NARS Final Cut Collection | Adelaide Illuminator

January 26, 2014

NARS Adelaide Illuminator ($30 for 1.1 oz/30ml) has been on my radar for several months. I saw some sneak peeks on Specktra and almost died of excitement when I found out there would be a shimmery pink highlighter. Adelaide is currently exclusive to Nordstrom with an official release date of February 1st. As many others have noted, Adelaide is a very shimmery pink and almost glittery. I usually do not like glitter on the cheeks but this illuminator is almost like a grown-up version of glitter. I have to use sparingly and swipe it lightly over powder blush to give a highlight. I found it lasted all day over a powder blush – right now my skin is normal but slightly dry. There was no shimmer or glitter fall-out. It stayed put on the skin from morning to night. If you don’t like any sign of glitter on the cheeks you may want to try Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer #8 instead which is similar but paler in color (scroll down for swatches).

Swatched below you can see that Adelaide blends out to a cool sparkly pink on my olive skin. For me it’s pigmented enough to wear as a very soft blush but I prefer to layer over a powder blush with a very light layer.

Here is Adelaide blended and sheered out with a foundation brush:

Swatches below compared to NARS Maui Multiple and Armani Fluid Sheer #8:

As others have noted, the shimmer and glitters are noticeable. I half love it. I tested during the work week for multiple days. Half of the testing days I felt it was too over the top, while the other half I thought it was subtle enough for the office. I recommend testing before buying if you’re unsure about the shimmer. On my olive skin it shows up and brightens the skin with the combination of pink and silver glitter shimmers. Perhaps I just need to be braver with shimmer and sparkles sometimes.
NARS Adelaide retails for $30, it’s a limited-edition color, available now at NARS.

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  • Hi Sabrina,

    I love love love the finish of NARS Illuminators! Adelaide looks wonderful, as pink is my preferred finish for highlights (and I've been hoping for a NARS Luxor-like illuminator for some time now). I'll have to try this in person to check out the shimmer/glitter size. The glitter in NARS Super O was a bit much for me.

  • It looks gorgeous!


  • Beautiful photos! I really like the color but alas the silver glitter wasn't doing me any favors when I tried it on at Nordstrom yesterday. Oh well… but I am looking forward to getting a few of the other products from the Final Cut collection πŸ™‚

  • Adelaide looks absolutely breathtaking. I love the color, I even love it with the glitter – I just don't think I would love it on me, lol. I'm not a big fan over overly shimmery, glitterly, frosty products in general. So, as stunning as it is, I will probably have to pass. Thanks for the review, Sabrina.

  • I think this is best pulled off by fair skinned under 30. Even sheered out it's a lot of icy pink and a lot of glitter. It's not translatable to many skin tones let alone age groups. Ditto to some of the lip colors in this collection. Some collection are like that. This is one of them. Just returned from Neimans with my TF selections! They told me they are re-releasing the liquid shimmer (fire lust) like last year under a new name for spring. I left with Paradiso,, & Incorrigable, nails in Indiscretion and Incandescent. Stunning!

  • As much as it seems like this might be a better fit for younger skin, I can't help but remember a very similar shimmery pink highlighter that my grandmother had from a long out of business brand. She was in her sixties and it looked amazing on her!

  • I was so hesitant to try this, but I went to a NARS event and they applied it on me (I'm fair skinned in my younger 30's) and I have to be honest and tell you that I fell in love. It's gorgeous.