Le Metier de Beaute: Feature on Lips

June 15, 2009

I have fallen in love with a new luxury cosmetics line called Le Metier de Beaute. Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog kindly featured me as a guest blogger in May with a review and introduction on the line. You can find the pictures and review here to find out more about their Galatea Eye Kit, Persephone Eye Kit, Sheer Brilliance Lip Glosses, Lip Cremes, and Lipsticks.

For a mini intro, the line launched exclusively at Bergdorfs and select Neiman Marcus locations last October 2008 and most of the products are available for purchase online at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. The line may be available at few boutique salons and recently launched in the UK at Libertys. Be prepared to see price points similar to that of Dolce & Gabbana (see previous D&G feature here) and Giorgio Armani products.

Since last month’s feature at Makeup and Beauty Blog, I have added a few more glosses and lipsticks to my collection, visited the Neiman Marcus Le Metier counter at the Beverly Hills location and joined the Le Metier de Beaute fan club on Facebook. I have ordered items from the Neimans at King of Prussia (Product Specialist is Ellen) and Beverly Hills (Product Specialist is Scott) locations and both of them are extremely helpful, patient and great at describing colors and making recommendations over the phone.

For my updated collection, I’ve separated the items into two different groups Lilac/Pinks/Reds and Beiges/Peaches/Nudes. There are 2 different formulas, Sheer Brilliance Glosses and Lip Cremes and they are both are mixed in each group. Please refer to Makeup and Beauty Blog for a description on each formula.

Group 1: Lilac/Pinks/Reds, left to right
Cap D’Antibes, Marsala, Sweet Creme*, Vanilla Rose*, Cannes, Dubai, Ibiza, Siena, Fraise Creme*

Group 2: Beiges/Peaches/Nudes
, left to right
Sunset Boulevard*, Zanzibar, Apricot Creme*, Peche Creme*, Creme Caramel*, Captiva, Cafe Creme*, Bondi Beach, Papaye Creme*

(Please note, a * indicates the creme formula. Also note, that Sunset Boulevard, Zanzibar, Marsala and Siena were gifts with purchases and as far as I know, are not available for purchase in the regular line.)

Some of the glosses also come in a lipstick form, here are four of the lipsticks compared with the gloss versions.

Color Core Moisture Stain Lipstick & Sheer Brilliance Gloss, left to right
San Tropez, Cannes/Cannes, Ibiza/Ibiza, Marrakech

Have you heard about or tried this line? Thoughts? I have seen it featured in a few places and hope they will start advertising more as well as expand their distribution to more retail locations. Le Metier de Beaute was featured in Neiman Marcus’ May 2009 issue of THE BOOK as well as Bergdorf’s Spring Beauty Book section. There is also a picture of their new nail polishes in this month’s Instyle – looks pretty but very tiny!

Kalidescope Kits featured in THE BOOK:

The bottom eye kit is called Persephone, more close ups/info at makeup and beauty blog! I have nothing but raves about the quality of this line. However, I’m not sure the high price tag will attract enough customers, and on each occasion I have placed orders, the counters have been out of stock on at least 2-3 items. However I have received great customer service from the Product Specialists and each time they always offer to locate it at another location and have it shipped directly to me. Also, not all stores received the same items (such as the spring lip kits or eye kits or nail polishes) as what is online. At this time I am not sure if their store distribution is delayed or if the buyers at Neimans simply chooses different products for each location.

If you’ve seen features on this anywhere, please share! I’d love to see more pics or hear about more reviews on the line since it appears that the line selection is not the same everywhere based on the buyers decisions. More to follow on other items soon!

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  • Hi πŸ™‚

    I've posted about my initial thoughts after a counter visit (at Liberty, I'm in the UK) on my blog, Londonmakeupgirl.

    No Persephone kit there, and your post on Makeup and Beauty Blog is what made me want it (great review by the way.) I think Persephone and the other goddess kits were from Autumn/Winter 2009, and Liberty only has the Spring collection (which are all very bright – too bright for me.)

  • Hi! Thanks for posting! In the US, Persephone and Galatea have been out for a while.

    Persephone is actually a combination of singles: Rose Champagne, Canvas, Alexandrite, and Sequoia.

    For spring 2009, we received the new gloss/lip kits, Sunset Dunes eye kit, and the brighter eyeshadow kits. No news on Fall 2009 yet, but Scott from Beverly Hills said he would be calling to let me know more.

    Tell me more about these "goddess" kits!

    I agree with your review though – if the marketing is too niche, I'm not sure it will reach enough customers to generate a sustainable consumer base to last long enough. There is a point when a line can be "too exclusive" to its detriment.

    Also – on each occasion I have ordered, both Neiman Marcus locations have been out of stock on at least 2-3 items I have inquired about. Luckily, they always offer to locate it at another store and have it shipped free of charge to me.

  • I understand the Autumn 08 collection was goddess themed – as well as Persephone and Galatea, I've also seen an Aphrodite eye kit on NM.com.

    I have a thing for goddess/fey themes, and I particularly like the Persephone story, which is why I wanted this kit so much! Β£65 for the 4 shadows is also better than the Β£80 it would be to buy them all individually (that's the sterling prices.)

    I've not seen the Sunset Dunes eyeshadow kit here – we just got the brights (two green kits, a blue kit and the violet/orange/black combo.)

    The colour combos in the Autumn kits were more wearable – great neutrals is what brings in the customers initially – it's why the sludgey/taupey shades nearly always sell out first in MAC collections. After you hook them with your neutrals, then you can get them on the brights πŸ™‚

  • I want…I want….

    I'm in the UK too but can't get to London that easily. I have my eye on the Emerald kit since I love greens and maybe the face kit? Any thoughts? I would be ordering it blind…