Bite Beauty Smashed Agave Lip Mask

January 12, 2015

Bite Beauty has a new addition to their line called Smashed Agave Lip Mask ($26 for .52 oz / 15 g) which is a sheer lush berry red. This comes in a squeeze tube and in my experience I’ve found the Agave Lip Masks really easy to use, however I found that packaging this round required less squeezing to dispense product compared to the Champagne Agave Lip Mask (reviewed last August). Smashed is a sheer lush cherry red. It’s ultra hydrating and plumps the lips. There is enough color to provide a sheer tint of color which makes the lips look healthy with a slightly flushed look – but I found it very sheer.

The formula is similar to Champagne in the sense that it on the thick side but feels very smooth on the lips. There is a slight vanilla almond-like fragrance to the product. I know some of you could not stand the way Champagne tasted when some transferred from the lips. I didn’t have issues, but the fragrance and taste of Smashed has improved in my opinion. With these lip masks I have mixed feelings. The formula is really good in terms of how they plump the lips naturally without irritating. They also work wonders for dry or chapped lips. It’s like wearing a soft cushion of moisturizer on the lips, the Agave Lip Masks feel really nice and aren’t sticky.

The pigment and colors are a bit disappointing in terms of how sheer they are on the lips. If you look at the shades in the tube or swatched on the hand they are gorgeous! I understand these are primarily lip treatments with a tint added for fun. I do wish the pigment was richer or more opaque on the lips because the colors look really pretty. The second miss for me is the delicate nature of the packaging. In my last post several of you mentioned that you wanted tips on how to keep the tubes looking fresh and in tact. The pliable nature of the tube makes these easy to use but you can’t just throw these in the makeup bag and hope they retain their shape. I’ve primarily kept mine at home or in a flat cosmetic bag so that it doesn’t get smashed by other products.

One more positive notes include the fact that the lip product doesn’t transfer or bleed. On me it lasted for four hours and through a cup of coffee (although not through snacks). For me it’s important that a lip balm does not slide or feel like it’s sliding off the lips onto the face. This one adheres well to the lips and I like that it stays put.


Some comparison swatches:

By Terry Baume de Rose Cherry Bomb (mini wand version, review here)

If you want more color, I highly recommend checking out Fresh Sugar Cherry or By Terry Cherry Bomb. Overall I give the Bite Smashed Agave Lip Mask a thumbs up for formula but a meh/iffy review on the color. If you don’t mind sheer colors and want a very slight flushed tint, it is a really good one. I don’t always mind sheer lip items but for this one I think I could give it a 100% glowing review if it had more color. Long-time Beauty Look Book readers know I’m a fan of super natural lips, but even with this one, I find myself craving more pigment and color. I do recommend you check out the 150+ customer reviews on Sephora.com. I usually find them helpful.

Bite Beauty Smashed Agave Lip Mask retails for $26. It’s currently an online exclusive at Sephora.com

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  • I'm with you on this one — I'd love for more pigmentation, especially at that price.
    :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  • I'm not even sure that would show up on my pigmented lips. I'll have to swatch it!

  • michelle

    Pretty sure you already know about my LOVE for the regular formula. I skipped the Champagne because I fear sparkle contributes to my dry lips. But of course I got this one because I thought it would be a nice bit of color when I was just hanging around the house. I can take or leave the added color but the product itself is total HG for my relentlessly dry/peeling lips. I really need this product to slough off the skin that is there every day and I use it about 3x/day and it lasts a LONG time. If you put the smallest amount on (it takes the tiniest smidge) when you begin your makeup application, by the time you are ready to apply lipstick (especially if super dry like mine) they are ready for application of lipstick. I am finding MAC prep & prime to be the secondary lifesaver to assure all of my lipsticks look much better on the dried out lips I am dealing with. HTH someone! Enjoy your day!

    • michelle

      I'm going to add to this that I think making this product in a color is a bit gimmicky as the amount you need and should really be using is so miniscule that you literally can't see much of the color. Meaning, one shouldn't even use the amount of this necessary to build a true color. This product really isn't a cosmetic, it is a treatment–one that I cannot live without:)

    • completely agree with your assessment on color, as well as how awesome the formula is for horribly dry/peeling lips – also a perpetual problem for me! 🙂

  • I know it's not very noticeable due to how sheer it is, but how evenly did you find that this applied?

    • Hi Tori, I found it went on evenly on the lips, hope this helps!

  • i think i'll stick with the original for now!


    • Glad I saved you some $ 🙂

  • I'd personally prefer something more pigmented too, however the product on its own does sound fantastic!

    • It is! I really like the formula but yes I think the pigment needs work.

  • They're really great when you apply a little at night! Your lips are super smooth by morning and then the lacking pigmentation doesn't bother me as much!

    -Lane 🙂

  • Absolutely gorgeous photos and great review! I like the original lip mask at night but can't imagine wearing it during the day!

  • These look great!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • It looks super pigmented in the swatch but it does look super sheer on the lips. That's why I decided to just stick to my original tube. This would get lost on my pigmented lips lol

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