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August 16, 2017

Summer Haircare Loves Styling and Shampoo | The Beauty Look Book

I have an updated hair care routine for summer to share today. Since moving to Florida I’ve been struggling for months to find a good shampoo + conditioner combo. The water here is so different from California and even with a filter in the home, many shampoos and conditioners simply don’t rinse or lather the same. I’ve tried a lot of my tried and true favorites alongside probably at least 15 other formulas and it’s been a real challenge to find something that works. Also with the heat, humidity, chlorine and salt my hair behaves differently. It gets dried out easily but the humidity also means sweat and oils surface so it feels like everything is just a hot mess. For a quick recap on my hair – I have long thick frizz-prone hair. It’s never been colored or highlighted (at least not yet). Many of the styling product favorites remain the same. My current favorites right now listed below.

Shampoo, Conditioners and Rinses

  • Molton Brown Inspiring Basil and Vetiver Shampoo and Conditioner ($30 each for 10 fl oz) is part of a limited-edition collection Molton Brown created for the Seabourn cruise line. This is my current holy grail duo. I’ve tried at least a dozen other brands and formulas over the past months and nothing compares to this duo for a good wash. It cleanses and leaves the hair feeling super soft and naturally shiny. It has a very soothing soft natural scent. I’m a bit upset it’s limited-edition as I’d love to keep repurchasing this for like FOREVER. I’m stocking up so I’ll be able to have this for a while. The entire Molton Brown x Seabourn Collection is amazing. I highly recommend you check it out.
  • Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumizing Paste with Pure Rassoul Clay and Rose Extracts ($53 for 250 ml) is seriously an amazing volumizing past. You apply it to dry hair and scalp, add water and it foams up into a volumizing paste that feels airy and thick at the same time. It leaves the hair bouncy and full without any added weight.
  • Oribe Cleansing Creme for Moisture Control ($46 for 8.5 oz) isn’t shown because I’ve run out twice since moving to Florida. It was a favorite in California and is still a favorite here in Florida. I use this about 2 to 4x a week switching it out for regular shampoo/conditioner. It’s perfect to restore dry hair to a more natural balanced state.

Styling Sprays

  • Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo ($22 to $44) is something I keep in purse occasionally in the smaller size as a refresher. I wash my hair everyday, sometimes twice a day – it’s something I’ve always done and with the summer humidity I think it’s an absolute must. I tend to use dry shampoo as a refresher to absorb oil if I’ve been out for a while and don’t have time to go home to wash it (ie mid-day). There’s really nothing that will fix extreme humidity or wet hair from being rained on, but I find this is a pretty good fix to refresh hair. Back in San Diego there were occasions I did skip a day of washing here and there. This is my go-to for a dry shampoo. It doesn’t have a white cast and as someone with dark hair I really hate any that make my hair look dusty, ashy or grey.
  • MarulaOil Rare Oil Style Extending Primer ($30 for 130 ml) this is a primer spray that’s designed to extend the life of your hair styling. It smooths and primes the hair for heat styling. On me it works to detangle wet hair. I like the way it smells and it keeps hair looking smooth and frizz free all day even with humidity.
  • Christophe Robin Hydrating Leave-In Mist with Aloe Vera ($39 for 150 ml) is a light detangling spray with the most amazing natural soothing scent. It really does work well as a detangler. I have a slight preference for this over the MarulaOil one although they have a similar effect.

Oils and Creams

  • Shu Uemura Art of Hair Blow Dry Beautifier Thermo BB Serum ($39 for 150 ml) is another favorite right now. I reviewed this back in June alongside the BB Cream. Both are really good lightweight primers for heat styling or air drying. They help keep shape but in a natural looking way. If you’re familiar with Shu Uemura Art of Hair these both have a similar effect to the Satin Design Polishing Milk but have a lighter finish/feel. If you’re more of a spray person I’d recommend the Wonder Worker. You really can’t go wrong with any of them – they’ve all performed extremely well for me as multi-tasking preheat or post styling treatments. Right now I like the BB Serum the best.
  • Moroccanoil Treatment Light ($15 to $44 depending on size) is one of those versatile multi-taskers that great for anything. I can use this as a a styling or finishing product. I love both the regular and light version but for summer I’ve been loving this light one to add a natural shine. I can add it to clean towel-dried hair and just let it air dry. For heat treatment it helps protect the ends and keeps it looking nice and shiny.
  • Verb Ghost Oil ($14 for 2 oz) is another great lightweight oil. It smells fresh and light and won’t weigh down the hair. It comes with a pump (huge plus for me) and gives the hair a fluid soft sheen.
  • Ouai Rose Hair and Body Oil (miniature shown from Morning After Kit here and here, full size here) is something I reviewed a few months ago. I still love this for both body and hair. I like this on damp hair or on ends to add a bit of shine with a nice scent.

Hair Perfume

  • Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Universalis Hair Mist ($65 for 70 ml) is a beautiful hair perfume. After all these years of hair mists I still haven’t tried many as I’d rather just spray perfume in my hair. This has completely changed my outlook. This one is light and soft and alcohol-free. It’s a soft floral with a bit of citrus and musk and mists the hair in a fine veil of scent. Lasting power is quite good on me – I was able to smell it even in late afternoon.

In terms of styling tools, I still haven’t found a brush that I 100% love for function and looks. Right now I use a CHI Turbo Paddle Brush which I’ve had for years and is pretty worn down. If you have any ones you love let me know in the comments. For blow dryers my go-to’s are in this post and you can also see my hair type there as well.

That wraps up my summer hair care loves! What are your current favorites right now? If you can share your hair type as well that would be super helpful πŸ™‚ If you live in Florida or have traveled here for an extended time I’d love to hear what you’ve used or use while here!

Press samples include the Shu Uemura BB Serum, Maison Francis Kurkdjian Hair Mist, Christophe Robin Volumizing Paste, Christophe Robin Leave-In Mist, Molton Brown Seabourn Collection.


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  • Makeup Remastered

    Hi-nice selection! May I ask, is the CR volumising paste for everyday use.? Have you ever used Oribe volumising or Signature range. I’m a Kerastase user but looking for a change.

    • nic

      The Oribe volume shampoo is ok, just smells really good! Personally, with fine hair, I would not use the paste daily.

    • I’ve used the CR Paste daily since I got it to give it a thorough test, but I don’t think I would use it daily for a long period of time. It would simply be way to expensive for me to do that. I have tried the Oribe Volume range and think it’s just ok – not great. I didn’t regret buying it but didn’t repurchase.

      I’ve found a few nice things from Kerastase but keep switching it up.

      It’s been a while since I tried the Signature line so at this point unfortunately I don’t remember how it performed.

  • nic

    I really want the Molton Brown! I refuse to purchase without an ingredient deck. Is there any way you could post a picture of the shampoo and conditioner ingredients? Please and thank you. Humidity and heat does a mess on my mop! Somehow though, after living in Savannah for almost my whole life, I have gotten down to washing 2x a week. I have an oily scalp with very fine hair that grows like bamboo. I use no heat, barely any protein or silicone, lots of Christophe Robin prickly pear oil!

  • Suzanna

    Answering your Florida call with one word: HOPELESS. My hair is worse than a hot mess. I am sorry to say that Florida wreaks havoc on one’s hair. I try everything! So far, the best hair oil is Oribe Gold Lust, but I also use Ouai oil. I switch up shampoo/conditioner all the time. I do like Nexxus Therappe and Humectress, followed by Sebastian Drench and Tony and Guy (the one for “damaged” hair). The one product I cannot live without and use a couple of times a day is Alterna Caviar Rapid Repair Spray. I have to use seven (!!!) pumps to moisturize that terrible dryness. I cannot recommend this product highly enough!

    However, NOTHING helps when my hair really gets going. I end up with a mash of frizzy giant waves going in all directions, that are simultaneously dry AND sweaty (only in Florida!). I thought for my whole life that I had straight hair, until moving to Florida, and suddenly I have this mop going in all directions, like bad Big Eighties hair all over again :–(

    • LOLLL … yes sometimes this humidity for me is like why bother? I don’t think it’s quite as bad as many people have warned me … but maybe that’s because we went to Key West last winter where it was so humid, like next level humid. Tampa Bay is mild by comparison haha!

  • GraceMonaco

    Excuse the long post, but I have some specific experience with this issue. Sabrina, I feel your pain! I’ve lived in SW Florida for a little over a year and hair care is a challenge. Since I still travel to NY very frequently, I see the difference. In fact, one time I returned from a trip up north and my daughter said “your hair looks great, what did you do?” “Nothing,” I said “except washed it in NYC water.”

    Anyway, I have extremely thick, dry, highlighted hair and am significantly older than you. Since I swim every single day that I am in Florida, I wash it daily. I do wear a cap in the pool, but not in the ocean. I am currently finding the Kevin Murphy line (Australian brand) of shampoo & conditioner especially good. I do a mix of high end and drugstore because I go through product very rapidly. My favorite hair oil is Orofluido, but I supplement with Physicians Formula 100% Argan Oil. I also use a variety of hair masks 2 or 3 times a week because of the sun, salt and chlorine abuse. The Ouai and Christophe Robin masks are my splurge, but I recently purchased the Maui Moisture Heal & Hydrate mask from Walgreen’s and it’s very good. The Caviar line has 2 excellent leave-in products – CC Cream & the spray-on Moisture Milk. I rarely blow dry my hair here in the summer, but when I do I use Kenra’s blow dry spray. I use Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo and their Hair Spray because the smell is divine, but I also love Oribe’s Cote d’Azur Hair Refresher. It must be working because my hair stylist says my hair is in good shape with no visible signs of damage.

    • Suzanna

      Thanks for your recs, fellow Floridian! I am going to seek them out.

      Christophe Robin prickly pear has a very distinct smell to it that can be overpowering to me, especially if I get caught in the rain and my hair gets wet. It isn’t unpleasant in the least, just strong.

      • GraceMonaco

        LOL! I know that smell. BTW, my name is Suzanne so we have that in common too. Have been trying to change my name on this account and it won’t let me for some reason.

      • nic

        That smell drives me insane!

      • That is the one mask from his line where I wasn’t crazy for the scent, wasn’t a deal breaker but I can see how the rain + humid + scent mix might not go together.

    • Thank you Grace – had to LOL about the washed it in NYC water comment! Thanks for the Walgreens recs – I’m going to add them to my research/test list!

  • Trudi

    Leonor Greyl is my go-to for now, they are in France but have a USA website; The “Masque Quintessence Deep Conditioning Treatment Mask” is to die for at $145.00. You apply sparingly to dry hair before shampooing, or apply to damp hair after washing. Work thoroughly through the length and ends of the hair. Leave on for 10
    to 20 minutes ideally, then rinse well. It has transformed my short frizzy mess as we live in North Carolina whose weather mimics Florida’s humidity. I use her shampoo & daily conditioners for highlighted & colored hair. I changed hair lines many times since we moved to NC 5 years ago from San Diego too. I used the Moroccan line when they had a special at Nordstrom and that is just good, not great like Leonor Greyl performs. Oribe Gold Lust line is also good, not great. I have fallen in love with the Ouai Oil since you’ve reviewed it & use it after I style my hair for shine. I’ve been very disappointed in the Wonder Worker though from Shu Uemura, maybe because I have short hair that is highlighted. It probably works great for Virgin hair though like you have Sabrina. We have two different types of hair. Dry hair is the hardest to find products for, I think. What I wouldn’t give to go back to 27 years old with perfect long thick strawberry-blonde red hair, as those were the days of NO coloring until I was 30 and grey squeaked in. I had no choice but to color out the grey hair. Now, I celebrate my new grey hair with perfect cool blonde highlights along with Leonor Greyl products as even her hair spray is working great for me.

    • Ahhh I had a sample packet of the Leonor Greyl and gave it away to a friend. I’ll have to see if I can get another one to try!

      I feel the same as you about the Oribe Gold Lust – good, not great, but the Dry Shampoo is really pure love for me! So sorry to hear Wonder Worker didn’t work for you – but my hair does perform a lot differently when it’s short vs long.

      I’m going to have to start coloring soon. I’ve found some white ones start to sprout πŸ™

  • Emily Miklos

    Try the VERB brushes from Sephora. The blow dry brush and the detangling brush are excellent and very reasonably priced.

  • Christophe Robin has been such an intriguing brand to me – I recently tried their purifying scrub and absolutely love it! I’ve only used it a handful of times but it has completely changed the appearance of my hair! I definitely want to try more from the range and the volumizing paste sounds appealing!

    I’ve been gravitating towards more sulfate free hair products (even though that isn’t always possible), but Not Your Mother’s has been my brand of choice. It’s also very affordable and smells incredible!

    Cindy |