This is a great palette but is not exclusive to Bloomie's. I bought it last month at Belk's (southern dept. store chain).

  • Anonymous

    I really like that BB is getting back to classics. I really prefer other brands for metallic & glitter shadows, as BB's have just as much, if not more, fallout, and the texture is not great to me. Very pretty palette, and very useful. Antigua looks like a nice subdued pink (regardless of application technique), which is how I like my pinks. Can't believe it's a bronzer.

  • Anonymous

    I love BB browners, and although I already have antigua, I am considering buying this palette because of the portability factor! I really enjoy your blog – are you going to do a review of the armani face fabric blushes? I am interested in your thoughts on that product. TIA!

  • To both anonymous commenters:

    I agree, I like it when BB sticks to her classic style. I love that she explored other textures and finishes, but I think she does best when she sticks to her true style.

    The Armani Face Fabric blushes have already been reviewed here:

    HTH some!