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Edward Bess Black Sea Extreme Cover Cream

September 4, 2014

I have quite a few things to share with you from Edward Bess. Mark your calendars for this Friday evening because he will have his first 1 hour show on QVC September 5th at 9 PM EST. There will quite a few new items he will be featuring during his show and I’m thrilled to be able to share some of them with you as a preview.

First up is his Black Sea Extreme Cover Cream with Expert Retouch Brush. This was initially launched earlier at the beginning of the year on QVC (video segment still available online). It’s one of those things I dove into immediately and fell in love with, I should have reviewed it months ago, it’s been on my to-do list for quite some time. The Extreme Cover Cream is a full coverage creamy concealer with intense but blendable pigment. They are packaged in small pots with a twist off cap that locks into place to seal the product completely. There is also a brush included. These cover up areas on the face flawlessly and completely. The texture is on the medium-to-thick side so blending is key, but it is very easy to blend. You only need a little bit to get full coverage. No packing on needed.

Rouge Louboutin on the nails
Below is the Light shade shown with the brush, you can see the pots are quite small with a medium-sized brush that has a wide head and flat tip:

The Extreme Cover Cream comes in four shades: Light, Medium, Tan and Deep. I was worried I wouldn’t find a good match due to the limited shade selection, but Medium is a perfect match for me.

Swatched with a small concealer brush, one swipe each shade shows how rich the pigment is:

Here are the ingredients:

Close up of the Medium shade I use to show the texture:

I like the way the brush works to blend the product but since the pots are on the small side and pigment is really intense, I prefer to apply with a smaller concealer brush (like Chanel #10) and then blend out with a Beauty Blender. I know many of my readers are experts on different concealers and know a lot more than I do. I am super picky with concealers, the ones I’ve tried during makeovers or received mini GWPs of often disappoint. They either disappear completely on my skin once blended or look cakey. Until this year I have never really had a need for extensive concealer use. For several years, I have exclusively used two: Clé de Peau Beauté and By Terry Touche Veloutée. This year is the year my skin has acted up and had all sorts of flare ups and issues. So I’ve started using the concealers more. I’ve been using Edward Bess’s Extreme Cover Cream since around March for times I really need full coverage.

It’s ultra creamy and pigmented so I only need a little. It has an emollient texture that makes it blend flawlessly. I always set with a powder and find it stays put all day without budging, but the key is to not use too much. It covers imperfections completely and is also good under the eye (it doesn’t cake but you need to make sure you set it with powder).

For reference, swatches of Light and Medium next to a few other foundations and concealers I own:

It’s bottom line love. It blends out perfectly on my medium olive skin and gives full coverage to areas when I need it. It does have a smooth finish (which is a must for me) although if you have skin texture issues, your skin’s texture will still show through underneath. I only use this on spots that need extra coverage and it layers very nicely over foundation. Since it’s extremely intense I won’t use a lot under the eyes, just an extra tiny dab on days I need evening out is all I need. The shade selection is limited, so you may not fall under the four color options. I hope Edward will expand the shade offerings eventually. The brush is nicely made and also works well to blend out cream products, but it’s a bit large for me for this particular cream. For concealer I prefer using a smaller detail brush.
You can find the Edward Bess Black Sea Extreme Cover Cream now on QVC. There is a video from February’s QVC segment to show it’s applied. I hope it makes another appearance on Friday’s show too!

The Extreme Cover Cream was provided by Edward Bess for review consideration. 

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  • Wow nice products.

  • I love love love EB! Thank you for this review! I have some redness around my nose and I am always on the lookout for a good, long lasting product to even my skin tone in that area. xo

  • I bought this to use around my nose during allergy season and I much prefer it to Laura Mercier's excellent coverup because it has a smoother texture that is easier to blend out. So, bring on the ragweed, bring on the mold spores! I've got my EB coverup and no one will ever know I've been blowing my nose 24/7 LOL I must admit, I don't use the included brush. I prefer my Marc Jacob's concealer brush because it is smaller and better suited to the type of concealing I do. I'd imagine, though, that if I wanted to cover a larger area, the EB brush would be the one to use. I very seldom bother with concealer under my eyes and so I haven't tried it there. For under eye, I use my TF stick foundation when I'm looking tired or under the weather. As we get older, less is more.

    I don't often watch QVC's Friday beauty presentations, but I'll definitely be watching Edward's. There are lots of new goodies and, of course, it is always a pleasure to see the charming Edward.

  • Tempting! I don't think I've found my HG concealer yet, so I don't mind looking around. I'm hoping this will be available on Beautybay at some point, since that's the easiest way for me to lay my hands on the brand. Thanks for the review!

  • I have never even heard of this but I definitely try it out. I'm using the Cle de Peau concealer at the moment and loving it but I would love to get my hands on this. Thanks for the review!!

  • So do you like this better than the Cle de Peau?

  • The tan tone looks incredible for my type of skin. I hope I can find this in Argentina!!!
    Lots of love, xx