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Chanel Perfection Lumière Foundation in Beige 30

October 21, 2011

This is the year of new foundations and I love all the different formulas, textures and finishes companies have developed and released this year. After my trusty Teint Innocence was discontinued I’ve been searching for my new holy grail replacement for a liquid/cream formula. I don’t know that I’ve found a replacement for it, but I have fallen in love with different formulas, textures and brands. What I’ve discovered this year: Koh Gen Do’s Aqua Foundation, Dolce & Gabbana’s Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation (review coming soon), Edward Bess Compact Sheer Satin Cream Compact Foundation (review coming soon, but I’ve already used up one compact), Guerlain Lingerie de Peau and the latest, Chanel’s new Perfection Lumière.
Perfection Lumière ($55) is a long-wear fluid foundation with SPF10. It applies beautifully with a brush or a sponge with a medium-to-full coverage flawless satin-matte finish. Originally I thought it would be replacing the recently discontinued Pro Lumière but Perfection Lumière is actually quite different (it’s not as moist or heavy-feeling on the skin). I found the detailed reviews from RaeViewer and Cafe Makeup to be tremendously useful and I urge you to visit their blogs. I am darker in skintone than Cafe Makeup but lighter than RaeViewer. Here are my personal thoughts:

Application: Perfection Lumière comes with a convenient pump and applies with smooth even coverage. I found application with the Chanel Foundation Brushes (Original and New Versions in the US) was easy and goof-proof. I do however prefer a sponge, but since sponges soak up more foundation product faster, I’ve started to apply foundation with the brush and then smooth out any streaks or uneven areas with the sponge.

Finish: The finish of Perfection Lumière is matte but not quite a full matte. I find it a bit more satiny with a dry finish. Powder is not needed at all. I still always finish with a powder or powder foundation, but I did wear the new Perfection Lumière without powder on several occasions and it lasted all day. I agree with others that as your skin warms up and the foundation sets that it becomes slightly less matte compared to when you first apply.

Coverage: I would rate this as a medium-full coverage foundation, leaning more towards the full side. It really evens out the skin completely – it’s like magic. It’s not quite as thick as concealer, but the closest thing I think I’ve found – without looking too fake or cakey. I feel that I need a bit more of a moisturized base to get the best application. I actually like layering it over Koh Gen Do’s Aqua Foundation for areas that need a bit more coverage.

Color Selection: I’m always in the Beige range for Chanel. I swiped Beige 30 and 40 on the back of my hand and felt there was a bit of a gap. If I were to pick my perfect shade I would be right in between. I went with Beige 30 because as my skin warms up it adjusts and darkens slightly. Also with summer over I know my skin will lighten in the next few months. Beige 30 seemed to be the best choice for me.
Overall thoughts: Even though I couldn’t get an exact match, Beige 30 is still very close to my skintone. Overall I give this a huge thumbs up. I love that you don’t need powder to set and that it truly lasts all day while still feeling weightless on the skin. Even though the coverage is full your skin can still breathe. I didn’t experience any breakouts, irritation or sliding off the face. I love that Chanel released three different color families this time. I think more women will have a better chance of finding a good match.

A few packaging and shade comparisons within the Chanel Foundation line. Although the shades look quite different, they all are good matches once blended out on the skin. I do feel that Teint Innocence in Shell is a bit dark for me these days though so I’ve been mixing it with Cameo.

Have you tried the new Chanel Perfection Lumière Foundation? Did you find that your usual Chanel shade was a good choice in this formula?

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  • Wonderful, thorough review!
    I purchased this in Beige 40 and found it to be a bit too yellow/dark, I think I will step down to the Beige 30.
    The foundation also smells very nice, reminded me of their HydraMax moisturizer from their skincare line.

  • Great review! Looking forward to my bottle in the mail, I ordered off Amazon because we won't be getting this product in Canada until who knows when.

  • I got BA54…it might be a teeny bit dark for me, but it's the best match I have gotten so far. Loving the foundation 🙂

  • Thanks for your review… I tried Beige 40 which at first was a good match, but after like half an hour, it turned a bit dark for me… thanks it was a sample, so I got Beige 30 which is a really good match.

  • How does it photograph? Does it give you a white cast because of the SPF that's in the founadtion?

  • I got a sample of this new foundation and I'm loving it! What I find most amazing is that I don't need to re-powder my forehead all day. I was going to try and wait until I'd finished my Vitalumiere Aqua, which I have two of!, but I don't think I can. Love your reviews, by the way. I have a little Chanel and designer obsession myself 🙂

  • I got this just a few days ago and have been wearing it since. I do feel indeed that it's more a full coverage version of Vitalumiere Aqua (which I love) than a replacement for Pro Lumiere. And I love the new smell!
    Too bad my country doesn't have the whole range, so I had to pick Beige 20 even though I'm B10 in VA, it's a bit on the dark side but I can still work with it.

  • i love this foundation and it IS like magic. it's definitely my new HG medium-full coverage foundation that i've been enjoying for the fall.

    i still powder my t-zone though out of habit but i would agree with you that it doesn't really need powdering to set.

  • Eileen

    I have this lovely satin-matte foundation in BR12 which is the lightest of the rose toned shades. I stopped wearing Vitalumière when my complexion lightened a bit, making the lightest shade, Ivoire, too yellow and dark for my fair skin. BR12; however, has the right undertone and is just about perfect.

    I have dry, mature skin and have had no difficulty with this foundation. It glides on smoothly over Chanel's Essentiel SPF 50 which is moisturizing rather than mattifying. I've been using my fingers to apply it, starting in the middle of my face and then blending outward per Chanel's direction's. It gives a lovely glow of good health that lasts the entire day. For a bit more luminosity, I very lightly sweep Guerlain's Météorites over it.

    Anyone contemplating this foundation should try a shade lighter as well as the shade they think they'll need. Upon application, PL appears lighter and more matte than it will appear after it has had some time to settle. You really need about 20 minutes to see the true color on your skin. After that, what you see is what you've got–for the entire day 🙂

    Hi Joyce,

    PL only has a very modest SPF 10. As long as you're wearing the correct shade for your skin, whether or not you get a white cast in photos will depend on the sunscreen you're using under it.

  • I am desperate to try this foundation. My problem is that Chanel foundations are always too dark for me.
    I am an NC15/NARS Siberia- do you think with the new shade families there may be a shade light enough for my pale skin?

  • Anonymous

    I want vitalumiere aqua !!!! but in my country , we don´t have de fairest colours …

  • I can't wait to try this in person. I think this is the only high end foundation that may come in my color.

  • Eileen

    Hi Tara,

    B10 (beige) and BR12 (beige rose) are lighter than any previous shades Chanel has released. Chanel greatly expanded the PL range of colors to include shades both lighter and darker than are available in their other foundations.

  • Eileen, thank you for chiming in about the color selection! Not being anywhere close to MAC NC15, I never really know how to answer shade questions for fair skin.

  • I ran out & bought this right after it released. I used it for a week and loved the finish and wear – my skin looked flawless. But after about 5 days in, I noticed I was breaking out in my t-zone. I usually only get hormonal breakouts so I knew this wasn't normal. I ended up returning the foundation and within about 10 days I finally have my skin back. Kinda sad this didn't work for me. 🙁

  • That's a great review, very helpful!!! Sounds like this could be a great foundation for skintypes that are prone to oiliness or breakouts!
    I think I may need to give it a go once my YSL Teint Resist runs out!


  • I got a sample of this, as well as Lancome Teint Miracle and Teint Idole, and this is the best, hands-down. I can't feel it's on and it smells lovely and blends in quickly with my Sephora Airbrush #55. My first Chanel foundation and I'm so happy they're worth the price and hype <3

  • Kat

    How do you think this compares to Mat Lumiere? ML was the last Chanel foundation I purchased and it was just o-k. I find ML to be quite thick and dry.

  • I have discovered that the L'oreal infallible Stay Fresh foundation has the same properties as the mention Pro Lumiere, just tell in case you liked the Chanel.