Recent Dolce & Gabbana Additions from Saks

June 19, 2010
Happy Friday everyone! Here are some recent Dolce & Gabbana additions from the past few months. A bit from spring, summer and the regular line. I really love Dolce & Gabbana for their high quality products. The pigment is great and textures/finishes are superb. Blushes have a soft flawless finish. Nail polishes are richly pigmented, creamy and apply extremely smooth. Lipsticks have a subtle rose scent that fades and have great coverage (lasting power varies per shade). If you remember my first article on Dolce & Gabbana (back last May when the line first launched) I wasn’t sure that the price justified the purchase. In playing around with my purchases more, I have come to really appreciate the quality of the products. Granted the prices are still hard to swallow sometimes – I have been happy with most of the things I’ve purchased, even with a couple things I didn’t think were really me (such as Apricot Blush and Caramel Lipgloss). The customer service of the Dolce & Gabbana sales reps I’ve worked with is excellent as well. There’s nothing that can compare to having a great experience with knowledgeable sales associates who are helpful, professional and know what they are talking about.

In the U.S. these are exclusively at Saks stores and saks.com. I prefer to order through the stores because they occasionally have great gift-with-purchase events. Various GWPs include full sized mascaras and lipglosses – although the minimum purchase requirements are typically higher (ranging from $100 to $250 depending on the event). I definitely recommend calling your local store to check out their upcoming events. Check DolceGabbanaMakeup.com for locations and more product info.

Left to right: Tan Blush, Glossy Lipgloss, Delicate Lipstick,
Emotion Lipstick, Petal Nail Polish,
Nude Nail Polish, Drama Nail Polish

  • Glossy Lipgloss – I exchanged my Caramel Lipstick for this at Beverly Hills. I was a bit nervous about exchanging it because I hate returns, but the sales associate was very kind, especially since it was unused and still brand new. Even he agreed that Caramel was an unflattering color. Glossy is a really pretty gold shade – but on the lips it’s a bit too glossy for my taste but I guess that’s the point of lipgloss. I have to use this one sparingly.
  • Delicate Lipstick – A lovely fresh and light golden apricot, really pretty for both spring and summer.
  • Emotion Lipstick – Another winner, lovely cool pink with gold shimmer. Reminds me of MAC Fabby but better.
  • Petal Nail Polish – A cream nude pink shade. It’s like Chanel’s Jade Rose but a notch up in color and without any iridescence.
  • Nude Nail Polish – I love this nude shade. My application was sloppy but I think if applied the right way, it would give a perfect nude manicure.
  • Drama Nail Polish – A neutral lavendar cream. I’m not sure how I feel about this one. Purple creams like Paul & Joe 06 and this one look pretty in the container but on my fingers the just seem a bit muddy looking.
  • Tan Blush – I ordered this sight unseen and have to admit I was shocked at how flat and greyish looking it was when I received it. However, on the cheeks it makes a really nice contouring shade. There are some comparisons to other brands (MAC & NARS) below, but due to their nude-ness, I couldn’t get swatches to show up.

L to R: Delicate, Emotion & Glossy

L to R: Petal, Nude & Drama

Tan Blush:

Dolce & Gabbana Tan compared to MAC Emote, MAC Strada and NARS Zen

Have you seen the Dolce & Gabbana Spring or Summer collections yet? Any winners for you? In case you missed it, you can find my report on the Dolce & Gabbana Spring Collection here.

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  • Delicate and Emotion looks so pretty.

  • Anonymous

    I have Emotion and it lasts forever. I really fell for D&G when I saw it in person. BTW Your blog is AMAZING!! Thanks so much πŸ™‚

  • i can't bellieve how different the lipstick swatches look compare their matte finish in the sticks! and i like the rest of the stuff too. i am hoping this brand will branch out to other countries so i can have a chance to play with these. i think it has great future in mu. i am liking what i see more than those in Dior's and I like Dior in general! WOW!

    also, i recall you like lipstick queen lipsticks right? i checked out the entire range and liked nothing as they were all too dry on me. Am I missing something here? What's going on? thanks

  • The lipsticks, gloss and polishes are all beautiful! I love this brand! πŸ™‚

  • Drama is a shade I can't recall having seen on your nails before, but I REALLY love it on you.

    Everything looks beautiful; you continue to pique my interest in this brand!

  • Love the look of the nude polish so creamy and pretty!!

  • Hi Sabrina,
    I am really liking that Drama nail polish. Looks like I might make my very first D&G purchase!

  • I feel like Petal nail polish looks like what you expected P&J #6 Framboise to look on you… don't you think so? I loved Petal when I swatched it πŸ™‚

  • Love the nail polish on you- even Drama!

  • Hi, can you tell me which shade wld be best for contouring? From the Burberry earthy,d&gtan? And is there a dupe for the burberry tangerine and peony? Thank you so much,love your blog,is my new face addiction! Xoxo