The Beauty Look Book November Giveaway! Comment To Win . . .

November 9, 2009

I’m hosting my second giveaway to celebrate my new domain name and having reached over 200 followers!

This month’s giveaway includes Hard Candy Nail Polishes, mini Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizers, and mini L’Occitane Hand Creams.

This is how it will work, there will be 4 winners selected at random, each of whom will receive:

  • 1 Hard Candy nail polish
  • 1 Bath & Body Works mini holiday hand sanitizer
  • 1 L’Occitane mini scented hand cream (not pictured, but will be one of the ones featured HERE)

The giveaway will be open an entire week, deadline to post a comment will be next Sunday the 15th at 9:00 pm PST. Winners will be selected randomly and announced next Monday.

Rules to be considered for the drawing:

  1. Be a follower of my blog through google friend connect
  2. Open to all followers (all countries)
  3. Leave me a way to contact you (if you don’t want to leave your e-mail listed below, send a separate e-mail to me through the contact button on the side bar and tell me the screen name you posted under)
  4. Winners I will try my best to give you the nail polish color you prefer, but cannot guarantee you will get your first choice
  5. Write in the comments below your answer to this question: What is your biggest shopping incentive? Which shopping incentive would you choose: A gift with purchase event or a shopping discount event? Any most importantly why?

Would be very interested to know your thoughts! (My answer will be posted in the comments section!)

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  • Here's my answer for the question: It depends. I have to admit I am repeatedly enticed by gift-with-purchases, but I find that more often than not, the GWPs turn out to be less than wonderful. If only every line would have better incentives for a bigger purchase! Who wants another cheesy-print big tote bag with 5 fragrance or skincare samples of things I will never use? I think the best GWPs are those that give you enough to sample things out that make you want to sample more. The lines that include a full sized item are always winners for me. For me, the best GWPs I've received include Clinique, Lancome, Paul & Joe. In the past quite a few other lines and stores had really good GWPs but have been slacking lately.

    This being said, it also depends on the discount for me. I realize companies need to make money and can't lose sales in huge discounts, that's understandable. I do appreciate the tiered approach of spend-more-get-more, but how many times does one make a one-time purchase over $400 to get $100 back? I don't think many. But perhaps I am wrong. I prefer a flat discount that is high enough so I feel like I am saving more than just my sales tax.

    Most of the time, I do not need an incentive to purchase something other than my own personal shopping addiction. But if there are opportunities I know of that are coming up, I do like to wait.

  • I go for discounts! I'm never drawn in by gift with purchases because I do not like to have a lot of stuff. I only want what I will frequently use to be lying around. Therefore, I don't really want the gifts with purchases.

    But what I do want, of course I would like to have at a good price. I like at least 20% off. Since I tend to make a lot of purchases at one time, and then go months without a beauty purchase, I'm also a fan of discounts only if you spend a lot. One reason I like your blog is that all of your comparisons help me pick out the few perfect products, so I dont have to own too many to get it right. I just made several purchases with sephora's friends and family discount, and most of what I bought was featured on your blog.

  • What is your biggest shopping incentive? —- Discounts

    Any most importantly why?—- I love HE brands but like to save at the same time. Discounts help me buy more and save some.

  • I am absolutely driven by discounts! As for a gift with purchase, I feel like I may not like/want/need everything they give me. But with a discount on your total order, you're more likely to buy that product you've been eye-ing and didn't pick up because it wasn't on your budget. I am in this situation right now with a sephora coupon for VIBs this holiday. There have been certain products that I put back on the shelves because the prices are insane. But now, with the discount, the prices are more appropriate for me to purchase. Just when I think I'm done with shopping, a discount coupon will put me back on that shopping bandwagon! πŸ˜€


  • ooh great prizes! I especially like the sanitizer!^^

    my mail: symymary at gmail dot com

    I definitely prefer discounts! Usually I try creams only. And those i can ask for samples for free, so I don't want to buy something for the full price just to get 2 or 3 mini samples I could get for free anyway, plus they last fr a few days. However, if I ask for samples, the SAs might give me more or squeeze a generous amount into a tube!

    While sales and any other types of discounts give me the feeling that I made a good deal. With three sale purchase I might save enough money to buy one more thing!

    I don't like the spend $8237827812 and get 10% off idea. I don't buy so many stuffs to reach the limit, and the % they usually offer is so low, it hardly means anything….for that few bucks I'm not gonna buy anything that I don't need.

    Hmm I think that's all I can think of right now.

  • Great prices!
    my email: cendana.k@hotmail.com
    my blog: http://blushfully.blogspot.com/

    I'd go for Discounts more than GWP, unless I like the GWP, but most times than not, I'd prefer the Discounts. I like it if for instance, for that same price you're paying I would normally just get 1 product, but because of the sale I get 2 or 3 or even 4 products!! For that 1 normal price!! Now, that's what I like!! =D I'd go for discounts any day!!


  • My biggest shopping incentive is probably sales and GWP. If I had to pick, I would go with the discounts because most of the times the gift is something I don't really want.


  • 1) Discounts. I had given up on buying for GWPs as the qualities of the gifts are sometimes very sub standard.

    2) Definetly a shopping discount event or a shop that provides points acculamation to exchange for gifts or vouchers when purchases are made.

    3) I had more choices during a sales & can pick up items I would usually not buy when it is selling at retail prices.

    My email: foongwaiyoke@gmail.com

  • Hi:
    You know how to reach me! I adore your blog! Oh I need no incentive to spend money. But I suppose it's a discount. At minimum 20% but anything higher is better. GWPs don't entice me too much as they are mostly samples that I already have or don't really want in the first place. The reason I like discounts? Well I save money…enough money to buy more stuff! lol.

  • Hi,

    Congrats on your new domain name!
    I am more interested in GWPs … and even PWPs (than discounts) when the gift contains items I would like to try. I love travel sizes, and wish more brands would offer products in smaller sizes so it would be less risky to take a chance on new products.


  • My biggest shopping incentive is definitely discounts. I am attracted to GWP, but I rarely end up buying because either the amount I need to spend is too high (or at least higher than the things I need or really want at the moment) or I don't find the GWP to be really interesting to me after I look into the items that comprise it. I am definitely a sale shopper though, and like you I prefer sales of 20% or more so I feel like I can save more than sales tax & shipping. I try not to buy just because there's a sale though!

  • My biggest shopping incentive?

    Would be during discount especially in warehouse sales , where I am more willing to fork out money to try new products after hearing good reviews about them.

    As buying from counters, either that their GWPs are too good too resist, I always buy from the counters where their service is excellent ( i dont mean service during sale, it applies to before and after sale service), give me samples to try, making me feeling comfortable and not pushy in sale. And then if the items is really that good i don't see why not buying from that sales assistant.


  • To me a discount is the best incentive. The gifts you get are rarely 100% satisfying and you often need to buy several products to get it. A discount is clearly something that will make me decide to get that product right now.

  • Cry

    Hi everyone!
    I think it depends from the gift an. Ftom the discount.
    Usually i'll go to the discount if it is bigger than 20%, otherwise i' m going for the gift, having a look to' the gift given to the other shoppers!


  • Personally I perfer the discount. One because I usually never spend enough to get the gift with purchase. Two because a lot of times the gifts are pretty lame to me , something I would neve use. Third I don't like to pay full price for anything if I don't have too. I like to feel like I got the most for my money. Also, I love to be able to get more than I thought I was origianlly going too or to pay less then originally thought.


  • email: kayley123@yahoo.com
    My biggest incentive? Hm…

    I'm definitely driven by discounts, if they are 25-30% or more. Then there isn't a certain amount I HAVE to spend. Usually I have to TRY to find enough stuff to buy to get the GWP…I think they design it that way, so that you have to buy at least 2 products, or you have to buy a full-size item and then find something tiny, like a sharpener, or some sponges, to buy so that you're spending enough to get the gift.
    A 20% discount will also drive me if it is from a store/brand that doesn't have sales very often (like MAC), but from somewhere like Bath & Body Works, I'm only excited if its 30% or more.
    If a GWP has 2 or 3 items I have been wanting to try, though, then that is a GWP I can't resist. Usually though, I only see 1 thing in a GWP that I want; and the rest I could take or leave.

  • I must say discounts appeal to me more. Discounts depending on what they entail I can choose another product I've been interested in or get more of a product I already like. GWPs you get what you are given which seems exciting at first, but sometimes I end up being disappointed with what I was offered.


  • I go for the discounts, we rarely have GWPs here in Greece, but we do have 25% sale to HE products. 90% of my hauls are when they have sales.

  • 1. What is your biggest shopping incentive?

    I would also have to say: Discount. Cosmetics are ridiculously overpriced in Greece. Also, my incentive could also be how badly I really want a certain product/s, if I see I keep obsessing and thinking about it/them, I usually just go in for the kill. Well, when I can that is. Sigh.

    2. Which shopping incentive would you choose: A gift with purchase event or a shopping discount event? Any most importantly why?

    Again I would answer in the same way as above regarding discount. In addition, I've yet to really appreciate immensely a gwp as I usually know what is for me and thus I stick to those particular products.

  • Discounts make me feel like I am saving money and that motivates me more than just a couple of samples. If the GWP is beautiful and decadent and 'worth' a lot, I would consider that and have purchased things (I already need/want) for the GWP. It is the same motivator–I feel like I am saving a little money because I am paying less for each product (including the GWP).

  • I'm easily tempted by both but I prefer discounts since most GWPs are less than wonderful (like you mentioned). When I do go for GWPS though, it's usually because it comes with a cute cosmetics case. =P

    my email is my username at gmail

  • I'm always tempted by discounts because I get to pick what I really wanted. Plus I can see how I'm actually saving. (here in NY with that huge tax discounts are very much appreciated).


  • i'm usually get tempted by discounts especially during warehouse sales.

    but…i do love GWP for something that i really need it (skincare etc.)

    luckily…my Clinique's consultant always give me the gifts that i really want such as lip gloss,mascara,blush..not just skincare samples

  • forgot to include my email



  • Well, like you, I don't really need much of an incentive, I'm a make-up addict so that's what makes me buy stuff LOL!! To answer you question, though, I have to say that we don't really get discounts on make-up here in Italy, at least not on HE brands, so I'd have to answer GWP (which we also don't get much of either!). I love the idea of getting more products than what I wanted!! And i love gifts!! In Italy beauty stores make you think you always pay 20% off than the regular price, but the fact that the policy is the same in all stores kind of gives away the fact that the prices are those you pay anyway πŸ˜‰ (a bit of a contorted sentence, hope you understand what I mean) We do get a lot of samples, usually cream or foundation sachets and a lot of perfume samples. The best GWP (which was given to me only because I was shopping with my 1-month-old baby at the time, and he looked incredibly cute!) was a great Clinique offering. I also recently got a biggish tube of D&G Light Blue body Cream, but as I said, that's not the norm!
    Anna xx


  • My biggest shopping incentive is a sale. I love getting good discounts on products. Oftentimes, products seem overpriced for what they are, so getting the products at a discount lets me feel I'm getting my money's worth.

    GWPs are usually meh. A GWP has to be something I really want for it to influence my purchase.

    kittenishcutie {at} gmail {dot} com

  • Discounts are a better incentive for me (but if I really want something – discount or not, I'm getting it!! haha). Discounts allow me to buy products that I usually wouldn't buy because of retail price. I don't really care for GWP because I still haven't come across one that came with a gift that I actually like! And they're usually sample size anyways so… discounts for me! =)

  • hi ! i became a follower =] well i love the thought of gwps expecially for lancome, when they give out their palettes and BIFACIL, but the best incentive is discount. Alot of the time the gwp are fun to have, but not useful , but for discounts, especially like sephora you can things you already know you wanted for cheaper=D

    my email is


  • I love the GWP's for Estee Lauder, Lancome and Clinique and that is when I buy from these brands even though I have access to them at a discount. I love to try different lipsticks and mascaras this way.

    I also love discounts like Mac's and Sephora's F&F sales. However, I don't tend to spend that much during these sales.