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Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Luminous Blush

May 6, 2016

Becca’s latest is the new Shimmering Skin Perfector Luminous Blush ($34 each for 6 g / 0.2 oz). There are six bright colorful shades – all with impressive pigment, smooth blendable textures and the most beautiful luminous glow that I have ever seen. Blush is one of my favorite beauty products because I think it’s the one thing that can really give the face life by adding a bit of color – the Luminous Blushes from Becca are extremely unique in formula. They are almost creamy even though they are clearly powders. One swipe gives impressive pigment which usually would scare me but even if you accidentally pop on too much with the first swipe, the color is super easy to blend out or buff out for a smooth glow. With so many pigmented blushes you have to apply with a very light hand because the pigment adheres to the skin upon impact. I would say the same thing applies with the Becca – apply with a lighter hand and layer for the desired intensity, but I was really impressed with how easy to blend they are, but even after you blend the blushes still maintain their color and pigment without fading away.

Some of the blushes themselves appear to have a fine mist of overspray which makes them look very glowy in the pan brand new. The overspray is very fine – almost transparent because once it’s removed you still see the same color of blush underneath, just not as much sparkle. I noticed it with Camellia – the lightest option. At first glance it’s a gasp-worthy baby pink, but the sparkle had me worried that it would emphasize pores, make me look like a disco ball, and just be a pale frosty pink. I was relieved to find it was simply an overspray and underneath was a soft luminous baby pink.

The blushes seem to be a hybrid of blush and highlighter. You can easily wear them alone as a blush because they all have enough color and pigment (how I’ve been playing with them for the most part). But the texture and shimmer make them have that highlighter feel where you can layer them on top of other products. I tried layering a few over bronzer and regular blush – but I found them so pigmented that layering almost covers the underneath product entirely. I think layering lighter shades over bronzer in general works to add color because I do that with most blushes anyways (bronzer adds warmth to my skin as a soft contour). The darker ones like Dahlia and Blushed Copper seemed to just take over whatever was underneath.

Lasting power is very good – they stay put from morning to late afternoon. They have a soft almost creamy feel but are clearly powders. As long as you don’t apply too much they don’t darken on the skin. Even though these are all shimmery they did not emphasize pores or emphasize imperfections.

A closer look at all the colors plus two looks:

All swatched with an eyeshadow brush:

Camellia is a shimmering soft ballerina pink with fine gold shimmer. It’s almost a baby pink in the compact but on the skin it adds more color and life in a soft brightening way.

Swatched heavy and then blended, you can still blend out the color more for a sheerer look:

Foxglove is an orchid pink color with cool tones. It has a cool-toned shimmer so on my face/olive complexion it pulls very cool but is still very wearable. It goes well with lip colors like MAC So Select, Brave or Mehr or any mauvey tones.

Tigerlily is a bright orange gold shimmer. I was worried this might be very orange on the skin but I’m always surprised by bright orangey blushes. They add life to the complexion in unexpected ways that is actually very wearable – especially when layered with other shades like pink or bronze.

Blushed Copper is one of the most shimmer shades. I would say it’s borderline a frost color. It’s a stunning shimmering coppery bronze kind of shade that is medium to deep and extremely pigmented. The color is easy to blend though and out of all six colors I think this is the most unique.

Dahlia is another medium-deep color. It’s a shimmering reddish plum with slightly warm tones. I usually stay far far away from colors like these. They often look harsh on my skin and give me that almost punched face look or sunburn look. On the face I have to apply this with a light and and blend a lot – a tiny little bit goes a very long way. I’m still experimenting with this one but for my comfort level this is bolder and deeper than I usually go for the cheeks.

Snapdragon is a bright coral pink with gold shimmer. This is easily my favorite because the color is so bright and cheerful. It’s like spring in a blush compact. The texture is very smooth but it’s on the extremely pigmented side so for this one I recommend applying with a light hand. It pulls warm but I suspect it will work well with a wide range of skin tones to add life to the face.

In both photos for the base I’m wearing:

One last look:

Bottom line is believe the hype – they are really that good. I think these are really phenomenal in terms of color selection, pigment, luminosity and blendability. The colors have enough pigment to show up on a wide range of skin tones, including deeper ones. A quick search on Instagram with #luminousblush or the @beccacosmetics tag will show a number of swatches others have done. These show up on light, medium and deep tones – although of course they will look different depending on your skin tone, I think it’s impressive how pigmented these are.

I think all the colors are wearable. For me the only color I can’t see myself wearing on a regular basis is Dahlia because it’s out of my comfort zone and a bit deeper thank what I’m used to. I really like this formula of blush so I hope they expand the color selection in the future. I would personally die to see these in a shimmering beige or nude color (or variations of nudes like their Ombre Nudes Eyeshadow Palettes but for the cheeks instead). If I were pressed to pick my favorites, they would be Camellia, Tigerlily, Snapdragon and Blushed Copper.

You can find the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Luminous at Sephora, Ulta Beauty and Becca Cosmetics. They retail for $34 each.

Have you tried these yet? If not, what’s your favorite blush of the moment?

Many thanks to Becca for sending these for review. I’m in blush heaven right now.

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  • I'm sure you could pull off dahlia with a light hand and a fan brush!

    • Thanks! I really think most can pull it off – it's so pigmented, it's one of those colors I think is easy for me to overdo!

  • These look incredible! I love Champagne Pop and the formula is amazing so I need to get my hands on some of these blushes xo

    • The more I play with Champagne Pop the more I love it, yes you need to try one of the blushes soon!

  • These are so beautiful ! Great swatches girl !

  • Cheryl

    Beautiful as usual, Sabrina! Thank you! I just ordered Camellia and Snapdragon.

  • These look so beautiful!!! I love your swatches!! <3 Lovely post!

    Amelia |

    • Thank you Amelia – did you try any yet?

  • Anonymous

    I love foxglove – the color is lovely and it is a favorite flower of mine. These blush names are all adorable.
    Have a nice weekend.

    • I agree – the names are so fun!

  • Anonymous

    How does the shimmer in this product compare to the shimmer in Tom Ford Bicoastal blush? thank you

    • Hmmm .. the pale side of Bicoastal is shimmery, probably about the same shimmer as these blushes while the deeper side of Bicoastal is more satiny, so that one is less shimmery than the Becca blushes.

      If you mix both sides of the TF, I would say it has less visible shimmer than the Becca, but the TF is still shimmery on the skin if that makes sense.

  • I'm waiting to lose the giveaways that becca is doing until Sunday to have an excuse to purchase some of these myself XD. Great swatches and I really appreciate the face swatches pictures, it helps me having a more accurate idea of how the product would look on me. I'm really bad at picking from arm swatches, although it's what I usually stare, mouth watering, for many hours a week πŸ™‚

    • I think they're really pretty – did you check Temptalia's blog? She always has the best arm, detail, blended and face swatches.

  • Dahlia is really catching my eye…the problem is that I'd most likely over apply and look like a clown. lol Camellia looks like a safer choice for my skin but still…maybe if I try out dahlia I can make it work. Becca is putting out some really lovely products!

    • I feel the same way! I think it's workable as long as you blend. I'm still worried about overdoing it. Camellia is definitely the safest choice but it's still bright on the skin.

      Hopefully you have a Sephora or Ulta near you to try in person first?

  • wow tigerlily on you! love the lip and gaze combo <3

  • These look fabulous…..especially Daliah, Foxglove and Snapdragon. They've just arrived at Cult Beauty in UK and I think I'd like to try this range. Xx

  • ame

    Snapdragon has been screaming my name, but I am trying SO HARD to resist.

    How shimmery are they on the skin?

  • Love this collection! BECCA have nailed it with texture and shade range. There is something for everyone to look forward to. On a different note, I think BECCA is upping their game with releases like this and not solely depending on the famous highlighters.

  • I absolutely adore this blush. I'm in the NW45ish range and usually use about 2-3 layers (of Snapdragon and Tiger Lilly) and it's just gorgeous. This is the first product ever where I have wanted every single color. Dahlia will be my next purchase.

  • I love Dahlia type colors for winter trips – give you that just come in from the cold pink.

    Have you seen Wayne Goss's youtube video on 5 ways to apply blush. You might enjoy it and learn a way that would let you more confidently play with some of these colors.