Chanel Holiday 2009 Glossimer Duo: Les Deux Levres Scintillantes

September 26, 2009

US girls who have been eyeing or wishing for that elusive Euro/Canada Praline Glossimer – you are in luck because it is one of the glosses in the Chanel holiday sets! I went back to check on a few things and found out more details about this set which has:
* Glossimers in Spark & Praline (not Giggle like the SA had assumed and told me)
* Mini Nude Lipliner
* Retails for $50 (US)

The three sets I have seen were spotted at two local Nordstroms in Southern California but I have not seen the product is not yet online. As of yesterday, no spottings of the Noirs Obscurs or the Paris-New York Palette although I have seen the palette pop up online at a few places.

Close up of Spark (red gloss), Praline (nude pink gloss), and Nude Lipliner:

Praline comparisons:

Left to right: Chanel Giggle Glossimer, Chanel Praline #46 Glossimer, Chanel Bel Air #147 Glossimer, Chanel Glass Quartz Aqualumiere Gloss #69, Laura Mercier Blush, Laura Mercier Rose Flush, Bobbi Brown Pink Beige, MAC Full on Lust

Same order, different view:

Same order for swatches:

For the Chanel Glossimers, Giggle is the most nude, Bel Air is the most pink, Praline has slight brownish tones compared to both. Check out some more natural pink lipgloss swatch comparisons here Nordstrom Beauty Exclusives Haul Part 1.

I have a few reddish glosses but will have to dig them up. Check back for this post to be updated shortly.

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  • Lina, THANK YOU for this! I can't wait to get this =) I'm gonna look for it next week. One of my favorite purchases ever was the Chanel Holiday gloss set about 2 or three years ago – it was such a splurge to me then, lol!

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, the set on the Chanel website features Spark and Gazelle. I guess if I want Praline I will have to hold out until it pops up on Nordies website. Oh, and do you know if Spark and Cosmos (LE from this summer) are similar?

  • Anonymous – thank you for posting the info on the Chanel website!!! Gazelle is gorgeous, I wish I got a back up of it.

    I wonder if different stores are getting different glossimer sets. I didn't see the Smoky Eyes set at Nordstrom, but then who knows what might pop up.

    I will check back on Cosmos v Spark, but I believe Cosmos is more plummy/mauve and Spark is more berry/red.

  • Anonymous

    I found this set at Saks Fifth Avenue! The colors are amazing the little black case looks stunning in a handbag!

  • I love when you do color comparisons!! Would you consider swatching all of your glossimers? I'm particularly interested in seeing Wild Rose. πŸ™‚

  • This is a natural looking glossy pink Gloss with a brown tone.