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YSL Touche Eclat All-In-One Glow and Tatouage Couture Matte Stains

February 9, 2018

YSL Touche Elcat All-In-One-Glow Tinted Moisturizer B40 and Tatouage Couture Matte Stains

I have a few new items I’ve been testing from YSL Beauty including the new Touche Eclat All-In-One Glow Tinted Moisturizer and the Tatouage Couture Matte Stains for the lips. The Matte Lip Stains actually launched last fall but Sephora has four new exclusive shades, two of which are nudes so I picked them up to try. All of the items get a thumbs up from me. I’ve had several misses from the line last year so this was a nice surprise to find that everything worked well for me this testing round!

Touche Eclat All-In-One Glow Tinted Moisturizer

Touche Eclat All-In-One Glow Tinted Moisturizer Review B40

The Touche Eclat All-In-One Glow is a tinted Moisturizer that gives sheer to medium coverage with a radiant finish. For my normal combination skin this has just the right amount of moisture to add comfort but isn’t overly greasy. I’d say the closest it is in finish and texture is the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer. By comparison the YSL is more dewy and the tiniest bit sheerer. For my skin it doesn’t have enough coverage to cover freckles, but it does have enough pigment to smooth out the skin. It feels natural like a lightweight moisturizer and stays on all day. I do need to set with a powder and even though it doesn’t get greasy it has a slightly luminous glow so for me any kind of cream or liquid glow will inevitably get oily looking as the day progresses. Touch-ups were definitely needed, but on warm weather days here in Florida that’s a given for any product.

So many of you had asked for me to review the All Hours Full Coverage Matte Foundation that launched last year, however I haven’t had much luck with the formulas because the alcohol content is usually high on their ingredient list and it can cause a lot of irritation on my skin. I had a pretty bad experience with their Fusion Ink Foundation (now discontinued) so I’ve avoided all the formulas since then. The Touche Eclat All-In-One Glow Tinted Moisturizer intrigued me though so when I saw that the ingredient list didn’t have Alcohol Denat high on the list or anywhere on the list I decided to give it a go. So far after a week of testing, no irritation or bumps, yay!

My shade is B40. Based on reviews of the other foundations I thought I’d be in the BD range but upon swatching them at the counter for now I’ve found the BD range is too olive/yellow for me. This is a rare thing as most foundation lines aren’t yellow enough, but the B range works for me as I’m more in the beige/golden range rather than yellow, at least for YSL.

Swatch comparisons below to Sisley Tinted Sunscreen Cream 2 Golden, NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint in Groenland and St. Moritz, Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude 3W1 Tawny, Tom Ford Waterproof Foundation and Concealer in Bisque, Natural and Sable.

YSL Touche Eclat All-In-One Glow Tinted Moisturizer Review and Swatches Comparisons

A quick look with just the Touche Eclat All-In-One Glow Tinted Moisturizer, no powder or concealer. I do have other makeup on the eyes (Urban Decay Naked3 Palette), brows (Diorshow Brow Styler Universal Brown) and lips (YSL Tatouage Couture #25 Beige Secret). Sweater from Madewell.

Touche Eclat All-In-One Glow Tinted Moisturizer Review B40

Tatouage Couture Matte Stains

I picked up two of the Tatouage Couture Matte Stains in 7 Nude Interdit and 23 Singular Taupe back in the fall when they launched. I’ve been using them on and off since then but never got around to reviewing them. Many of the shades have sold out repeatedly, for some reason both 7 and 23 are on backorder almost everywhere right now, but you can still find them online at Neiman Marcus. Since the time they launched Sephora added four new exclusive colors and I picked up two in 25 Beige Secret and 28 Nude Undercover. If you’re looking at the photo below and think they all look identical, I’m with you. They have a frosted clear exterior which kinda mutes the color. The four shades I have are nudes and in the tubes they look almost the same, but they are indeed different once you swatch them.

YSL Tatouage Couture Matte Stain Nudes in 7 Nude Interdit, 23 Singular Taupe, 25 Beige Secret and 26 Nude Undercover Review

The applicators are amazing! It has a sponge tip that loads product and an angled flat tip with a little well inside to hold the lip product. Finish is full coverage but weightless and not drying. There’s no shrinking effect when it dries down like most matte liquid lipsticks have so lips don’t look like raisins. My only complaint is that they don’t last all day long like other liquid matte lipsticks do. After a few hours color noticeably fades or gets absorbed into the lips, but I have no complaints about reapplying because the finish, texture, coverage and colors are perfect.

I stuck with the nudes on the first testing round because products like these tend to darken on my lips once they dry. I’m a huge fan of YSL lips but given the fact that Vinyl Cream Stains didn’t work for me I didn’t know how the Tatouage Couture Matte Stains would wear. They’re a huge win! These don’t shift in color, they stay true to what you apply on the lips. If you liked shades like YSL’s Volupte Shine Oil in Stick #47 Beige Blouse or #61 Decadent Nude or even Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk Lipstick, you’ll absolutely love these.


  • 7 Nude Interdit is a medium neutral nude pink beige
  • 23 Singular Taupe is a warm pink brown
  • 25 Beige Secret is a nude pink (Sephora exclusive)
  • 28 Nude Undercover is a nude pink, cooler than Singular Taupe (Sephora exclusive)

The flash adds a bit of reflection, but they dry down to a more matte finish than what you see below. I still think of these as a semi-matte or a radiant-matte kind of finish.

YSL Tatouage Couture Matte Stain Nudes in 7 Nude Interdit, 23 Singular Taupe, 25 Beige Secret and 26 Nude Undercover Swatches

YSL Tatouage Couture Matte Stain Nudes in 7 Nude Interdit, 23 Singular Taupe, 25 Beige Secret and 26 Nude Undercover Swatches

Bottom line solid wins for me. That being said it’s still winter weather here in Florida, I know in a matter of a couple weeks we will be back to 80 degree warm sunshine so I don’t know how the tinted moisturizer will hold up for me in warm weather.

You can find the YSL Touche Eclat All-In-One Glow and Tatouage Couture Matte Stains at all counters now. Available at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora and YSL Beauty along with other retailers. Two shades featured for the lips in 25 and 28 are exclusive to Sephora.

Have you tried these yet? What did you think?


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  • all that jae

    I love me some YSL lip products and these new ones look right up my alley! Singular Taupe looks like a great color.

  • oldernotwiser?

    The YSL Tatouage is my first liquid lipstick. I bought #23. As with many of my lipsticks, the lip pencil I wear with it changes the color a bit. It looks more neutral with YSL #13, Beige, more rosy with Chanel #05, nude and slightly peachy with By Terry Perfect Nude. A trick I learned to keep it from being too dry is to apply Bite Lip Balm (in the lipstick style container, not the squeezable tube). It is waxy and matte. Blotted down, it provides a great “grab” for the Tatouage. Once Tatouage dries, there is no transfer on coffee cups. It lasts better than any other lipstick I’ve tried and I’ve tried lots in my decades of lipstick use.

  • W S M

    I’ve been looking for a new matte stain. The applicator on the YSL looks so good. I think the applicator from Dior Tattoo line is contributing to patchy distribution. It’s so finnicky to apply and I’ve only managed to perfect it just once so far.

  • Your photos are so pretty! As usual! I love the YSL packaging.

    Candice | beautycandyloves.co.za

  • It looks like all of the products you reviewed today will be added to my shopping cart today 😛 My wallet blames you haha

  • Shelby

    I JUST bought one of the lippies in #11 and I’m so excited to try it. Should be receiving it today.
    You’ve really convinced me to take a look at #25 as well.

    As for the tinted moisturizer, would you compare it to Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation (if you’ve tried it)?

  • Glenda

    I have two of the stains, 7 and 23, and I like them so much for being such comfortable lipsticks! However, the fragrance makes me sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (smashing keyboard here) MAD. Ugh, I don’t get why they’d add so much unnecessary and bothersome fragrance in makeup.
    The applicator (and everything else aside from the damn fragrance) is indeed really nice though.

    Also, I’m definitely an addict – I could totally see a very clear difference between all the colors even on the tubes. lol

  • Lindsey

    Thank you for testing this out! I’ve been looking for a lighter, glowier foundation and I think this is perfect. I feel like all the new foundation releases are so full-coverage and matte, so this is nice to see.

  • Cyndi Nguyen

    The nude colors look beautiful but I’m so afraid to get lipsticks in matte finish because my lips are always too dry. I do like the tinted moisturizer as it seems to give you a very nice finish. Will have to give it a try for myself.

  • These are such longwearing lipsticks !! Best part is these don’t transfer unlike the NARS lip stains

  • lawler

    B40 looks perfect! I have trouble with shades going too orange for me. I would almost trade things being too yellow forever as long as I never have to go orange again. And speaking of that, it looked like Singular Taupe would have pulled coral from the swatch. I’m glad the colors don’t shift. Very pretty!

    • I think I was lucky to find a good match! Shades in the glow line are more limited than the regular foundation line.

  • Just the packaging alone is GORGEOUS!!


    Ellie xx

  • Suzanna

    You always make matte lipsticks look fab! Are you putting gloss on top? Other swatches I’ve seen of these look a lot drier.

    YSL used to have a product like the glow–I forget the name but there were various colors and it could be used on its own or as a highlighter. I still have some lying around someplace :–)

    • Hi Suzanna – this is mentioned in the description above, the flash makes them look more glossy than in real life. They are still matte, but more of a radiant matte. HTH!

  • Petunia

    #11 Rose Illicite is in my cart right now. I think I’ll pop into the brick and mortar today to play with the testers. Thanks for the review.

  • Merry Rower

    I was all over the new Touche Eclat All-in-One Glow tinted moisturizer, as I was hoping for something similar to their original All-in-One BB Cream Skintone Perfector (in the white Top Secrets packaging). The original Perfector was an HG product for me, checking every daytime look box (ease of application, natural coverage, nice glow, long wear, spf). There was a change to the product when it was repackaged in the black tube, and I have not cared for it as much. But this new Touche Eclat formula was a fail for me.

    Despite the increased shade options, there were none as flattering as the original Medium BB Cream. I ended up with B40 as well, after every cosmetics SA at Nordstrom weighed in. But after a week of wear, I am returning it. The finish , although light, is much more of a traditional, dry-ish, mask-y foundation look on me and requires too much additional make-up and fussing to look decent, a no-go at 6 am. So I’m still on the hunt for the naturalistic radiance of my beloved original Skintone Perfector.

  • I was just trying to decide if I should pick these up… And then you wrote about how they are wonderful for people who like 47 Beige Blouse… which I currently have on my lips. Think another visit to Sephora is in my future 😉

  • SoSuSam

    I just received the Touche Eclat All-in-One Glow yesterday and was really interested to see what you thought of it. It seems to behave a bit differently on my (much drier) skin in my (much drier northern) climate. On me, it’s very thick–definitely medium coverage, which surprised me since they call it a tinted moisturizer. It covers everything and I had to work hard to keep it from being too mask-like, as another commenter mentioned. Altogether, I’m not sorry I bought it (sight unseen), but it’s not the sheer, glowy TM I envisioned. I think I’ll try it mixed with CT Wonderglow or TF Illuminating Primer to sheer it out and add a little extra glow. The color B20 is a decent match for my NC15 skin. Oh, one more thing–like you, I didn’t find it irritated my sensitive skin, which is a huge plus (especially for something that contains sunscreen).

    • That’s so odd! It’s definitely not thick on me at all!

      • SoSuSam

        I think the issue is my dry skin and the cold, dry winter weather here. I’ve tried it since by thinning it out with Wonderglow once and using it over the TF illuminating primer another time, and it worked much better for me both ways. I’ve ended up liking it quite a bit!

  • Liz

    Can you tell me what nail polish shade from smith and cult that is? Looks so pretty and perfect for spring!

  • Anne Capitant

    The Touche Eclat All-In-One-Glow sounds absolutely perfect for summer! Very good for a “5 minutes and then run out the door” look. I’ll have to go by my local counter or Sephora and test it out.

    As for the Tatouage Couture Matte Stains, that looks like another win for me. I really like stain type products (if they don’t budge) as they’re low maintenance and once again these seem perfect for summer but also everyday and once again the “5 minutes and then run out the door” looks. I particularly like 23 and 28, as 7 and 25 looks like they would be a bit too light for me.

  • Sofia

    so beautiful products! I want to try 7 Nude Interdit and the Ysl Touche Eclat All-In-One Glow! I had the Touche Eclat foundation and I was really satisfied from the result! I love all products which give glow! Also I have Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-In-Stick in 51 Rose Saharienne. I just love the formula!

  • Cecilia J

    I’m very interested in the ysl matte stains that aren’t matte lol. I’m like you- 99% of matte lip products make my lips like raisins. I appreciate your lip reviews.

  • Heather

    I love the look of those stains. They look really comfortable and wearable, very much “don’t need a mirror” colours.

  • 28 is the perfect colour for me!

  • The tinted moisturizer looks lovely on you as well as the matte stains!!!

    Olga from Myme

  • msh111

    I’m played out with matte lipsticks but will try these new stains as per the review they are “radiant” mattes. I love YSL lip products especially their regular Rouge Couture formula, which is heavenly for both pigment and non drying.
    I can’t use any “glow” products due to my oily skin. The only “Glow” TM I can use exclusively is Guerlain Baby Glow.
    Regarding the new YSL Foundation I was color matched to B40 (I am NW 25 in MAC). I used a sample but don’t know if I will purchase.
    Thanks for this great review!

    • Interesting! I think the shades don’t match up in different formulas, B40 in the glow formula definitely doesn’t match NW25 for MAC.

  • I haven’t yet, Sabrina! But I will say that YSL was my first-ever luxury beauty brand I purchased from so I’m definitely going to give the matte stains a shot! I’m such a sucker for nudes/neutrals and ALL of these colors look amazing on you so I have to give them a try!

    She Sweats Diamonds

  • Thank you!