Lancome Chris & Tell L’Absolu Rouge Lipcolor by Chris Benz

February 5, 2010

Lancome is one of those brands I’ve never really ventured into because of the heavily fragranced lipsticks and glosses. I do have a few of their blushes which I love and recently added the new spring Pop N’ Cheeks in Coral Flirt to my stash.

The newest addition in the US to the Lancome line is their Limited Edition Chris & Tell L’Absolu Rouge Lipcolor by Chris Benz. This purchase was enabled thanks to the amazing Karlasugar (thank you!). I loved the way it looked on Joeybunny in her review here at Pink Sith.

I hear this sold out really fast due to its exclusivity and I’ve been searching everywhere for actual pictures of it versus the stock photos. I assumed since there was so much buzz about this before it was released that there would be a lot more reviews, swatches and blog posts on this. If you have any links, please let me know! I’d love to see how other people are wearing it.

*UPDATE* The lovely Martha posted in the comments that she reviewed it on her blog Planet Martha. (TY!) Check out her blog linked here for her review and photos.

The photos and swatches:

* Note the flash makes this look a bit lighter than it does in real life

* Note the flash makes this look lighter than it does in real life

This is the brightest lipstick I have. Josie warned me that it was bright. From the stock photos and looks from backstage, I had a feeling it would be on the brighter side, yet I still was willing to take the risk and had myself put on a waitlist for it. We both discussed our thoughts on this new lipstick and I think we both agree that while it’s nice, it’s borderline unflattering.

I applied it with a medium hand and sure enough – it’s a vibrant coral pinkish peach that made me feel kinda hoorish. I think Martha from Planet Martha described it perfectly (check out her review to read her thoughts). Perhaps this is why I haven’t been able to find more reviews on this. I think blondes will be able to pull this color off better. Not that I’m saying they are hoorish in anyway – it’s just my blonde friends have the ability to pull off these brighter corals better than me.

The texture is smooth, soft and creamy. I’m a bit worried it might break at the base. When I applied it, the lipstick moved around a bit so now there are scuff marks from the inside of the lipstick tube on the actual lipstick. The product smells kinda like a potpourri/playdo combination and tastes terrible. Luckily the scent fades after a while.

So – if you bought this and tried it, what’s your verdict? I’m going to have to play around with it more by blotting it, topping it with a paler gloss, etc. In a high flash photo, on me it looks exactly like it did on Ashley Greene (see her photo on Karlasugar’s blog here) – BUT that’s only when the flash is high to wash out the color a bit. It will probably suit my coloring better if I apply it with a lighter hand or just blot it down or just sheered out a bit.

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  • Hooray! Lina you are the first blogger with clear picture of this lipstick…At first I was so hyped about this particular shade but then I thought that it's just a salmon…

    Anyway, have you try wearing it as a stain and topping it with a clear gloss, that's usually what I do when I see a color that's too bold for my liking.

  • I recently got it too. I have a couple FOTDs with it here:

    I was unsure at first and felt like it was too bright. I think I like it better with some balm to sheer it out. It really looks lovely on your darker skin though!

  • If it looked similar to Ashley Green, then I don't understand how you felt like a whore? I am a neutrals girl but I don't think this is a very bright lipstick. Perhaps you aren't used to seeing colour on your face.

    I think you could have fun stepping out of the box sometimes, now that I am older i sure do. I spent my twenties having such serious approach to makeup, thinking I was too old for colour but there are very sophisticated ways to wear colour. I look back and realize I wasn't as old a I thought.

    Do you have the NARS Make Up your mind book? He shows how to wear colour elegantly.

  • Citrine – yes, I think it will work better if I just wear it as a blotted stain.

    Martha – just checked out your post. You described it RIGHT ON, lol. It looks lovely on you in the photo – but I know how online photos can be somewhat different from real life. It seems too bright for my taste.

    BarcelonaChair – I think you misunderstood what I wrote. What I meant to communicate was that I only get the same look as Ashley Greene when I photograph myself with a high flash. In natural light it looks extremely clownish-bright if I apply it like any normal lipstick. I do have NARS' book and lol, I'm not afraid to wear color. This is a lipstick you'll have to see and try in person to fully understand.

  • Anonymous

    I'm not sure that there IS a way to wear this loud coral elegantly. Thanks for posting, as always.

  • em

    oh I think it looks wonderful on you! but I understand if it feels out of your comfot zone- I know the feeling.

    Thanks for the swatches! It just confirms to me how goirgeous this shade must be and that I need it!I'm scouring ebay to try and find one of these lippies at a decent price, I don't like my chances!

    I've been looking for reviews and pictures too, I also thought there would be more. Weird!

  • It looks amazing on you!

  • I have to say that I LOVE this lipstick on you!

  • I think its actually quite pretty on you. That is too bright for my NC40 skin though.

  • I love the shape of your lips. That's the shape I try to draw! Also, I am beyond impressed that you managed to get a picture of the lipstick that shows its true color. I failed miserably in my attempts when I did my review.

    Anyway, the more I try this lipstick the more I realize it requires a lot of work to look good on me (or more specifically, so that *I* think it looks good on me, as many people said they liked it on me). I may end up selling mine. I'm not sure. Had I been able to try this on before purchasing, I definitely wouldn't have bought it. I think this color may actually be more unflattering than Proenza Pink. I'm not sure. I have to say, I do like it on you more than I like it on myself, but it's definitely not a color for a tanned or olive woman. Not exactly sure what Lancome was thinking when they decided to market this shade as universally flattering.

  • This reminds me of Mac Strawberry Blonde – which was soo lovely but I hated the formula.

  • Sabrina, I think it looks gorgeous on you, and to 2nd someone else's post, congrats on being one of the 1st to get some great pics/swatches up on this l/s! I'd looked everywhere for some images, but nothing.

    I've been wanting this, but now after hearing stories from those of you who have it, it sounds like it might be one of those products that looks better in pics than it seems to IRL.

    *puts wallet away*

  • I love it I want it ! But can't find it and won't buy it $65 on ebay lol I think the color is VERY pretty !

  • It does look lovely on you. But since I'm similar in skintone as Miss Joey, I already know that this would look awful on me. Therefore, I am probably the only person over this color.

  • Anonymous – You made me feel better about thinking this was a loud color too. I will experiment with this a bit more though.

    Em – I think this would look amazing on you! You can pull off just about any color and make it look gorgeous.

    Toxic Sara – Thanks for the sweet comment. That was really nice of you to say!

    Dominique – I'm typically a NC35-40 similar to you, but right now I feel pasty white at a NC30. Joey is the same shade as you and she feels it's a bit bright for those of us with olive tones. Thanks for your comment too 🙂

    Joey – I <3 you! Will write you an email soon!

    LipstickChick – how have you been?! I personally think it looks better in pics than in real life. In real life, it's just very bright and very dupeable I think. I know I've seen similar colors at the counters.

    Hollywood – $65?! I can't believe some people do that.

    Lexi920 – You are not the only one "over it." I think this is a nice color, but was definitely overhyped. Given the rate it sold out, I'm surprised I haven't found more raves or reviews. Thanks for your comments – you always make me feel better.

  • I know exactly what you mean about this shade; I am not afraid of colour, but I think this is a difficult shade for a lot of skintones to pull off. It does look pretty on you, but it is a bit 'Look at this lipstick!' shouty, if that makes any sense at all.

    So helpful to see an actual picture of it.

  • Neicyk13

    You have gorgeous lips!!!! Keep it and maybe put on a milky gloss to tone it down? If now I will buy it. LOL. I love it!!

  • This is so pretty! It looks lovely on you, a beautiful coral shade. It won't be coming out here which is a pity…