My Dior Picks from Spring 2010

January 2, 2010

The spring theme this year seems to be all about pretty packaging & embossed designs through many of the different lines. Dior is the winner for the prettiest and most feminine designs from what I’ve seen so far.

I found the Dior Spring collection at Bloomingdales and the Coquette quint, Pink Lace shimmer powder, Pink Embroidery lipstick and Silver Pearl nail polish won me over.

The sweet sales associate at Bloomies was kind enough to let me snap a photo with my camera phone even though it didn’t turn out to have the best quality:

Here’s a recap of what’s being released, although in the US, we are getting 3 different lipsticks and at this time I’m not sure if we’re getting the Peach Lace 02 Highlighter (I’m still keeping my fingers crossed).

PLEASE DO NOT REPUBLISH MY PHOTOS WITHOUT PERMISSION. I’ve noticed these have already been uploaded on a few other websites. All my photos are copyrighted, republishing them is stealing and illegal, please remove them immediately.

Pink Lace Poudrier (001)

Coquette Quint (743)

Coquette Quint (743) Swatches

Pink Embroidery Addict Lipstick (663) & Silver Pearl Nail Polish (604)

Silver Pearl Swatch (1 coat)

Initial thoughts: I swatched the Pink Lace highlighter but my camera wasn’t cooperating, but it’s a lovely iridescent pale highlighter, similar in finish to Nars Luxor, but more sparkley. I can’t really tell if the white is overspray, but I love the finish and it comes in a heavy metal compact with a lace design on the outside. The Coquette Quint is lovely and highlight pigmented. The pinks look very similar, but I rarely wear all 5 shades in Dior quints anyways. I passed on the Iridescent Quint because they just weren’t me. The Silver Pearl nail polish is surprisingly pigmented for a Dior nail polish, I only needed one coat. It’s very metallic and while I think it’s pretty, I prefer less-foiled looking shades for the fingers. I think this will look good on the toes. I have yet to swatch the Pink Embroidery lipstick but it looks like a pretty neutral cool rose.

While there was a tester unit out in the case, the Dior rep was off for the day and the sales associate who helped me wasn’t sure if the items could be touched (even though it’s clear they are in the tester packaging). I decided to wait on the other items when I could actually test them. The blush looked absolutely gorgeous, but my experience with DiorBlushes have been so-so, they all seem really sheer and I didn’t want to buy the one from spring without testing it.

Overall a lovely collection with beautiful lace designs. I was a bit sad after swatching these because part of the imprint faded away – but I know it’s bound to happen with use anyways.

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  • just lovely! i want the highlighter and eyeshadow set. thanks so much for the pics!

  • Aahh!! Pretty lace designs!!! >_<" not good for my wallet! Especially when they hike up the prices here in Australia sometimes up to double the price in US!! *now I'm really crying* Hahaha

    Beautiful powder and eye palette there πŸ˜‰

    Happy New Year!!!

  • OMG This post makes me happy…Dior collection is so pretty, I love the embroidery!

  • ah noo! you too! I'm heartbroken! The lace poudrier is pure love! *envious*

  • lyn

    I've just ordered pearl glow (the other quint) it isn't here in Australia and I thought coquette would be flat because it's not iridescent but it looks so nice swatched! Now I wish I got that instead.

  • em

    Lina your blog is like the devil for someone who is supposed to be on a spendong ban (ie- me! πŸ˜› ). Everday I look and want it all! I love the pattern but of course more importantly I love the shades you've swatched- the combnation of colours looks really good.

  • Thank you for the lovely swatches! I have been dying to see Coquette, and I think I want it πŸ™‚

  • R

    Beautiful! Tiny lemming for Pink Lace πŸ™‚ I must try and resist!

  • Lovely! Thanks for the early and thorough review. The nail polish looks a bit like the Rococco Nail Apparel's metallics. Every report that I've heard so far agrees with you that Coquette is the winner quint this time around. Thanks again! πŸ™‚

  • Has this collection been released everywhere or just at Bloomingdales? I've been waiting to see this collection in person and I don't want to miss it =)


  • Eileen

    I was given the Pearl Glow quint as a holiday gift. The colors are extremely subtle. Although I'm a lady of a certain age–61–the colors looked beautiful because my hair is completely silver in front. Applied with restraint and well blended, the shadows created a South Seas pearl type glow and somehow brought out the green in my hazel eyes. It's definitely a night time look for me. I would never have picked that quint out for myself, but I'm glad my sister-in-law did πŸ™‚

  • Lina, did you see the eyeshadow duo? That's what I was lemming =( and I haven't seen any IRL pics of it yet.

  • Great swatches! I love the lace imprint on the highlighter and the eyeshadow.

  • Diane – my Nordstrom SA called to tell me it's instore. I've heard it's been spotted at Macy's too!

    Joey – I didn't see the duo yet. I'm hoping it's at Nordies today!

  • Oh myyyyy, the powder and quint are just absolutely gorgeous!! I definitely do not need another highlighting powder lol… but I am so tempted!

  • ooo, I must find the silver polish! Such a bummer the counter I had gone to did not have a full display.

  • Hi Lina!

    Both the palettes are very pretty when applied and I'm very happy that I got both of them. I was worried that Coquette would look a bit boring but it is actually very elegant and classy when applied. My only peeve is that the lace pattern rubs off very quickly. I try to avoid touching the lace pattern wherever possible but for the bottom left corner shade, the lace imprint is over the whole surface so it was not possible to leave the lace imprint untouched.

    The Pink Lace is a disappointment though as it didn't do much for my skin.

    And do watermark your pictures. I used to be too lazy to watermark but I try to do so as much as possible these days 'cos people just take them without asking!

  • OOH I may break my rule about not buying nail polish over $15 – I am in love with that silver polish!!

    I was in Jersey last week and got to spend a day in NYC – so I made it to Bergdorf and bought my first Edward Bess shadow and a Paul and Joe gloss….I am so in love! I have never felt so overwhelmed in a beauty department before and this is counting the first time I have ever been in a Sephora! I can now order online since I got to see and swatch in person! I have you to thank for this new and very expensive obsession haha!!