Diptyque Violette & Genevrier Candles

October 20, 2013

This year I’ve started to venture beyond my go-to staples and explore more home fragrance scents from a variety of brands. My two latest discoveries from Diptyque include Violette and the new Genevrier candles ($60 each for 6.5 oz, approximately 60 hours burn time). Both are very different from what I’m normally drawn to but my husband has great taste when it comes to home fragrance so I asked him to help me pick out a few at our local Nordstrom. I’ve burned both separately so far and love them both. They make beautiful accent pieces around the home.



is a soft but warm-smelling floral. I’m always drawn to violet scents
but whenever I test them, they turn quite powdery on me (not in a good
way). Diptyque Violette is more like a true floral and has a subtle
sweet quality that is quite soothing and soft. I’m not a huge fan of
florals but this one was recommended by so many readers I knew I had to
check it out. I think it is quite lovely. The scent is soft but still
quite strong with good throw. If you don’t like florals though you most
likely won’t like this one – it’s a true floral.

Violette pictured with the Diptyque wick trimmer and matches, both were gift with purchases during the last Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Genevrier is one of two new releases from Diptyque. I thought I would prefer Noisetier (hazelnut) but ended up loving Genevrier (juniper) instead.
Genevrier is a woody green kind of scent. It smells just like juniper
with a forest-like feel. It’s not quite as green as Henri Bendel’s White
Spruce (usually released during the holiday). Genevrier has a more
earthy quality with a slight mix of a mint. It feels very clean and
fresh smelling. The scent strength is medium. It is definitely a
fall-holiday scent. In Southern California it’s still warm but as the
weather cools I think this one will be perfect.

More around the home:

Above tray from West Elm in Silver Lacquer, also shown the Diptyque Roses in the 2.4 oz version

My most frequently burned candle favorites include Diptyque Baies, Diptyque Figuier, Jo Malone Lime Basil and Mandarin, Henri Bendel Pomegranate, Henri Bendel Vanilla Bean and Henri Bendel Fig. I tend to like sweeter creamy scents but have found florals and woody scents to be quite amazing for the home. Both Violette and Genevrier are lovely additions to our home. I can see us both re-purchasing once burned through.

I usually purchase my Diptyque at Nordstrom and Barneys but the brand is also available at a number of Diptyque Boutiques and other retailers worldwide.

What are your favorite home fragrances? Do you like candles, diffusers or sprays?

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  • I'm a Yankee Candle kinda girl and my favorite scents vary throughout the year; in the Fall I really like…baking scents, winter I really like clean and crisp scents and summer/spring I really like fruity scents!

  • I like smoky and dark scents in the winter- like Diptyque Feu de Bois, but I would really like to try out their diffuser and see how it compares to burning candles re: how much scent lingers.

  • They look and smell very nice but I just can't fathom spending that much on a candle. I love the White Barn and Wooding Burning Fireplace candles from Bath and Body Works and there are some great candle holders that hide that generic packaging.

  • Anonymous

    I really like Diptyque Violette candle too! Seeing you have the travel size Rose candle, I recommend burning them together – will make your room smell like English garden!

  • Hi Sabrina,

    What a fun post! I was just sniffing down the Diptyque candle display yesterday. Both Diptyque Genevrier and Noisetier are seasonally delightful scents; I think I'm slightly partial to the hazelnut, though the mellow juniper was nice too.

    The one classic candle I'm hoping to add to my collection is Diptyque GardΓ©nia, as I'm fond of the flowers' fragrant white blooms πŸ™‚

  • I had picked up both Genevrier and Noisetier when they first came out–I've been trying to expand my candle horizons, too. I thought I was going to hate Noisetier–until I burned it. Now I love it. It smells really different in the box, but when you start burning it, it smells perfect for fall.

  • I almost bought Genevrier a couple days ago, but just couldn't pull the trigger on a $60 candle!


  • I love Diptyque's Violette! Your photos are beautiful πŸ™‚

  • Lynne

    When I want to burn through money (pun intended), I go for the Rigaud candles: Cypres in the winter, the Tournesol pretty much anytime, as well as most of the other fragrances available. Expensive but amazing, full, sexy scents. Otherwise, I love the Voluspa line – huge product range to suit every taste, incredibly well-priced and beautiful fragrances.

  • Out of curiosity, have you tried the Cire Trudon candles? They're truly lovely.