Guerlain Holiday 2009 Bal de Nuit Eyeshadow Quad

October 11, 2009

Guerlain has a lovely collection for this holiday and I picked up the Bal de Nuit quad from Neiman Marcus. I only have 1 other quad from their Fall Collection since most of their eyeshadows have so-so pigment. This one seems to have decent pigmentation, but you will be suprised to hear that the colors didn’t wow me this time.

It’s definitely a great neutral quad with pretty shades, but I found that I had a lot of dupes in my collection. The most unique shade is probably the bottom right chocolately color because it has just the right enough darkness to make it a gorgeous smokey unique brown, but there are definitely similar colors.

Comparisons to the following shades:

* White shimmer is very similar to Bobbi Brown Navajo Metallic
* Pink shimmer is similar to MAC Shimmertime Pigment
* Taupe shimmer is very similar to Nars Ashes to Ashes and Chanel Vega (discontinued, but very similar to Chanel Safari, see TAUPE SHADES HERE)
* Dark chocolate shimmer is similar to Bobbi Brown Java Metallic and Urban Decay Twice Baked

Holiday vs Fall Quads (two views – the flash makes these hard to photograph):

Overall thoughts: It’s nice to have if you’re looking for the convenience of an all-in-one neutral palette. It’s wearable for year round, but not a must have for me. The collection is definitely worth checking out since there are some pretty lipsticks and the holiday ball-highlighter is really pretty too!

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  • Thank you for your thoughts on this!

  • Thanks for the lovely review. I just bought Brun Mordore. Do you think its too similar to Bal de Nuit to own both? thanks!

  • Hi Rivoli! I'm not the biggest fan of Guerlain, so if I had seen the two together at the store, I wouldn't have bought the new holiday one.

    They are different in that the new holiday one is more neutral. I found the one from fall, Brun Mordore, to be warmer. But I don't think you need to own both.

  • i picked up the tsarina palette, and think the world of the pigmentation and blendability..was just wondering the other day if i needed the brun mordore…if so, then i will pass on the holiday palette…but i think the rest of the items from the collection look amazing! thanks for posting this πŸ™‚

  • Hmm, I don't have any of the dupes you mentioned. If Brun Moredore is warmer though it would suit me better, is it still available and is it LE?
    Thanks Lina!

  • Anonymous

    Pretty neutrals in one palette! I loved Chanel Vegas. I find Bal de Nuit more wearable than Brun Modore for me. But Brun Modore is more unique.

  • Hi Prime Beauty – I'm not sure if it was LE or not, but I'm pretty sure the Brun Mordore is still available since it was just released in the fall. If you're in the US check online at Neimanmarcus.com. Various Saks and Nordstrom stores may still have it.

    Do you like warmer colors or more neutral? Karlasugar has good swatches of Brun Mordore: http://karlasugar.blogspot.com/2009/07/guerlain-fall-slavic-beauty.html

    Maybe wait for her holiday swatches to decide?

  • mistinguett

    Chanel Vega is so pretty! Too bad they discontinued that line of eye shadows.