New L’Occitane Limited Edition Scented Shea Butter Hand Creams

October 27, 2009

My favorite hand cream is L’Occitane’s Shea Butter Hand Cream. I almost always have a small tube in my purse or car in the Original Formula or Cherry Blossom scent. This holiday, they have released some new scents and kits that are great for gifts. The scents are subtle enough to not be overwhelming but not so faint that you can’t smell them.

The two sets I got were from the L’Occitane boutique and Nordstrom. I plan on splitting them up into little gift sets for friends and mixing them with some other items.

Individually, they retail at L’Occitane Boutiques for $10. However, there are several specials, promotions and sets where you can save money.

At L’Occitane Boutiques, they have a 6-pack set called Hand Cream Bouquet for $45 (comes to $7.50 each) that has 2 regular Shea Butter creams and 1 of each of the new scents Ylang, Rosebud, Frangipani, and Acacia.

If you don’t like all the scents, they currently have a promotion where you can mix and match any 3 for $27 (discount comes to $9 each).


At Nordstrom, they have a cute 3-pack called Enchanting Hands for $25 that has Shea Vanilla, regular Shea Butter and Frangipani.

There were a few other sets I saw instore that I don’t see online yet. Also new is a hand cream/lipgloss set which is cute. Check out your local Nordstrom for more sets.


Sephora has a few sets as well. Their Hands Celebration for $25 is a 3-pack containing Shea Vanilla, regular Shea Butter and Lavendar hand creams. Their Hands Delice set for $25 has Cherry Blossom, regular Shea butter and Lavendar hand creams.


I’m sure there are a lot more sets to check out and I expect more to be released in the next month or so for the holidays.

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  • the holidays are just around the corner and there is a L'Occitane boutique across from my office. But any reason for me to go to Nordstrom is always a good thing. Cool – looks like I got gifts for my mother-in-laws off my list.

    Yes, fortunately for me I need a gift for my hubby's maternal and step-mom! As well as my own picky mother =(

  • I love gift sets! Good idea about breaking them up–I can see adding a few things specific to the person

  • Thanks for the info! I think I'd probably do the 3/$27 because I want a Rosebud, a Ylang, and a Frangipani =) If I had people to Christmas shop for I'd definitely stock up on those sets!

  • Hi Lexi920 & Prime Beauty – I agree, would be a nice gift for picky people. I understand your pain b/c I have a few family members who are EXTREMELY picky but I know they like L'Occitane.

    Joey – I did a $3 for 27 at the boutique first too b/c I wanted to pick my own, lol. My next stop was Nordies where I saw their set and picked that up too.

  • is this for christmas??? i walk past a boutique all the timebut honestly never walk in!

    the stuff look great for christmas and i'd like to get some for friends. thanks for another good find!