Diptyque Minä Perhonen Collaboration: Joie, Ciel and Infini

July 12, 2013
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Diptyque has collaborated with Minä Perhonen to release new special-edition candles inspired by poems written by Akira Minagawa. There are three scents each encased in a beautifully designed white brushed glass jar. The three Diptyque Minä candles are Joie, Ciel and Infini ($65 each). The scents are lighter than most Diptyque candles are. I wasn’t quite sure how these would burn since I’m not typically a fan of airy florals when it comes to home fragrance but am happy to report they burn quite beautifully – both individually, or all three at the same time.

Joie is a floral described  as “a fresh floral fragrance, bucolic and delicate, with dewy and aromatic notes.” It’s a lovely fresh soft floral, not overpowering. It almost has that baby-skin feeling to the scent due to the delicate nature. It’s both refreshing and soothing.

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Ciel is classified as an herbal scent described as “ice vapor, iris powder, sweet dew, an enveloping and nostalgic fragrance.” To me this doesn’t quite fit the herbal category. It’s a soft airy fragrance with a hint of licorice. This one is calming.


Infini is described as woody, “recalls an association of woods, incense, and spices, for a mystic fragrance.” There is a green-ness to this scent. It reminds me of GAP’s heaven and dream scents (from the 90s) mixed together. It has an earthy but fresh linen-like feel.

Some decor and desktop photos of each candle, they make lovely accent pieces for the home. I love re-using the jars for brush or pen holders after they finish burning.

 Above tray by West Elm

I found mine at Nordstrom (gift with purchase going on online) and also spotted them at Barneys NY in Beverly Hills. I love each one, although my favorite is Joie. These are limited-edition, if you can get to your local Diptyque store or counter soon to smell in person I recommend it.

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  • Sigh… someday I'll invest in a Diptyque candle. They look amazing.
    xx http://enzaessentials.wordpress.com

  • Vanessa

    Did you find that the throw was as good as the other Diptyque candles? Did the scent linger afterward?

    • Hi Vanessa – I found Joie and Infini to have the same strength in scent as other Diptyques, but with a softer touch. Ciel wasn't quite as strong due to the softness of the scent overall but you can still smell it throughout a large-sized room. Hope this helps!

  • I have got Joie as well! 😉

  • These look lovely! I've not tried a Diptyque candle before but I've been so tempted. Really helpful post.


  • Anonymous

    Excellent post! THank you for the informative details! Will be getting a set this weekend!
    Quick question – in the photo below the one of your West Elm Tray is what appears to be a Chanel notecard with a lighthouse — as a huge fan of light houses and of Chanel — is that stationery (which I have never seen) or . . . something else? It is FANTASTICALLY CUTE!

    THank you for the wonderful post!