Guerlain Cherry Blossom, Beatrix & Blondie for Spring 2010

January 7, 2010
Guerlain’s Spring Cherry Blossom collection arrived at Saks a little over a week ago featuring the gorgeous Natalia Vodianova in soft shades of pink and rose.

The pattern on the new Blush Γ‰clat Cherry Blossom blush is stunning, but the product itself is a bit of a disappointment since the gorgeous rose, peach and pink shimmers that you see on the top are merely an overspray. I am happy to say that the packaging is a sleek black compact instead of the usual chrome or metallic looking case. The good news is that if you liked Armani’s Sheer 12 Blush, you will probably like this one too – it’s a warmer glowy version of GA #12 (in my opinion). It’s pretty pricey at $49 USD, you might want to consider a cheaper alternative for a pale pink highlighter blush.

There were a bunch of new lipsticks in new formulas, the KissKiss Strass (too sparkley looking) & the Rouge G de Guerlain Le Brilliant (pretty, but pricey). I’m not exactly sure how the original Rouge G compares to the new Le Brilliant formula, but the ones I tested from this new line seemed glossier and a bit sheerer in finish. I ended up buying Beatrix (B60) a cherry blossom pink and Blondie (B01) a neutral pinky-beige.

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  • em

    oh no! First the lancome blush and now this. Too much prettiness for words!

  • em

    oh but boo for overspray!

  • Ah… that blush is sooooooo gorgeous! I wish that it weren't just an overspray on the top. ;_;

    Beatrix looks really beautiful!

  • Too bad about the overspray. I was all ready to buy this until I found out about that. But now you have me lemming the Beatrix lippie! Thanks for the great review!

  • OMG, for once I think I saved money by reading your blog!! πŸ™‚ I was all set to buy that Guerlain blush, it is so gorgeous and the ad copy is to die for. So, thank you for talking me out of it. Of course, those lippies do look lovely…LOL

  • Were you not tempted by the eyeshadow quad? I love Guerlain's eyeshadows and the quads are always so pretty! πŸ™‚ Love Beatrix, it's such a pretty colour, can't wait for this collection to arrive in the UK (another month I'm guessing). I love my G lipsticks and also can't wait for the Kiss Kiss Strass lipsticks!

  • overspray or not, it's pretty! And the colors are fresh and warm, like spring! ^.^

  • I love Guerlain I think they have some of the best quality eyeshadow palettes. I have been trying to decide if I want to get the Cherry Blossom e/s palette. I've never used any of the Guerlain blushes, I wanted to get this one but I figured like the e/s the overspray disappears after the first use. Do you still think it's worth getting?

  • Anitacska/Diane – I wasn't tempted by the quad at all. I know of several others who bought it and love it because they too have a soft spot for Guerlain eyeshadow quads.

    I must be in the minority, I have 2 guerlain quads and like them, but don't love them. The pigment was very good, but I'm just not really a light-purple person (unless it's Dior).

    Check out beautymooglezone's blog! She uploaded swatches about the same time of her purchase πŸ™‚

  • Blush is so lovely.