Chanel Makeover – Escape to Venice Event

July 19, 2013
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I had a makeover with Chanel at my local Nordstrom for their Escape to Venice event. It was focused around some repromoted items such as the Blue Satin and Beige Nail Polish, Vitalumière Aqua foundation and some Rouge Coco Shines (no new colors or items). I went in to replenish foundation – Chanel makes my favorites. They are one of the few lines I can wear almost any foundation or powder with a good color match, long wear and no irritation/breakouts. They had the Les Beiges powders on display for pre-sale only. I was happy to be able to test those out in person before committing to buy online. (Was also happy to see they won’t be an online exclusive.) Breakdown of what was used on me below.

Items used throughout the makeover:

Face Prep: Cleansed with cotton pads and the Le Blanc Fresh Brightening Cleansing Foam, toned with Le Blanc Brightening Moisture Lotion (really a toner), prepped with the new Le Jour de Chanel. I loved the feel of each item. I was already well stocked on cleanser and toner so I did not purchase either. I have fallen in love with the Le Jour de Chanel samples I received so I went into the event knowing I wanted to purchase the full size. (Detailed skincare review to come shortly.)
Primer and Foundation Makeup: Light application of the CC Cream B20 with the Foundation Brush (nice evening effect but too pale for my taste). Vitalumière Aqua Compact Foundation in B30 buffed with their Kabuki Brush gave an airbrushed natural look. Dusting of Les Beiges 20 all over the face was applied. Last face prep step was to use Les Beiges 40 as a contouring powder.
Eyes: The artist used a lot of layering on the eyes. She started with Illusion d’Ombre in Ebloui all over the bottom half of the lids applied with the Concealer Brush and blended with the fingers. She then followed with the mauve-taupe shade from Mystère Quad on top with a softer fluffy brush. Next she took Apparition Illusion d’Ombre and layered it on top – this achieved a stunning sparkly brown-gold effect when all mixed together. She then used Ebene Stylo Yeux to line the water lines and define the upper lashline. Khaki Precieux was used along the lower lashes to make the eyes pop. The darkest shade from Mystère was used to follow along the lines just in the outer corners and blended softly. Finishing touch was the new Volume de Chanel in Khaki.
Lips and Cheeks: For cheeks she used the Revelation Blush Creme layered with the Les Beiges in 40 for blending/contour. Lips were mixed with a vibrant coral pink Rouge Coco Le Basier 54 and Rouge Coco Shine in Interlude. Both shades were mixed with a lip brush then applied. She blotted the lips and then reapplied the Rouge Coco Shine to soften the look.

The overall look was glowy and just beautiful. I loved the combination for the eyes and the pink lips and cheeks balanced the whole look quite well. The Le Blanc skincare line felt nice on the skin but I’ve never had much luck with the Chanel skincare lines (since Age Delay was discontinued about a decade ago). The Resynchonizing Trio has worked wonders for my skin though (more to come soon). Most of the items used were things I already owned which was nice. The artist took care to take note of what I already own to show me some ideas on how to coordinate the items.

Some new items mixed in with some classics:

Have you had a Chanel makeover recently? Thoughts? Ideas? I will update the post later with more product photos. I’m looking forward to the release of Les Beiges in the US! Nordstrom fans – check your local counters to see if they have events or gifts going on now, many counters are doing promotions in store now.
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  • There is literally nothing like a Chanel makeover. That's how I got hooked on all their products since their makeup artists really do a wonderful job!

    • Hi Alexis – glad to find another Chanel fan!

  • Awwww…I wish you had taken before and after pics.

    • Sorry – the post was meant to be helpful by sharing my experience and giving ideas on coordinating items. I realize a personal photo would have helped but I don't post full face photos on the blog as a personal choice.

  • Anonymous

    I'm disappointed you didn't include a picture of the final look.

  • I have ordered #30..after a lot of thought I decided to not go with #40..am just sooo tired of getting products that are darker than my skin tone! Hopefully, I picked the right shade 😛

    I love the Resynchronizing line!

    • Based on your blog photos I think 30 will work well for you. There's quite a gap between 20 and 30. The finish is quite forgiving so you don't need an exact match, I think you could go with either 30 or 40 – they are very similar. 40 was just a tad more cool-toned/taupe. 30 was a bit more neutral/warm (but still golden).

    • Thanks a lot, Sabrina! I hope you don't mind – I quoted you in my review.

  • Would have loved to see the look but sounds lovely anyways x

    • Sorry! Perhaps I will post face photos one day – not ready yet.

  • Chanel makeover has been hit-miss for me. Two years ago, before my son was born, I went to the national make up artist event and John Fussel himself did the makeover for me which went well. Then just recently, I went to another makeover and my makeup was done by the regular artist and it was nothing special. Either way, I feel the push for product sales is quite evident. Right now, my local Nordstrom charges $25 fee for booking (which is applicable to purchase, and easy spend for Chanel) — not sure if that happens in any Nordie but I really don't mind if there's something that I need to stock up.

    I think I'm at the place where I know what I like and know what works for me better than anyone out there. Still, I may go to makeover events every now and then, but probably not as often as I used to. Your makeup sounds lovely, though!

    • Hi Claire – I agree, makeovers are hit/miss. I've been to enough Chanel events now that I have about 5 favorites. Everytime I go to one, I try to stick with those favorites. I agree there is a hard sales push, I usually pick a few items in advance – when they ask "what are you looking for" I give them a specific 2-3 items and then they ease up on the sales pitch (usually). We're on the same page – I think I know what works for me too, I rarely go to events anymore. I think it's maybe been a year since I've been to one!

  • Wow, the MA used a lot of products on your eyes, but I bet you were gorgeous! I also had a Chanel makeup application at an event this past week, but my look was all about the Superstition collection and was not nearly as involved as yours. Mystère was used on my eyes with Khaki Precieux on the lower lashes, Celedon on the upper lashes, and Ebene as the tightliner. On my eyes, Mystère looks cool, smokey, and green. It's not exactly a summer look, but it will be stunning come autumn. The MA used Revelation on me, too. I'm fair so she just lightly stippled it on my cheeks and then blended it out to a natural soft flush. I must admit, I wasn't impressed with the new CC cream that was used on me or the lips colors which were pretty, just not for me. They didn't have Les Beiges at the time of the event, but the counter received them this weekend so I went back to play. I'll be getting #10 to use as a finishing powder. I always love Chanel events and have never had a bad makeup application for a Chanel MA.

    • LOL, that's what I thought with the eyes. Lots and lots of product! I don't think it's likely I will ever do that much in the near future but it was fun to try something different.

      The Mystère combo on you sounds absolutely stunning. I wanted to love the CC cream so much but it's too pale and ashy-looking on my skin. My counter isn't expecting Les Beiges for a few more weeks even though they had the testers. I can't wait. I'm dying for the little brush!

  • Ooooo Chanel goodies! I like hehe <3 xx.


  • I can't wait to see Mystère in person. I do believe we have Les Beiges already but haven't had the chance to stop by the counter yet.

    • Mystère is pretty! If you can ask to try it on the eyes at the counter. It's more stunning on the face than swatched on the hand.

  • Did they spray your face with the Hydra Beauty Essence – I had to buy it – Love it but $90 for a spray – I must be nuts!

    • Oooh, yes I forgot to mention that. They did spray it. It was so lovely, but I couldn't justify another spray – I love MAC Fix+ which is a more affordable option.

  • What did you think of Les Beiges? I just pre-ordered one last night and I can't wait to hear your thoughts and see your swatches.

    • I had mixed thoughts. My counter hasn't received stock to sell yet, they only had testers. There is a huge gap between 20 and 30. I think those in the middle may find it hard to get a good shade, however the texture is sheer enough to be forgiving. It's a not-quite-as-glowy version of the Peche and Rosee powders (wonder if they still make those?). It gave a soft natural glow finish. The artist used the darker shades as a contour which was nice as well, but for the price, I think you can get a similar contour effect with cheaper powders.

    • I don't think they're available anymore–I remember seeing Rosee on Chanel.com's discontinued section not long ago. I'm not by any counters really unfortunately, so I pre-ordered Les Beiges from Chanel.com–they had a code to get free overnight shipping. It wasn't supposed to ship out until 8/1, but somehow I already got it. I couldn't believe it, lol.

  • Looks like a beautiful selection of products they used! Love seeing them spread out like that. I've been to a couple of Chanel makeovers recently and have had a lot of fun at both 🙂

  • The finished look sounds beautiful! That quad looks incredible. Want.