Paul & Joe Beaute: Chic & Sophisticated Makeup for the Young at Heart

November 17, 2009

My readers know I love those hard-to-find brands with a unique flair, and Paul & Joe is a recent discovery of mine that is fun, chic and sophisticated all at the same time. Each item is cased in an adorable compact or cute bottle and comes in an equally delightful box. The quality of the eyeshadows (singles & palettes), blushes, pearl powders, lipsticks and glosses are all incredible and high in both pigment and quality. The compact designs are adorable and will appeal to those young at heart, but are sophisticated enough to appeal to any age.

I’m going to do a series on my Paul & Joe collection in the upcoming week to help my fellow readers get a better idea of what the products look like in real life. While I do have access to most brands, there are quite a few that I do not, so I understand the pain many of you go through of not having in-person access to some lines. I hope this series will help!

How I found out about the line: I have 3 Paul & Joe Beaute aficionadas to blame for my addiction: Haru at Rouge Deluxe, Parsi & Joeybunny – all of whom have been invaluable in answering my millions of questions about the line. In addition, I have found Japanese Beauty Magazines to very helpful in featuring great photos and how-to’s.

Purchasing/deciding on colors: Since I don’t have access to the line within reasonable driving distance, I’ve relied heavily on other makeup addicts, blogs, e-bay photos, and various Japanese magazines as well as over-the-phone descriptions to help me decide what to buy. Websites like dermstore.com and beautyhabit.com actually have a color description for each color you click on which has helped tremendously. Still there is no substitute for seeing and trying things in person, so often times it’s just biting the bullet to buy and hope for the best.

Where to buy: Since I am in the US, I will focus on the locations within the US. There should be listings by country on the Paul & Joe Beauty Website though. I have purchased my Paul & Joe products at the following locations (this is not all inclusive of all P&J retailers, just the ones I’ve bought from):

  • Bergdorf Goodman, New York: I love the girls at P&J Bergdorfs counter. Super friendly and fun, they are great at recommending colors. They have super-cute gifts with purchases at various events. Ask for Caroline or Hettie at the counter, they are fabulous! If you call them, also ask about their exclusive Paul & Joe Club Card program. The first week of December, BG will have their $25 off $100 purchase gift card event. They usually have really cute gifts with purchases featuring generously sized skincare samples.
  • The Primping Parleur: A salon/boutique in Brea, California. They have the largest selection of limited edition P&J products that are hard to find elsewhere (that I know of), along with all the regular P&J products. Right now they are having a 20% friends & family discount for November with the code NOVFAMILY. Fast shipping, nice samples and all packaged in a cute box. They also carry other brands like Becca & Kevyn Aucoin to name a few. Check out their website for events and boutique information!
  • Beautyhabit.com: Since the Beauty Habit boutique isn’t near me, I opted to shop online. They also carry various limited edition products and have some of the shades that have been discontinued too! They are also having a 20% discount with the code INSTYLE until the end of the month.
  • Dermstore.com: An online boutique that features a 10% discount on items that are part of your favorites list. They carry some of the older discontinued colors too.

What to look for in this series: I am going to do a feature per product item (ie nails, eyes, palettes etc.) with photos and swatches (when I can).

Any other resources, experiences, links you’d like to share?
Please let me know! I have found a few blogs that have featured a bit of Paul & Joe here and there. These are my resources, I’d love to hear yours:

Keep your eyes opened for the upcoming features! In the meantime, check out the Paul & Joe Website and their Facebook Fan Page πŸ™‚ I have featured Paul & Joe previously, so click on the label/tag at the bottom of this post to see what I’ve featured so far. I’d like to invite any other Paul & Joe fans to submit any photos or reviews of their collection to be featured on The Beauty Look Book too! Just contact me through the side bar to discuss an idea with me.

Or, if you have your own blog and want to write about your Paul & Joe items, let me know and I’ll link you!

A few disclaimers: I am not affiliated with any of the retailers listed above (other than just being a happy customer). Also, you may notice that all the lipsticks are new. To address some questions I’ve been asked in the past, I am not just a collector, I actually do use the makeup. I try to take photos as soon as I get something before it’s used for a cleaner look.

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  • Oh Lina, I loved this! I am really truly flattered to be mentioned in this post =) you are my most trusted guide for everything that I buy, and this made me feel really special so thank you =D


  • that's quite the extensive collection. i've parted ways with most of my P&J goods. have to say that their packaging is too cute for words

  • Wow.. those are drool worthy! I love the packaging!! x

  • Ooh!! Would you look at that collection!! I've always been lemming to try P&J, but it's not available here in Australia… =( Love the nail polish packaging!! And all those other packaging for that matter.. hehehe… can't wait for your detailed P&J post!


  • Great P&J Collection. P&J is one of my favorite brands. I love the Primping Parleur it's by my house and I go there all the time. It's nice to see someone else mentioning it.

  • What a gorgeous collection! I'm so excited for this series! I don't have much of their cosmetics items, and I have to say I'm more attracted to their tools… I really want the compact mirror and the LE retractable brushes…

  • Alix

    I've tried P&J lipsticks in the past, but unfortunately they're scented, which often gives me an allergic reaction. Gorgeous packaging, though.

    You mention Japanese magazines — which ones do you recommend, and where do you get them? Are there any with some copy in English as well?

  • parsi

    Parsi said….

    Thanks for mentioning me. I love your blog. Its always instructive and inspires lemmings I didn't even know I had. I am eagerly awaiting paul and joe's spring and disney collection and hope you cover it in your blog.

  • Hey Lina!
    Really looking forward to this series… I am waiting for the BG Paul and Joe counter to have an event so that I can get a make-over and some goodies… they have my number!!! πŸ™‚

  • what an incredible collections of P&J~ i only have a tiny collections lol i'm drooling non stop! the lippies, lipgloss, nail lacquers…

    truly avid fan!

  • This is a great post and everything looks amazing! πŸ˜€ Thanks for the last post! I think it's me? πŸ˜› xx

  • Sarita

    What a gorgeous collection you have! I guess now that I know beautyhabit has a code to, I have no excuse not to try this line now :~)

  • Hi ladies! Glad to know there are many other fans out there! It's a great brand, look for my first feature tomorrow πŸ™‚

    Parsi/Joey – thank you for feeding my lemmings πŸ™‚

    Alix – for the Japanese magazines, I like Maquia, Voce, Biteki, JJ for beauty. I really like Oggi for fashion. Unfortunately, I think they are all in Japanese which I cannot read, but some products are ID'd by number which helps me figure out what color it is. I buy mine at a Japanese Bookstore. Try googling Mitsuwa Marketplace or this blog link: http://kinokuniyapromotions.blogspot.com/

    If you have a local Japanese-market/area near you, that's your best bet!

  • Wow that's an amazing collection! πŸ™‚

  • wow! i just found your blog and love it. thanks for doing all the research for us!! i started using paul and joe earlier this year and really love their products as well as their beautiful, vintage-y packaging. i bought mine at an amazing boutique in seattle, flora and henri. i know they sell online as well.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for posting this! I just submitted an order at the Pamper Parlour in CA. No Paul and Joe in new orleans yet, so I am obsessed with finding them all online.