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Marc Jacobs Beauty Coconut Collection, Highliners and New Glosses

June 19, 2017

Marc Jacobs Coconut Collection Highliners New Glosses | The Beauty Look Book

Today I have a roundup of some new launches from Marc Jacobs Beauty. This year they’ve launched quite a few new things including a Coconut Collection with coconut-scented face products, new Highliners in a matte gel formula, and new shades of the Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquers. I reviewed one of the new glosses Skin Deep already in this post here, but thought I’d swatch it next to another newer shade I got in Rah Rah! which is a mini that I ordered as a Beauty Insider perk several months ago. The items I have been the most excited for are the Coconut O!Mega Bronzer and Coconut Gel Highlighter in Dew You? – unfortunately both have sold out online several times, even after restocking. I almost gave up on the bronzer but found it in New York earlier this spring. After I got back home to Tampa found it popped up several places online and also in my local Sephora stores. I am hoping they will restock both again because the coconut scent is to die for!

Up first is the Coconut Collection. I received an unexpected press package with four items but by the time I received it I had actually already bought the gel highlighter and bronzer. I also had the primer (when it originally launched, used it up, but never repurchased). So now I have a couple backups and am well stocked on coconut-scented items. I also received a mini setting spray as a Beauty Insider perk from months ago so I thought I’d review the entire collection here for those who haven’t tested it yet.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Coconut Collection | The Beauty Look Book

Shown above is the:

Below is a closer look at three of the new items. The Coconut Gel Highlighter in Dew You? was previously reviewed and swatched in my spring highlighter edit. It’s a light gold gel highlighter that has a quick dry down with a light golden sheen. It’s very concentrated so I like to dab a little with my fingers as the finishing touch where I want to add a bit of a highlight. The O!Mega Bronzer Coconut Perfect Tan in Tan-Tastic! is a really good soft matte bronzer that doesn’t oxidize on the skin. It’s slightly cooler than the Tantric version. Both have a super smooth finish and look very natural on the skin. I usually prefer a little shimmer in bronzers because matte ones tend to look muddy or darken on me but both of these are really among the best in terms of matte options. The Bronzer Brush is so soft and plush – I love the white packaging although if you already have the original one they perform exactly the same.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Coconut Collection | The Beauty Look Book

Swatches below also shown next to the Marc Jacobs Beauty Spotlight Glow Stick, O!Mega Bronzer in Tantric which is warmer (on the face here), and Air Blush in Flesh and Fantasy (reviewed here). If you already have the Spotlight Glow Stick I don’t think you need both – they have a similar effect, unless you want something to mix into foundation then the drops make more sense for that purpose. Also the Dew You drops have that amazing coconut smell, but color-wise they look very similar on my skin.

The Under(Cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer is one of the nicest primers I’ve used. It is a hydrating formula that smooths the face and primes it well for foundation. I’ve never been a huge fan of primer so if I buy one I tend to use it up but rarely repurchase. This one did work for me to help extend the wear of foundation. It has a light refreshing feel with a hydrating finish. I do think it’s better suited for normal to dry skin. I’ll be testing out more primers with this humidity but for now I’m perfectly happy with my moisturizer, sunscreen + foundation and powder without adding an additional layer.

The (Re)Cover Perfecting Coconut Setting Mist shown below is a mini that I got as a Beauty Insider Perk. The first few times I used it I thought the misting pump was defective but I read the reviews online and many said to use it as the instructions indicated which is to press down on the top COMPLETELY for a super fine mist. If you spritz it like a regular spray, the mist that comes out is uneven resulting in a splotchy application. If you press down all the way the mist does comes out in a super fine even spritz. This is another hydrating product designed to “revive your glow” and I found it very hydrating – probably one of the most hydrating mists I’ve ever tried. Since I don’t have super dry skin I found it too moisturizing for me. I do think this will be good for in flight since my skin tends to dry out during travel. I’ll keep this one in my travel bin for our next trip. I think our instinct is to do a quick spray when it comes to face mists – the packaging on this one is actually pretty well designed, but not really intuitive unless you read the directions on how to spray it. If you have this one and thought it had a defective nozzle give it another try and let me know what you think.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Coconut Primer and Setting Spray | The Beauty Look Book

Up next are two Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquers. Rah Rah! is a new shade that I got as a mini beauty insider perk a while back. It looks like a light apricot peach and the pigment is sheer to medium, but on my lips it transforms into a milky almost pinkish color. Your mileage will definitely vary depending on your lip tone. Since I have slightly pigmented lips this looks more pink than peach on my lips. Skin Deep was reviewed here. I’m completely obsessed with this one! There’s more coverage with these two compared to the first round of gloss colors that were launched. In case you missed it, all the original shades reviewed and swatched here. I did side by side comparisons below of what I thought might be similar.Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Lacquer Rah Rah! Skin Deep | The Beauty Look Book Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Lacquer | The Beauty Look Book

Last but not least are some of the Highliner Gel Eye Crayons. Earlier this year they launched a matte version. These are really under-rated. They’re gel pot liners in pencil form and truly last a long time without smudging or fading. They have a lot of fun edgy colors but I usually only wear bronze or brown (yes, boring but it’s what works for me). Swatched below are the colors I’ve worn and tried. My favorite is Brown(Out). I may have put the parentheses in the wrong places for the labels but I double checked the names and they’re all labeled correctly. Huge thumbs up for their lasting power. I’ve had and used up RoCoco before and really liked the formula. Make sure you cap them tightly though because they can dry out a little at the tips.

Marigold is a bright shimmery yellow gold, Rococo is a shimmery taupe brown, Brownie is a matte warm brown, Brownout is a deep shimmering brown, Earthquake is a matte deep brown, Irony is a matte grey black.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliners | The Beauty Look Book Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliners Swatched | The Beauty Look Book

Below a quick look with:

Marc Jacobs Beauty Coconut Collection | The Beauty Look Book Marc Jacobs Beauty Coconut Collection | The Beauty Look Book

Bottom line if you can find the Tan-Tastic Coconut Bronzer, get it. To date there are very few matte bronzers that work for me. Tom Ford Terra (small size is still the original color/formula), Benefit Hoola and Benefit Hoola Lite are the best ones in my experience for powders. Otherwise most darken or look muddy on my skin. I’m a huge bronzer addict and most of the time I need either a cream or if it’s a powder I need at least a tiny bit of shimmer. Marc Jacobs also makes great matte ones so I highly recommend you try either one.

The Primer and Mist are good if you have normal to dry skin. If you’re like me and have normal to combo skin you may find them a bit too moisturizing, especially with warm weather for the summer time.

If you’re in search of an eyeliner that stays put I highly recommend you check out the Highliners. And final thought is if you can splurge on a bronzer brush, the Marc Jacobs Bronzer brush is one of the softest fluffiest ones I’ve ever tried. Definitely worth checking out if it’s in your budget.

You can find Marc Jacobs Beauty at Sephora, Neiman Marcus and online at Marc Jacobs Beauty. I’m hoping they will restock the bronzer and dew drops! If you’ve tried these let me know what you thought 🙂

Marc Jacobs Beauty items featured in this post sent courtesy of Marc Jacobs Beauty for review. I did also purchase the Bronzer and Dew Drops separately from Sephora. Skin Deep Lip Gloss also purchased by me from Sephora.


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  • Carolina Pereira

    I’m saying this for months, but I have to buy the liquid highlighter, it’s gorgeous!

  • The Skin Deep gloss looks gorgeous! I think I’m going to go ahead and purchase that one.

    • Thanks! It’s a really nice one.

      • Alix

        It looks like it has a distinct pink tone to it — or is that just my monitor?

        • It’s a neutral nude pink – since I’ve gotten more tan, colors look different on me now. If you’re fair to medium it will probably look more neutral, if you’re tan like me it will pull a bit more pink.

  • the bronzer is so pretty!!

  • Katka Prazmova Pivarci

    I want to try the primer so bad but I don’t like coconut smell on beauty products…😩

    • Oh no! It’s not super strong or too sweet – hope you can test in person at a store!

  • xchibiox .

    The Highliners sound like a great product. Definitely will have to check them out.

  • Rosie Rayos

    The bronzer looks so natural and beautiful on your skin tone! It’s too bad I can’t find the bronzer anywhere online or any my local Sephoras 🙁

  • Charli Griffith

    I couldn’t decide on whether to get the bronzer or not and now it’s sold out ;( Hopefully they will make it permanent. This was a great review! Thank you!

    • I’m hoping they will at least restock before the summer is over.

  • Petunia

    The coconut primer is on my list! I would love a roundup of humidity proof makeup cuz I am heading to the southeast soon. Please 🙂

    • So far depending on how heavy the humidity is – nothing is really humidity proof unfortunately on certain days. I do like a good lightweight base like NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint or the Diorskin Dream Cushion. For mascara I swear by the Tom Ford Extreme Waterproof. For eyemakeup if you like shimmer the MILK Pigments are pretty budge-proof. For now I hope this helps!

      • Petunia

        Yes I guess nothing would be humidity proof- lol. I am loving my Diorskin Dream Cushion. I add a light dusting of powder in my T zone. I will have to check out the TF mascara and MILK Pigments. Thanks!

  • Noel

    I have the oiliest eyelids, if I put eyeliner on my waterline or at the outer corners of my eyes it will migrate all over the place. I’ve tried so many eyeliners in my time and the Marc Jacobs liners are the only ones that do not move! I love them some much, Urban Decay’s 24/7 liners have nothing on those.

  • Such a gorgeous collection of products! The primer sounds amazing! x

    Millie |

  • Suzanna

    The primer tester bottle was empty at the Sephora I visited yesterday. I have not been a big fan of this line so far, to be honest, with its too-yellow foundations and dry lipsticks. The coconut collection appealed to me and I will seek it out again at another location. You look amazing in these products, by the way!

  • Lea Ann Pringle

    Sabrina you look absolutely gorgeous! Love your Uber long hair!

  • Gina Swartzendruber

    For once, I went with my first inclination and bought the Marc Jacobs bronzer and brush when it first came out. I’m so glad I did! I think I’ll take your advice and try a few of the Highliners. I gave up on finding a pencil liner that didn’t smudge years ago, but the Highliners sound promising, Would you say Earthquake and Brownout are similar enough that I don’t need both? I’ve got both in my cart along with Rococoa and it doesn’t seem like three brown eyeliners are necessary…but then again, maybe they are!? Thank you for your beautiful, thoughtful blog. I look forward to reading every post!

    • Hi Gina,

      Yes I would say Earthquake and Brownout are similar – it’s hard to tell in the swatch because of the flash but Earthquake is a matte while Brownout has a bit of shimmer. And yes Rococo is very similar to both of those as well, so I would only pick one.

      Glad you have the Coconut bronzer and brush!


      • Gina Swartzendruber

        Glad I asked! Thank you!