Chanel Collection Avant-Première Le Vernis: Starlet, Paparazzi, Cinéma and Provocation

May 29, 2013

The Chanel Collection Avant-Première has arrived in the US with three new shades of Le Vernis in Starlet 575, Paparazzi 579, Cinéma 581 and one repromote of Provocation 599 from Fashion’s Night Out 2012 (each $27 on Nordstrom). I purchased the three new ones. Each shade has rich flawless coverage. They are beautiful classics with a modern twist. I am particularly happy that the shimmers in Starlet and Paparazzi aren’t the typical secret shimmers Chanel does sometimes. They actually show up this time without being full on frosts.

Starlet 575 is gorgeous rich peach shimmer. There is a slight hint of pink mixed in which prevents it from looking lobster-like on your hands. This is limited-edition and hands down a definite must-have.

Paparazzi 579 sounds familiar but is actually a new shade. There was another Paparazzi by the number 208 previously released. The two are completely different shades. The new Paparazzi 579 is a stunning dusty bronzey mauve rose shimmer. I love it. I thought it would be similar to April but this has a softer quality (scroll down below for comparisons).

Original 208 vs New 579 Paparazzi:

Cinéma 581 is a classic red. As Café Makeup noted, Chanel has mastered the perfect reds (see her swatches here). I found Cinéma to be very similar to Dragon. Cinéma is slightly cooler-toned and slightly more jelly-like in texture.

Provocation was previously featured in September when it was released during Fashion’s Night Out. Chanel has now added a number 599 to the color. See the prior feature here.

Comparisons on the nail wheel show Starlet and Paparazzi are fairly unique. Cinema is very similar to Dragon. Same set on both wheels just different lighting.

The Summer L’Été Papillon de Chanel shades (see them swatched here) was fun and different but the Avant-Premiere shades are better suited for my neutral loving self. I adore each shade.
All Chanel Avant-Première nail colors are available now for $27 each online at Nordstrom and Chanel.com. They should be arriving at all Chanel counters across the US very soon. I found the three new colors in store at Nordstrom last week.

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  • tremendously stunning…I could build a separate room for my nailpolishes but Chanel seem to wow me every time

  • I actually did not have the same wow as I did with the summer polishes they are nice but must haves? Not for me at the moment.

  • Gorgeous colors! Would love to get my hands on those! 🙂

  • Oh no, I think I need Starlet! When I saw these four shades I didn't think I needed any of them, but seeing Starlet on you stirs up the greedy hoarder in me!

  • Anonymous

    I just came across your blog and I LOVE it.

  • Hi Sabrina! Is there any chance you'd be able to compare Starlet with Miami Peach, please? I'd really appreciate that if you have it! 🙂

    • Hi Kristina, I have Miami Peach. It's more sheer, and less orange. Hope that helps!

  • I really love Starlet, lovely shimmer in there! Cinema looks so different on you, on me it looks less bright, but yeah, it's definitely a great classic red!

  • Katie

    Spring Ball (Dior) is the first thing I thought when I saw Starlet! So beautiful. Will you be reviewing the Chanel Stylos by any chance? xoxo

  • Great swatches! Provocation is definitely my favourite! so unusual and rich for summer!

  • I love Paparazzi!! It's very me but I would wear it for the fall.

  • Wow! Great swatches and information!! Thank you!! 🙂 They are just beautiful!! *xo