More on Edward Bess from Guest Reviewer Leanne

December 17, 2009
So what is an Edward Bess fan like? From what I gather, we all love those unique and more independent lines. We go for that simple minimalist but classic polished look. Leanne, another Edward Bess fan, shares her experiences and reviews on the line. She was the first one to help me with my millions of questions back in September and immediately gave me the latest scoop on the newest upcoming lipsticks (released in the fall) giving me super descriptions and details based on what she knew. Leanne definitely pointed me in the right direction starting me off with Intimate Eyeshadow & the fall lipsticks and glosses.

From Leanne:

I’m a 53 year-old visual artist, mother of two, and yoga fanatic from the Pacific Northwest. I consider myself something of a minimalist. I’m a sucker for really good design, whether it’s fashion, handbags, or furniture (I have a particular soft spot for Scandinavian style).

I have pale skin with cool undertones and blue eyes. My natural hair color is a medium ash blonde. I am in the process of letting it grow out with some gray and toning to blend it, so the overall effect is light blonde.
I would call my beauty style “simple chic with added quirkiness”, and “working what you’ve got”. I love the French concept of bien dans sa peau, or “feeling good in one’s skin”– being happy with who you are, flaws and all. I practice good skin care and work with my natural hair texture (which is curly/wavy and worn just below the shoulders). I’m the same weight I was in high school because of my yoga practice and a fairly healthy diet (I’m no saint, but I avoid fast food). My favorite makeup is a natural, neutral but polished look with a deep or striking lip color (think of the late Carolyn Bessette Kennedy). As I age, I’m spending more time on things that define my features, like eyebrows and lipstick, rather than trendy colors or complicated makeup.
My finding Edward Bess story is rather poignant. I became a widow last year, and decided that one way to ease myself through such a difficult time was to pare down my beauty routine but splurge on the absolute best products for the job. Researching on Makeup Alley and reading beauty blogs was a fun distraction when I needed it. The first thing I discovered about the line was that his lipsticks were great but you had to buy them all together for hundreds of dollars. My initial reaction was “pull the other one, Edward, it’s got bells on”– not exactly positive! Then I discovered that he was in fact expanding his line and selling products separately, with prices comparable to Chanel, Chantecaille, and Giorgio Armani. I was entranced by the reviews– his take on makeup sounded so in tune with what I wanted– and I contacted Leslie for her advice. She was, of course, lovely and very helpful. I started out with a few lipsticks, and I was a goner. Orders for the highlighter and concealer happened next, followed by purchases of eye shadows and more lipstick. (You see where this is going). I started getting rid of similar items from other lines that just didn’t stand up to these products. For me, having his line of cosmetics is like having a great quality wardrobe of a few simple, gorgeous, versatile pieces that all work together. The quality of these products– the texture, the scent, the lovely color palette, the simple black packaging– makes them a pleasure to use and wear. And the wear time is phenomenal.
My favorite products are Intimate eye shadow, Afterglow highlighter, Soft Beige Platinum Concealer, and several of the Ultra Slick Lipsticks (Eternal Passion, Tender Love, and Night Romance). There were a few lipstick shades I tried that didn’t work for me, but definitely have more hits than misses.
I love small, independent beauty lines and Julie Hewett’s is another that deserves more attention. Of the larger brands, Nars has been a consistent favorite of mine.
I can’t wait to see how Edward Bess expands his line. I hope he continues to do it with the same thoughtfulness and care he has put into it so far!

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  • Hi Lina,
    First I'd like to mention that I like these series of real life reviews. Secondly,I have to say that this story was a very poignant one – thank you for sharing Leanne's story with us! It's an example of how makeup can heal the soul. I hope that didn't sound corny but I could see myself in Leanne. I'm not a widow or anything but I could easily turn to makeup blogs and cosmetics as a fun and healing distraction.

  • Leanne – thank you for sharing your story with us. I am so sorry for your loss, I cannot imaging the pain you went through – but my heart goes out to you!

    You've been a wonderful asset to so many in helping us find great products and colors, especially from Edward Bess! I must admit I was hesitant to put down so much $$$ for a single eyeshadow and lipstick, but your helpful reviews put me at ease and when I received my first order – I could see that you were right on the spot πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing your review with us!

  • I loved this review too!

    Although I have to say, I'm not a minimalist or into a more classic look when it comes to makeup, so Edward Bess appeals to me because of the superior quality of the products and because of the image of sophistication they project. I'm probably the complete opposite of the typical Edward Bess fan and I've told Edward that, but I cannot help but love his products because they are just top-notch =)

  • Thanks, all!

    I just realized– after having proofread my post a dozen times for mistakes– that I named "Afterglow" as my highlighter of choice. I actually have and love "Sunlight". Sorry about that!