Giorgio Armani Holiday 2009: Crystal Palette and Silk 94 Lipstick

October 25, 2009

Giorgio Armani’s Holiday collection has been arriving in stores in limited quantities, so if you like anything, I suggest you grab them fast! I called Saks today to find that they had sold out most of their palettes and had only one left which the SA was kind enough to hold for me.

I came home with the Crystal Palette and Silk 94 Lipstick:

Silk Lipstick #94:

The top layer of the Crystal Palette 2009 and Silk 94 (the embossed parts of the palette are overspray):

The bottom tier of the Crystal Palette:

One more view:

I wish they had released an eyeshadow the same shade as the lipgloss, it would have made a gorgeous eye color! No swatches yet since it’s too pretty to touch!

I don’t remember all the shade names/numbers but this is what I saw:

* Crystal Palette – two tiered compact with crystals that contains a highlight powder oversprayed with silver sparkle, and 4 eyeshadows in shimmery cool charcoal, shimmery multi-dimensional teal, light silvery-blue, cool taupe grey
* Silk 94 Lipstick – sparkley (more shimmery than most armani lipsticks) golden-taupe
* Silk ?? Lipstick – shimmery warm red
* Lipshimmer 61 – matches the gold lipstick, but looks a bit more metallic/brassy
* Sheer Shimmer Powder #5 – I believe Armani had shimmer powders before, I can’t remember how many there used to be, but they are the same size as the blushes/bronzers, this one is a pale iridescent light pink (similar to Chanel Rosee Poudre Douce)
* Mascara Top Coat in a glittery bronze/gold

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  • oh the lipstick is so ME! lovely products from GA this time.

  • Oh, that is so pretty. o.o

  • Oh god i want that palette!!!!

  • You got it! Lucky girl. I will confirm these are going fast. I stopped by my Nordies counter the first day they had these- and yes, they sold out that day!! I missed out because I wanted to think about it. Dumb, dumb, dumb. LOL Please update once you've tried it out. πŸ™‚

  • Incredible photo's–thanks for sharing. Those are beautiful!!!!

  • Koren

    Gorgeous eye shadows in that palette! Enjoy!

  • Oh that is all so, so gorgeous! I would never be able to touch the palette though =(

  • LipstickChick (Christine)

    Swipe it … swipe it … swipe it πŸ˜‰ I so want to see that lipstick color on skin lol!