Another great event at Chanel! It’s the one line that I’ve always had great results with at their makeup events. The key is to attend the events with their trained artists who have been in the industry, specifically with Chanel, for a long time. By now, there are a few Chanel artists I have run into at different department store events who have done my makeup multiple times. Each time they create a simple but elegant look and always give me ideas for alternate combinations.

The most recent event I went to was a couple weeks ago, soon after the Naturels and Celestial collections had been released. I asked for a new daytime look, and the artist incorporated items from both collections with these items:

* Sublimage Essential Regenerating Cream in the Universelle Texture
* Sublimage Regenerating Eye Cream
* UV Essentiel SPF 30+
* Le Blanc de Chanel Illuminating Base mixed with Hydramax Active Tinted Lotion in Sand
* Correcteur Perfection Long Lasting Concealer in #20
* Poudre Douce Soft Pressed Powder in Rosee

* Tweed Corail + Tweed Pink mixed together
* Soleil de Tan 4 Facettes Bronzing Powder

* Eye Base in Bright
* Soft Touch Eyeshadows in Slate on lid and outer corners + Lily to highlight
* Fluid Iridescent Eyeshadow in Seashore #747 applied over the dry shadows along lash lines
* Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner in Marine (smokey deep navy with a bit of shimmer)
* Mascara (forgot which one she applied)

* Le Crayon Gloss Sheer Lipliner in Clementine
* Aqualumiere Lipstick in Monte Carlo
* Glossimer in Silex

(close up of lip products indoors and outdoors)

I received some samples and a small gift with purchase which included mini jars of the new Sublimage Creams. I have been using it for a couple weeks now and it works wonders for my skin. Still, I’m not sure I will be shelling out the $$$ for a jar. Their new concealer is incredible for under the eyes, the artist showed me the effect when applied under one eye compared to the other and there was a huge difference. I have tried numerous concealers and the only ones I have been happy with are from Laura Mercier. The new Chanel Concealer is excellent, non-cakey, yet gives full coverage and really hides darker under-eye circles.

All the main items are pictured, except the bronzer/skincare/foundation/concealer/eyeliner. The bronzer was pretty – but on the sheer side, it can easily be substituted with another bronzer like Bobbi Brown’s Bali Brown or MAC Bronze or MAC Golden. The Marine Eyeliner is pretty, but a basic deep navy shimmer.

The makeup artist also suggested that the new Meteore Glossimer paired with the Tweed Ambre Blush would also compliment the eye colors she picked out for this look.

Bringing you a mini review of Rock & Republic Cosmetics . . . Saturate Eye Colors, Contrived Pressed Blush, Luxe Lipglosses, Noir Lipglosses and Intimate Mousse Blushes.

The Rock & Republic Luxury Denim brand has recently launched a cosmetics collection, ava
ilable at select Nordstroms, Bloomingdales, and Neiman Marcus locations. The products are packaged in edgy, sleek, flashy designs with contrasting black and chrome to reflect the style of their denim collections.

Saturate Eye Colors: These retail for $28 and come in a flip-top mirrored compact. The eyeshadows are jet-milled, available in three different finishes: matte, satin to shimmer. The textures are medium-soft and while the pigment is medium-high, the texture is semi-chalky for the satin finish shades making them a bit difficult to blend. The full shimmer shades are softer in texture making them easier to blend on the lids.

1) Snakeskin (satin finish) is a medium olive green with gold and brown sparkles.
2) Lost (satin finish) is a neutral coffee-brown with gold sparkles that are very subtle. The gold shimmer makes it look lighter, but it goes on medium-dark.

3) Sabotage (shimmer finish) is gorgeous shimmery golden beigy-brown.

4) Diffused (satin finish) is a cool taupe grey-brown with subtle shimmer.

Luxe Lipgloss & Noir Lipgloss: The Luxe lipglosses come in a wand-style tube form and retail for $26. Noir Lipglosses which retail for $35 come in a heavy metal compact and retractable lip brush are a hot-pour version of a few existing shades in the luxe format. (Vacant Luxe = Conspiracy Noir and Runaway Luxe = Confession Noir) The glosses have a high shine and smooth non-tacky finish with a slight vanilla scent. Pigment is medium with a moisturizing feel.

1) Conspiracy – creamy nude
2) Confession – shimmery peachy pink

3) Vacant (mini promo size)
4) Preppy Punk – shimmery cool pink
5) Runaway – shimmery iridescent peachy pink

Contrived Pressed Blush & Intimate Mousse Blush:
Contrived Pressed Blushes come in a huge mirrored compact. They retail for $40 and come in matte and shimmer finishes. The
pigment and texture of the blushes are excellent. Most of the colors are bright with the exception of Spank which is a neutral light matte pink. The Intimate Mousse Blushes come in a pot with a twist-off top and retail for $28. The textures are light and airy, like a soufflé. I find these apply best when tapped on the skin and blended with a small foundation or cheek brush. They have a sheer finish with subtle shimmers, but are buildable for more color. They have a soft semi-matte finish, which is nice for summer.

* Pressed Blush: Spank is a soft ballet-powdery pink
1) Gossip is a cool lavender pink
2) Quickie is a cute peach
3) Scandal is a pretty baby rose pink (similar to Gossip, but not as purple/cool-toned)

(Spank compared to some other brands)

Overall a nice new brand. Only downside for me is the bulky/flashy packaging and lack of unique eyeshadow shades in the neutral range. If you decide to try this out, I highly recommend waiting for Bloomingdales to have their next Private Sale event where they have gifts with purchases at each line. They usually have mini lipglosses or mascaras they give out which are nice to try.

This line is fairly new, but I haven’t seen much advertising or PR on this line. Also, I have yet to see an actual product specialist at the Nordstrom or Bloomingdales counter, each time I have tried their items, I have been helped by a sales associate from another line. The first time I heard about the line was when I saw a new unit at Nordstrom a few months ago.

There are some nice shades though, so I recommend checking it out if you have a counter near you! Maybe it is just my area that doesn’t have anyone representing the line.

Have you checked out any R&R beauty items yet? If you have, where did you hear about the line? Thoughts on products you have tried?

This past spring, Giorgio Armani released a collection of limited-edition lipsticks in the Sheer and Shine Formulas.

It was designed focused on the following: “Sheers Collection spotlights two seductive nude makeup harmonies that feature a luminous skin, sunset smokey eyes and sheer better than bare lips.”

The new shades released include the following colors with descriptions per the Giorgio Armani website.

#30 – Pink Grapefruit
#31 – Raspberry
#32 – Haute Pink
#33 – Rose Coral

#45 – Pink Rose
#46 – Soft Petal
#47 – Nude Taupe
#48 – Melon
#49 – Fig
#50 – Rose Antico

The Giorgio Armani Beauty Advisor also featured two looks for day and evening for the Sheers Collection.

Get the natural nude daytime look using:
* Face Fabric No. 8
* Fluid Sheer No. 7
* Two beige Maestro Mono Eyeshadows No. 27 & No. 30
* Shine Beige Lipstick No. 47

Get the more intense translucent color evening look using:
* Face Fabric No. 5
* Fluid Sheer No. 11
* Two pink beige and nude brown Maestro Mono Eyeshadows No. 19 & No. 33
* Sunset Pink Sheer Lipstick No. 30

Unfortunately I cannot find any model photos featuring these looks.

If you are a fan of the natural-lip, then you will love these new shades. There were a couple brighter more intense shades, but I did not purchase those. The ones I did purchase are pictured above. These have a soft texture and apply smoothly. They aren’t full-coverage, so I recommend applying with a lipliner to help the color last longer.

Some good natural pink lipliner shades I’d recommend:
* Armani #10 (natural pink beige)
* Armani #12 (neutral mauvey pink)
* Armani #13
* MAC Sublime Culture (perfect YLBB nude-pink)
* MAC Whirl (neutral brown-pink)
* Chanel Tulip (soft pink shimmer)
* Chanel Tawny (for a deeper pink)
* Trish McEvoy Bare (my HG bare-color lipliner)

Some close up shots here:

Giorgio Armani has finally released some new maestro single shadows! The shades released are the missing numbers in between 19 and 37, however there are still a few numbers missing and I have not been able to find information online or in store yet. Some shades appear to be reformulations of their original shadows. Below are pictures and descriptions. I highly recommend you visit makeupalley and check out member REPLICA for her fabulous notepad listing descriptions of all the armani products.

As far as I know, there are quite a few stores that do not have these in yet. Some counter managers are unaware of these even coming out, but I assume they should be trickling in very soon. E-mail me if you need a contact to order these. Just a heads up – the 2 stores near me did receive limited stock in their first shipment.

Giorgio Armani describes his Maestro shadows as follows:

“The formula of maestro eye shadow contains pure silk-like powders to create a soft, lightweight texture that glides onto eyelids in a silken veil of colour. Three different finishes replicate the breathtaking effects Giorgio Armani achieves with silk: matte gives smooth, deep colour; satin creates a lustrous sheen; sparkling illuminates with iridescent shimmer.”

Now, onto the new shades photographed with a few already-existing shades:

* Maestro #20 – shimmery warm golden brown, very similar to Maestro #4, but the Maestro #20 is more golden, slightly lighter, also the Maestro #20 could be a more golden/shimmery version of the original 20 (NOTE: Maestro #20 is pictured in one of the Japanese Magazines, posted HERE)

* Maestro #25 – satin yogurt-pink with pale mauve tones (looks like a dupe for the original #6)

* Maestro #26 – satin medium-dark brown, neutral-cool

* Maestro #27 – shimmery warm neutral taupe (looks like a dupe for original #11)

* Maestro #28 – shimmery light yellowy buttercream, paler than the more yellow than the original #9

* Maestro #29 – shimmery pale pink (looks like a dupe for original 12, but more pigmented and more shimmery)

* Maestro #30 – shimmery pale seashell pink, slightly deeper than Maestro #29 (this is a dupe for original 53)

* Maestro #32 – shimmery taupe-grey (cooler than Maestro 27 but not as cool-grey as the original 26)

* Maestro #34 – shimmery baby pink, (seems like a dupe for original 55 with a tad more pink)

* Maestro #36 – a matte buttercream (yellowish cream not pictured)

More close ups . . .

(Maestro 27 is photographed again to compare with Maestro 32)

I was able to get my makeup done by one of Chanel’s National Artists, John Fussell, about a year ago at a Saks event. The team of makeup artists prepped my skin and started my makeup with lips and blush. John then did my eye makeup and retouched my blush for a more dramatic look even though most of the shades were very neutral. The eye makeup was incredible – which was surprising since he used two very basic browns. His placement of color and blending was amazing and really opened up my eyes.

* Teint Innocence Liquid in Shell 1.5
* Soft Pressed Powder in Rosee & Peche Tender mixed for a soft glow
* Joues Contraste Powder Blush in Nude (applied heavily)

* Professional Eyeshadow Base (can’t remember the color)
* Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Sand d
usted on 3/4 of the entire eye & under the eye close to lash line
* Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Mahogany along upper lashes & along bottom lash line black mascara
* Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Lotus was dusted on lids last for a sparkly effect

* Precision Lip Definer in Nude blended all over lip
* Aqualumiere Sheer Color Lipstick in Ipanema (my favorite alternative to MAC High Tea l/s)
* Glossimer in Equinoxe