My Brow Products & Swatches

September 26, 2009

This is a follow up on my Shu Uemura haul from last week to compare Seal Brown with my other brow products. I have dark brown/black hair with red highlights – but you can only see the reddish/brown if I am wearing a black shirt or if I’m in the sun, so just consider my hair black.

Brow products are usually too harsh, ashy or reddish for my hair color. I’ve been matched with all these shades from various makeovers and I am surprised that they all work, however Seal Brown works the best. It looks really light in the pot/swatch, but works really well for a soft natural dark brow.

Here it is compared to Laura Mercier Soft, Chanel Blonde & Chanel Soft Brown with different views/backgrounds and then swatches.

* Note that Bobbi Brown Mahogany Ink is a gel liner, not a brow product, it’s simply swatched so you can gauge how soft the other brow product colors are.

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  • Wow, that Seal Brown really is much darker when swatched. I should look into that color. I have brown eyebrows, but they are deceptively darker than they appear, so MAs always match me with one color, put it on, and go "woops, that's too light" and have to start over.

    Thanks for the swatches! ^_^

  • Anonymous

    First of all, thanks so much for these swatches, this is a very helpful post. Seal Brown looks slightly ashy from the swatch, so maybe I should just stick with my Chanel soft brown pencil if it matches. I just get tired of pencils, ya know? They are too easy to overdo!

  • Kaoru & Anonymous – thank you for your comments! I think brow products are deceptive when you look in the pot or a swatch, they look completely different when on the brows – Shu has some other shades too, if you can get to a shu uemura counter, I definitely recommend you check it out!

  • Just got mine in the mail today. What are you using to apply it? I have Mac 266 and LMs brow brush. If those fail I might buy the Shu brow brush.

  • I forgot to mention I purchased the Black Forest and it looks much softer than stark black. It actually looks a bit brown to me, which I'm happy with. It will lend a more natural application and appearance on my black brows.