Neiman Marcus Beauty Event GWP List Feb 25 – March 7

February 13, 2010

I stopped by Neimans yesterday to check out the Chantecaille Dauphins Palette & New Lip Chics. My SA gave me the gift list for the upcoming beauty events.

The details: Spend $100 and get a denim bag. It doesn’t say if there are any samples in the bag or not. There are gifts with each line individually below. Want to know my thoughts? Read at the end of the list down at the bottom.

The bag, as usual, is hideously ugly and in my opinion, a terrible incentive. If it weren’t for the individual line GWPs I wouldn’t purchase anything. The only 2 GWPs I find appealing are Chantecaille’s & Giorgio Armani’s.

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  • Anonymous

    Sabrina, thanks so much for posting this, as usual, you have the scoop. Once upon a time, we all looked forward to this event. The tote was cheapo-upon-close-inspection but always stylish, the little gifts were great, etc. For the past 5-6 years, the totes have been garish and throwaway, and the little gifts … kind of measly. Think I'll sit this one out (again), but your post on this was a big help. You're still "the investigator," heavy courseload notwithstanding!

  • Thanks for posting this, Sabrina! I totally agree, that bag is truly hideous. But the Armani GWP – a free fullsize Eyes to Kill for $95 purchase? That's a great one!

  • Estelle – I believe all the Armani items are mini-sized. The only full sized item is the Lip Shimmer #2. Still a good deal though!

  • hanks for posting! These seem to get worse every time–higher minimums, uglier bags, junkier GWPs…The Barney's event and the Bergdorf $25 off $100 are still the best in my opinion (at least the latter let's you spend the money on something you'd actually use instead of a hideous tote)!

  • LauraJ

    Thank you for posting this! During the last event, I had a SA pushing me to spend more (of course) to get the bag. It was a small amount of $, but I couldn't justify picking up something I didn't *need* for a bag that would never come out of my closet. The "bonus" samples were a joke also- nothing was very high end and yielded maybe one use of product.

    I'm also very sad to say that I hardly shop for the specials ever, except the Xmas spend $200 for a $50 gc they ran this year. When they do have promotions, giving me 10% off is not enough incentive, either. That just about covets my tax!

    I'm sticking w/ BG and online retailers.

  • neicyk13

    I agree the NM beauty week's have been very lame. I am getting my Chante and GA. I also think the past Bergdorf's bag was just meh for 200. Strange in this economy, they dont add more. But talking with my old friends in the beauty industy, they arent even getting gratis as much any more. One line stopped giving gratis to all the MUA or samples for clients. Go figure!! Ok sorry for my mini rant, but they used to be very generous and sales are way down in NM. They need to up the game. Hopefully Saks does better. Love your blog hun. My favorite blog ever.