Do You Keep a Style Diary or Beauty Look Book Journal?

November 3, 2009

If you’re like me and have those “I don’t know what makeup to wear days” where you’re stuck in a rut, I recommend starting your own Beauty Look Book to jot down ideas that you can refer back to for the times your mind is drawing a blank.

For me, I get my beauty inspiration and ideas from browsing online celebrity photo websites, various Japanese magazines, and also from the sales associates/product specialists I shop with. I love how some lines create a seasonal “look” for their new collections, especially when featured on a live person.

I have all my makeover face charts filed in a small drawer and recently started keeping simple journal which includes:

  • Looks I did that I really liked, usually writing down the items I used at the end of the day
  • Look/combination suggestions I get from various makeup artists at the counters (I always ask them “can you tell me what you used on your lips?”)
  • Look/combination ideas I get from various face-of-the-day posts from beauty message boards

I previously have had tons of small pieces of papers scattered all over the place, so to be a bit more organized, I’m using a small Paul & Joe notebook to transfer all the good ideas to one centralized place:

It can be as simple or as detailed as you have the time for. For me, it would not make sense to record every single look I’ve done (although it would be fun) because of the unlikely chance that I would go back and recreate all of them.

Do you keep a style diary or beauty notebook for fun? Share your ideas!

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  • em

    you have such neat handwriting! that's the teacher in me coming out πŸ˜›

    I don't keep track of my looks but I should, it's a great idea.

  • I don't have a look book but I have been thinking about starting one for quite a while now, thanks for reminind me πŸ˜‰

  • Such a great idea!
    I want to start a look book and tear out nice pics from magazines that inspire me.
    I also just made a big face chart sketch book, so I can draw all the faces I've done and want to do.

  • I've just started my own look book, it's really handy to have. I have a file with cut out from magazines for referencing and ideas too as sometimes I get stuck in rut and can't think of anything new to try πŸ™‚

  • This seems like a great idea but the procrastinator in me would never complete it sadly…

  • That's waaaaay too organized for me–though a great idea!

  • I actually have a collage on my wall of favorite makeup looks from magazines. But I think I might start a notebook also…especially since I need to rotate my stash! Thanks for the idea =)

  • This is such a fabulous idea!

  • How ambitious! I don't have a notebook for makeup but I keep a picture gallery with all my stash oganised by product type and colour (mostly to help me from buying the same shade over and over). It's the closest I'll ever come to scrapbooking πŸ™‚

  • i've always wanted to do one to catalogue the looks but never actually did it. now you're edging me to do it!

  • That's one of the reasons why I started my blog. To keep tracks on the looks I liked or not so like and products I like or thinking of. Hehhe… This is very organised of you to do, though.. Your blog is awesome!!


  • what a great idea, it seems like a lot of work i must say, but you're right, i have those days where i look back at my own photos and think ugh gosh i wish i remembered what lip combo i was wearing!