Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush Comparisons

September 18, 2009
Here is Part 2 for the Armani Powder Blushes with comparisons to similar colors for each shade. I did try to do swatches, but they didn’t come out so well. These pictures should help you gauge the color based on comparisons to other shades and brands.

Giorgio Armani #1, 11 and 12 compared to: Becca Sylph, Chanel Winter Shimmer (LE), MAC Angel (discontinued), Paul & Joe #11, MAC Blooming (LE)

Giorgio Armani #2 compared to: MAC Shy Beauty (LE), Becca Malika, MAC Pinch O Peach, MAC Cheek (discontinued), Laura Mercier Nectar (old version)

Giorgio Armani #3 & 4 compared to: Nars Silvana, MAC Sincere, Laura Mercier Fresh Ginger, Laura Mercier Crushed Hazelnut (discontinued)

Giorgio Armani #5 compared to: Nars Madly, Laura Mercier Wild Bouquet (new version), Lancome Miel Glace, MAC Buff, Sue Devitt Koh Samui (old packaging)

Giorgio Armani #6 compared to: Nars Oasis, Bobbi Brown Plum Wine Shimmer, MAC Deep Plum, Laura Mercier Plum Radiance, Nars Sin

Giorgio Armani #8 compared to: MAC Sunbasque, MAC Peachtwist, Chanel In Love (US version), GA #3

Giorgio Armani #9 compared to: Chanel Rose Dust, Chanel Blush, MAC X-Rocks (LE)

Giorgio Armani #10 compared to: Chanel Rose Bronze, Becca Princess Pressed Shimmer Powder, Stila Rose, MAC Trixie (discontinued)

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  • I always adore your comparison pics.

  • i can't get over how dark that In LOVE (US version) is compared to mine (Euro version.) And I love all your pictures. Becca Princess is calling my name!) Now that GA 10 suddenly looks really charming too…

  • Thank you! These comparison pics are so helpful, comparing is sometimes better than swatching. I love blush so this is serious eye-candy for me! πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    thank you 1000x for taking your time and analyzing all the blushes!

    maybe you can help:
    I love #10 but it seems too warm on my cheeks. (fair skin, brunette, green eyes)

    do you think #2 might be better?
    or even #6?

    I am a bit clueless…


  • Hi Anonymous – #2 is gorgeous and not too warm. If you want a soft glow, #2 or #12 are good picks.

    #6 will be more pinkish/berry on your skin. It's not as warm as #10, but has the same amount of pigment.

    HTH some!