Bobbi Brown Brightening Lip Gloss

December 21, 2009

I was browsing Nordstrom yesterday and was surprised to see that Bobbi Brown and Clinique had already put up their spring collection tester units. The newest collection for Spring 2010 is her Face Lift Collection which includes 2 new brightening lipglosses, new brow pencils, a new eye cream, 2 eyeshadows, and a twist-click pen eye brightener. The collection also includes 2 repromoted pot rouges.

I ended up getting the Popsicle (brighter pink) & Nectar (pink-peach) Brightening Lipglosses. Here they are photographed with the rest of the Brightening Lipglosses:

Swatches in the same order. BEFORE you write these off as being too sheer, I want to reiterate to you that my swatches aren’t capable of capturing the true glowiness or pigment. While these are sheer, they aren’t completely transparent like these swatches make them seem. I highly recommend you check these out in person before making up your mind.

L to R: Pink, White, Peach, Pink Lilac, Popsicle, Nectar

L to R: Pink, White, Peach, Pink Lilac, Popsicle, Nectar

Bobbi Brown’s Brightening Lipglosses are a sheer version of her regular lipglosses with the slightest hint of shimmer/sheen to them. They are supposed to be infused with “brightening pearls” which create a fuller-lip look. I already have full lips, so I can’t really say if these truely make my lips fuller, but I can say I like these over any cream or shimmer lipstick. Many times I have a cream lipstick on that needs just the slightest bit of moisture to it b/c by itself it looks too dry – I avoid adding clear lipglosses because most times it looks too shiny and adding a bit of lipbalm makes it wear off faster. These are good because they enhance your lips while adding a bit of color and they aren’t too frosty or too flat.

I’m not the biggest fan of that bristle brush she has in these tubes, but I’m happy with the formula, scent and the fact that these tiny tubes seem to last FOREVER. For me, her lipglosses are also the longest lasting glosses. They do tend to be a bit tacky/sticky, but the finish is pretty so I don’t really mind.

I passed on the rest of the spring collection, although I might go back for the Caviar Eyeshadow which was released in her last Nudes eyeshadow palette – it’s the perfect matte black for me because it doesn’t look grey or blueish on my skin like most blacks do.

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  • Ooh I like popsicle.

  • I love Popsicle! What a happy color =)

  • Nectar is gorgeous!

    I did a video of the crappy brush on youtube and got contacted by BB pr lol.. who offered to send me a new gloss. I was like.. you can send me as many glosses as you like but the brush will still be RUBBISH! lol

  • Anonymous

    possibly still recovering from the beautiful, unprecedented, Chanel quads weekend post, but….. this line holds little intesest for me. Too New Jersey. Thank you for your good taste and for posting faithfully.

  • these look yummy!

  • These are lovely–thanks for posting the entire collection. They make me wish for Spring!

  • em

    these look nice πŸ˜€ especially the latest shades you got. I need to have a look at them next time I'm shopping!

  • Anonymous

    I've been meaning to check these out; thanks for the post! I haaaate sticky glosses, but I do think these are more "brightening" than most lip products.

    BTW: The caviar shadow in the recent nudes palette is triple-milled and is a liner shadow. It is difficult, though not impossible, to use it as a regular eyeshadow since it doesn't blend as well. As a liner, it is terrific.

    Hope that helps! Merry Christmas to you, Lina, and all of your readers!


  • Hm… These look really pretty. I like Nectar and surprisingly for me Popsicle the most. I think I will get them once they appear in my country.

  • Ooh, these are really pretty!